You Won’t Use Your Phone Again in a Bathroom After Watching This

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How much does your mobile phone mean to you Not that much You just use it to make private more calls send messages for both fun and business take pictures and share them on social Networks and through messengers it navigates you it answers all your questions You also have some important apps installed So it gets you a cab when you need it orders food for you and keeps you entertained when you have spare time and feel bored There is a good chance it also wakes you up in the morning Did we get it right? Give us a thumbs up if it’s more or less true for you and listen to what we have to tell you We will not try to encourage you to give up using your mobile phone altogether however There are some places and moments you should not share with it because it can be dangerous for your health Here is a list of real risks your phone has for you It can cause nomophobia Nomophobia might sound like something not from this planet, but it is very real Can you guess what it means? No mo stands for no mobile phone and phobia as we all know is fear put together It is the fear of being without your mobile phone. We all are more or less familiar with this phobia Do you know this feeling when you frantically search for your phone everywhere and can’t find it it happens Have you heard yourself, or others say something like my whole life is in it It takes you higher on the drama scale of this situation Losing your phone is not exactly a nice experience But living in constant fear it could happen is even worse No mo phobic people just have to hold their phone in their hands all the time to feel safe And it has to be fully charged plus They are afraid of finding themselves somewhere with no coverage being able to stay in digital touch becomes the most important thing What can you do to protect yourself or someone you care about when you first see the signs of nomophobia? Developing try leaving the phone behind when it is possible for Example when you are out with your friends or family and a less addicted person has a phone on them if something happens they will Be able to call for help And you will see you can survive without your phone after all people somehow did that only 20 years ago Number two it could give you ring xiety Ring xiety is another term which might sound like fun But it’s no fun for those who have it it is also sometimes called phantom pocket vibration syndrome How do you feel about missed calls not a big deal? You can call them back, right? Well, it is a huge deal for those who experience ring xiety They are afraid of missing a phone call or a message, so they keep their phone somewhere close and check it every minute It’s okay, if you are expecting an important phone call But it is not normal when it starts regularly interfering with your life like It gives you stress or distracts you from other things like work or family remember It is not okay, so if you see that happening to someone they need help if you feel like it’s becoming your problem try therapy Number three it could mess with your memory when was the last time you learned something by heart Probably a long time ago Indeed our phones are the best help when we need to save some information somewhere the phone numbers You need are all there along with poem lines and important information in your notes There are also special apps to systemize all the data You need when you stop challenging your memory with tasks it can get a little rusty Just like anything else so better make use of your phone and install memory boosters on it there are many memory games And they actually work number four it lowers your self-esteem When you start living in your phone’s reality your actual life starts looking much worse to you you see the constant stream of Utopia’ coming on you from your phone screen Your friends are the celebrities you follow on Instagram seem to have better clothes more exciting adventures and greater achievements than you do In fact their lives just look way better in general as a result you can’t help wondering what am I doing wrong? Am I just not good enough this problem is widespread, but has an easy cure You should realize you are living your life 24/7 or maybe 18 7 if you spend hours on your phone looking at the lives of others and you get it Unfiltered yes like those images on Instagram which get viewer likes because they were not properly edited You don’t know what is in between those smiles and happy as you see online We all have good and bad times And maybe what seems like a dream life to you is driving someone who hasn’t nuts So stop waiting for someone else’s exciting updates and create your own you don’t always have to share everything online to feel and enjoy it Focus on your own life, and it will get better Number 5 it can make you gain weight We are moving from the psychological to more physical aspects of overusing your phone it can trick you into gaining more weight This one might be hard to believe But we have an explanation do you often scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed during lunch most of us do? Click like if you are with that group Wow, there’s actually plenty of us when you focus on your phone and not your food your brain gets distracted And it won’t be able to send you the stop you are full signal easy like that You are overeating and gaining extra pounds so put your phone aside, and enjoy the taste of food you might find it surprising How delicious it can be if you feel every bite Number 6. It can cause pain in your neck and your back Another physical aspect of being a phone addict. Is that it can give you neck and upper back pain? We all know constant staring at a little screen is bad for our eyes But it turns out hunching over it can also cause pain in the back of the neck and your shoulders Keep your back straight even when you are looking down at your phone screen proper posture has never done anyone any bad Don’t hunch forward lower your eyes and lift your phone higher instead You can also try tilting your head from side to side and from front to back it isn’t easy, but effective exercise for your neck now it’s time to talk about the places you should never keep your phone in we are about to answer the important question what will Happen to you. If you use your phone in the bathroom keep watching this video till the end to find out Number seven never take your phone to the bathroom something we all often lack today, is time so why waste it as you are spending time in the bathroom while meeting your Biological needs you can check your facebook updates read the news or answer those messages You never had time for it keeps you entertained But please try to think of some other entertainment do not put yourself at risk any bathroom. Even your private One is a dirty place. It is home to germs like e.coli c-diff and Salmonella They are hiding in places you expect to meet them least of all so basically anywhere you put your phone in the bathroom is unsafe Also when you touch anything in the bathroom? And then take your phone the germs from your hands transferred directly to your phone it is their dream destination and a safe haven why it heats up when it is used and Bacteria just love the heat they can survive in it much longer and even worse than that they can spread further It works easy like that they travel from the bathroom onto your phone from your dirty hands and further back to your body Your phone screen is the dirtiest place because you touch it most often Experts even say we can carry feces on our phones, and they can also spread to our bodies yikes Contamination levels are different in private and public bathrooms of course it is much worse in your office Restaurant or a movie theater than at your house, but even the latter is not safe, so Never take your phone to the bathroom again unless you want to spread bacteria and catch some disease we believe you don’t Number eight never put your phone in your pocket it might seem like the perfect place for it But in fact your phone should not be in your pocket. We all know cell phones emit radiation It won’t kill you But it won’t make you stronger either some parts of your body are more vulnerable than others Research has shown keeping your phone on your hip can weaken your pelvis area plus radiation can affect male fertility And you don’t want to mess with that right if there is a man somewhere around you who likes keeping his phone in his front Pocket tell him it’s a bad idea if you are that man just stop it You see that keeping your phone in your pocket is bad for you But it is also bad for your phone Many iPhone 5 users bent or broke their phones by sitting on them as funny as it sounds It can happen if the phone is in your back pocket Manuals for newer iPhones recommend you to keep the device at least 10 millimeters away from your body When kept in your pocket your phone can call 9-1-1 by accident because it doesn’t have to be unlocked to do it nearly 30% of all 911 calls in San Francisco for example are but dials Finally it may sound like a scary story You can tell your kids Your phone could catch fire if it does not get enough air it generates heat and there can be too much of it which can cause malfunctioning there were reported cases when it Actually happened and people caught fire in their pants pockets if you don’t want to risk that much in so many ways you? Can find a better place for your phone number? 9 it does not belong in your bedroom Your electronic friend is most likely the first thing you see in the morning and use right before going to sleep it is sort of a modern age bedtime reading 8 out of 10 people keep their mobile phones on overnight and 50% use their phones as an alarm clock It just seems natural to go through your mail, or social networks before going to bed to finish the day And you can’t wait to wake up and see what’s new in the morning. There is news for you It’s dangerous for your health to keep your phone on your bedside table and even in your bedroom all together The artificial blue light your phone emits can suppress the hormones that promote sleep So you will find it harder to fall asleep as a result it will interfere with your body’s natural Rhythm, it will make your body believe it’s daytime, and there is no need to go to bed It will deprive you of sleep. You need to restore energy for the day insomnia has never done anyone any good Even if you manage to fall asleep easily despite that electronic light random overnight vibration Beeping an occurring light will wake you up long before you are supposed to so keep your phone out of your bedroom Make sure you share this video with your friends and family helped them stay safe and healthy we hope you liked it There is a like button to let us know subscribe to our channel not to miss any updates and stay on the bright side



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Your smartphone can cause nomophobia 0:53
Your smartphone can give you rinxiety 2:11
Your smartphone can mess with your memory 2:58
Your phone lowers your self-esteem 3:34
Your phone can make you gain weight 4:46
Your phone can cause pain in your neck and your back 5:27
Never take your phone to the bathroom 6:12
Never put your phone in your pocket 7:43
Your phone does not belong in your bedroom 9:08


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