Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru [Episode 7] [HD] [English Subtitles/Русские Субтитры]

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Episode 7: Idyllic Happiness It’s summer break. Those of us in the Hero Club
defeated all twelve Vertexes. As a reward, the Taisha
arranged a retreat for us. Sanshu Sun Beach Yay! So now we’re here at the
beach where there’s lots of sun! Who are you talking to, Yuna-chan? The Taisha’s taking care of our meals, too. Is it really okay that they’re
treating us to so much? I think we’ve earned the right to have fun as recompense for the time we were hospitalized. You’re right. All right, course clear. I’m speeding up! Go, go! Look at my juniors being all giddy. It’d be bad for the members’ morale
if the boss is being gloomy. We have to have fun, too. You’re already having fun. Oh? You noticed, huh? I’m having fun, too. Yeah? Fu. I’m warmed up. Ready when you are. Let’s race. Fine. They used to call me the Mermaid of Seto. I’ll show you how it’s done. They did? She does. I’m a good swimmer, though. I swam for, like, five
years during kindergarten. You weren’t in kindergarten for five years. What’s wrong, is it hot? Mind over matter! Itsuki’s cute, both at home and at the beach. Are you finally racing Fu-senpai? I’ll show her that a superior soldier
has the advantage even in water. Do your best, Karin-chan. Of course I’m going to do my best. I didn’t know you could swim, Itsuki-chan. You’re amazing. The Hero
Club has a good future. We might get hit on if we’re too feminine. Let’s be careful. What are you talking about? Gotcha! Wait! All right, we should go, too. Excuse me. Yuna-chan, you can press this, can’t you? Oh, yeah. I wonder if it’s from the deep. It’s pretty. Thanks, Togo-san. I could use this, too. Thanks, Itsuki-chan. Okay, let’s all dive. Whoever brings back
something Togo-san likes, wins. Please wait here, princess. Ready, and… You took so much. Yuna-chan gets a lot of practice at that
game by playing in the sand with kids. And just where did you train to do this? Whoa, Takamatsu Castle. You know, around. The sand talks to me.
It tells me how much I can take. Yeah, right! Be quiet. I have to concentrate. Yeah! Don’t be too mean to Karin, Yuna. You lost to her at swimming. I didn’t get enough sleep. I was so excited. Once more, Yuna. Bring it on. Karin-san looks happy. She does. Remember when she first joined the club? Enemy spotted. On your two o’clock. To your right, Itsuki-chan. Good luck! More to your right. That’s it, right. Too far. This is a must when you come to the beach. The so-called watermelon splitting. It’s a game for the simple-minded. Itsuki! There! Bend down! You’re totally into it. Itsuki, what’s with that exaggerated stance? She’s just imitating you. What? Do I do that? You do that. On your first swing, nice! The more she’s refined, the
more she’ll become a fine lady. You have to refine yourself. I love you! I’m so hungry. Have a bite of Karin for now. I’m not edible.Don’t actually bite me.What’s wrong? It’s nothing. Come on, let’s go back to the inn. Okay, Senpai. What a meal! Crab! A lot of crabs! It’s not even imitation crab. It’s a real crab! Long time no see. It’s Yuki Yuna. You didn’t get the wrong room, did you? This is too extravagant for us. Of course not. Enjoy your stay. We’re really being pampered. This place is affiliated with the Taisha. I suppose it’s to reward
us for completing our duty. Does that mean we can have all this? But Yuna-san… The texture of this sashimi… It’s so good. It slides right down your throat. Come on, Yuna-chan.You’re supposed to say itadakimasu.Oh, right. Sorry. She’s doing what she can to taste it. Yuna’s just too good for us. I admire her. Okay, then. Itadakimasu. Itadakimasu. Itadakimasu. Oh, yeah. We should take a picture. I’m going to brag to my family. Me, too. So I can remember what it tastes like. Yay! Since I’m sitting here, I’ll be the mom. Let me know if you want seconds. Togo as “Mom,” huh? You’d be strict. Come home past your curfew,
and I’ll tie you to a post. Now, now, dear, that’s too far. It’s because you spoil her. Come on, now. Are you married? I know I say this sometimes, but I hope we can be in a position
someday to eat like this every day. Maybe make a ton of money,
or marry rich or something. Not enough girl power for the latter. You think so? Can’t you smell it emanating
when I pose like this in my yukata? Hey, we have only one slice for each of us! You can’t take two pieces You shouldn’t have wasted time rambling! Besides, you should learn from
Togo if you want girl power. And all she’s doing is eating. So pretty! That’s my lady. Good going. I can’t eat if you’re all
watching me like that. I’ve got decent manners, too. You’re out already. No way. Well, who cares about the little things. Yeah, you have to enjoy your meals! Who cares, as long as we’re
following basic manners. Yeah. That’s one thing you all agree on, huh? My evil eye demands more sacrifices! She’s saying she wants more rice. She’s interpreting. Just talk normally. I’m being polite. It’s my third bowl. Are you a freeloader? Okay. We’re running out of dishes. It’s okay to eat offerings after
they’re there for a while, right? Yes, but let’s not. I’m just kidding. It didn’t sound like you were. Let’s move on before Senpai
goes for the offerings. Itsuki-chan, what were we going to do next? We’re all going to the bath. The water’s so nice. It washes away all the fatigue. It’s really rejuvenating. Why are you over there in the corner? No real reason. What? We’re all girls. Don’t be shy. I’m not being shy! It’s so big that it makes
you want to swim. You mustn’t, Yuna-chan. Okay. What’s the matter? What do you eat that
makes you so megalopolis? Could you give us a hint? Nothing out of the ordinary. No, no, you’re being too modest. Now’s my chance. Time to scrub your back! My mom told me I’m good at scrubbing backs. Leave it to me! You’re tickling me. I’m in the corner. I’m the president, so I’m in the middle. Itsuki-chan goes straight next to her. I’m going next to Togo-san, then. Okay. Five women, at night, on a trip. You know what we’re going
to talk about, right, Karin? About your arduous training, or something? No. The correct answer is, a discussion on
how the nation of Japan ought to be. Also wrong! Itsuki, the answer. Relationships? That’s right! We’re talking about love. Come again, please? W-We’re talking about love. Please don’t make me say it so many times. S-So then, who here is in love? I guess we were all busy with our Hero stuff. Is something happening for you, Fu? Well… It was back in second year. When I was filling in for the Cheer Club. Someone fell in love when they
saw me in the cheerleader outfit. I got asked out on a date and stuff. And stuff! I see. You guys don’t have much of a reaction. She’s told us ten times. Oh, come on. That’s your only highlight, huh? At least I have one. So did you refuse? Boys our age kinda look like kids. I knew he was the kind who had pervy pictures on his phone and ogled them
with other guys during break. Next topic. Something hot, Yuna. You’re asking too much! I have a hot topic. Your topics are a different kind of hot. Karin-chan’s asleep. She had too much fun. She’s cute when she’s asleep. We should sleep soon, too. Staying up late is bad for a lady. Togo-san. Nothing, Yuna-chan. I’m turning off the lights. Good night. G’night. Good night. It was a dark, damp night, just like tonight. Togo-san? The man hurried home. But he shouldn’t have taken the shortcut. Right around the time he passed the cemetery,
he began to hear footsteps follow him. Wh-Why are you telling horror stories now? I can’t handle those! Finally, he gathered his
courage and turned around. And then— What’s wrong? Something touched me, around here. Oh, it’s Itsuki. You got scared and snuck in my futon already? Shut up! Sorry. What a restless sleeper. Go back to your own bed. Maybe they sell girl power
at the corner store. Seriously. You’re all better, huh, Itsuki? I’m relieved. Whatever. Huh? They’re getting close. Morning, Togo-san. Yuna-chan. Morning. You always keep that ribbon on you. I was told I was holding onto this
when I lost my memory in the accident. I don’t even know who it belongs to,
but I get the feeling it’s important. I see. You were looking at the water? Yeah. You could have woken me up. I was thinking. Hey, Yuna-chan. The Vertexes are based on the twelve
constellations of the Zodiac, right? That’s what I heard. But there are more constellations, right? Yeah, like the Summer Triangle. That’s not a constellation. Hey, do you think the battles are really over? There’s no point thinking about it. Yuna-chan. We’ll deal with it when it happens. The Taisha people said it
shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, we have the Shinju-sama.
It protected humanity from the virus of death. Shinju-sama. Speaking of which, I wonder why
the Vertexes always came to us. It would have been bad if they came
from the Pacific Ocean, wouldn’t it? That’s because the Shinju-sama deliberately
makes a weak spot in the barrier to let the enemies through. You’re so knowledgeable, Togo-san. The Shinju-sama is the source
of our blessings too, so if it uses all of its energy for
defense, we wouldn’t be able to live. Huh, I feel like I’ve learned that somewhere. It was written in the app. You’re so forgetful. But I’m relieved. Why? It means the Shinju-sama has a clear will. It’ll take care of us, too. It’s like you said yesterday, Togo-san. We have to have fun to make up for
the time we were hospitalized. You’re right. I keep having negative
thoughts when I’m alone. I can forget that when I’m with you guys. The Hero Club Five Tenets. If you’re troubled, talk to someone. But if I talked to you,
I’d only trouble you, too. Not really. If being alone makes you have negative
thoughts, I’ll stick to you even more today. Thanks, Yuna-chan. Hey, how’s this hairstyle? I think I’ll go with this for today. You like it? We have some time until breakfast. What are you going to do? I’m staying up. I’ll stay here. Okay. The waters are restless. So what brings that up, Senpai? And what’s up with that pose? Does it mean something? Does that pose mean something? Isn’t there something we all
need to do before we go home? Is there? Fireworks? “We need to get hit on,” I bet. Of course not. Well, I’ve been thinking
about that a bit, too. You were, huh? This is technically a Hero Club summer camp. We have to discuss something meaningful. Like the culture festival, and the culture
festival, and the culture festival. She said it three times. But she’s definitely right. We were doing a skit, right? We have to start deciding what it’ll be about. We’ll have to talk about
plans and casting in the car. Listen, what’s the point of defeating the Vertexes if our normal
lives get messed up? We have to keep our everyday schedules. Let’s go for total victory. Okay. Fine, I guess. The retreat ends when we get home. All right, let’s make the
culture festival a success! Yeah! Those big feasts were nice,
but after a while… You start wanting udon. I know, right? The trip doesn’t end when you get home. It ends when you have udon. Oh, sorry. I have to run. You can finish eating, Itsuki. See you. Home Economics Prep Room
Hero Club Room What? What? Inugami. They’re back. From: Taisha
To: Inubozaki Fu
More enemies confirmed.
Attack expected within forty days of the next new moon.
We are returning the terminals to the club room. Now what? Are you my new faery? The battles aren’t over. I feel like my eye’s actually tingling. Oh, man. Next Episode The fighting still continues. Bring it on! Let’s do that thing again. Why are there so many? I missed you. New forces. Next Episode: Blessings of the Gods



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