Workshop Wednesday: DIY Bathtub Cover for Storage

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(upbeat instrumental music) – Welcome to Workshop Wednesday. – Where we take you into
our workshop once a week. – I’m Steph. – And I’m Vicki. – And we are excited to be back with you. We had a week off, and we’ll explain a little
bit about that later. But before we get into all that, we wanted to tell you what
project we are posting this week. So we talked about it, I
think, a couple weeks ago, and it’s taken us way
longer than it should have because we made one version and we had to scrap that. And then we made this version. Then we had a storm in the middle. But we are done. So this week we are releasing our outdoor faux bird house DIY, and you may be saying, what?
– What? – Well, you gotta check it out. We’re gonna post it tomorrow on Thursday, so we’ll put a link to that, and you can check that out. So, Mom. – Yes? – Two weeks ago. – A little bit of a storm. Came through Tallahassee. Hurricane Michael. Wow. I don’t know that we were
really prepared for that. It was way more intense
than I thought it would be. You know, we certainly
didn’t get a direct hit. It took a little more northerly turn, which actually was very
beneficial for Tallahassee. Instead of coming within 30 miles of Tallahassee, it came within 50, so that 20 miles would
have made a big difference. – It was classified as a cat
four, Hurricane Michael was, but when it hit us, it was
probably about a cat one. But it was intense winds. We had lots of trees down
all around Tallahassee. We were lucky enough to not
have much damage in our area, in our houses except for just debris and things like that.
– Just debris. And the house right next to me had two huge trees come down in their yard. Thankfully they fell
across, not onto the house. Just feeling very, very lucky that we didn’t have any tree damage. – This is the worst storm
we’ve ever been through, and we’ve been prepared. We’re used to storms, but having lived through this one, Mom has come up with some tips that she wanted to share with you guys that would be great if you go
through this kinda storm or– – Any intense storm; weather emergency. But there’s some things that
we had already prepped for it, and we’ve done that
hurricane prep post before. It was really nice that I had
all that stuff ready to go. We have it in our Milwaukee Packout. And I just roll into the house, and I don’t know, it just felt very secure knowing that all of
those things were ready and I got all my lighting out. Got the water and all those things. But the one thing I failed to do in a timely manner was to make ice. And you need to make ice and put it in your freezer to make sure your freezer is full because it helps to remain cold. Ziploc bags. Water. Put ’em in there. It fills it up. Another thing, I didn’t do this, but my daughter-in-law and Steph did it is to freeze a cup of water, put a quarter on top, lay it on there, and then if the power is out and you’re not home to know that it’s out, if obviously that falls to the bottom, you know that everything
in the freezer thawed. Now, my daughter-in-law did this. It fell to the bottom, and her in-house freezer in
the garage, it never thawed. So she knew that was safe. You know, we gathered up a bunch of our things that used batteries, and you need to be sure if you’re doing that, charge everything. We charged all of our
Ryobi batteries, RIDGID, all of those things so we could use our battery-powered equipment. My favorite thing is this. And this is just a jug of water with one of those head lamps. This is so simple. But it worked. And I put this in my kitchen, and was just a beacon. It just lit that space up so when you’re moving from room to
room, very easy to see things. This was probably my favorite light. I had two of these. I’m gonna turn it on. It’s gonna be very bright. Let’s see. There we go. This was great for individual
bedrooms to sit and read by. Perfect light. And lastly, to make it
through that first night that we were here without
power, a battery-powered fan. Let us know what your hurricane tips or severe weather tips are, and put those in the comments so we can share with each other. Next up we’re heading to Steph’s house, and she has a fast DIY to share with you. – Today on Fast DIY, I’m gonna show you how to
make a cover for your bathtub. And you may be saying, what? A cover? It’s a bathtub. You want it to be open. Well, when I moved into
my house five years ago, I had this nice big tub, and it was great, but I thought, you know, I’m not gonna use that really that often. It’d be nice if I could
figure out a way to cover it or use it for storage
or something like that. As you can see, I do store paper towels, toilet paper, things like that in here, but you can see it. So I had an idea a couple weeks ago to use a piece of
melamine to cover the top and make it hingeable so you
can move it up and down easily. And also not permanently attach it so that when I move out
of my house one day, I can take it with me, and the new owners can
have a tub if they want. So come and join us as I show
you how it came together. We started this project where most of our projects start, at the Home Depot. So we got a piece of 4×8 melamine, and we had it cut down at Home Depot so it would fit in our car, and we just used our rough estimates, and we had two cuts made
so it’d fit in the car and we wouldn’t have to
make too many cuts at home. When I did get home, we
cut out the back piece, and I’m just cutting this on a track saw, but really any kind of
saw you have should work. And then to cover the edges, we’re gonna use an edge
banding that is white plastic. And so all you do here is you put it on and you iron in place,
which is what Mom’s doing. And then she’s just making
sure it’s nice and flat. And she’s continuing that process. To cut the edge banding,
there’s this really neat tool that is in the same
section as the edge banding and it works really well. It’s only a couple bucks,
so I highly recommend it if you’re going to be doing this step. And this is just to
make nice, clean edges. You don’t have to do this, but it just makes it all nice and uniform. Now we’re attaching the back
piece to the main piece, and we’re using a piano hinge, and it’s just a big, long hinge that goes across the whole length. And we’re just using the included screws to attach it to the back and the main melamine piece. Then we put the piece in place, and as you’ll notice, we cut it short so the faucet still hangs out and we don’t cover it in
case it accidentally turns on or there’s any kind of issues. The water will not spill on top. It will spill into the tub
like it would normally. Here on the back piece we have
a piece of double-sided tape and we just took that off and put it in place. This tape will keep it in place, but if I wanna move in the future, I can take this up, and there’s no damage to the tub. Now we could have just ended right there, and that would probably still work, but we decided to use this
magnetic door stop that we found and we’re putting the
one piece on the wall. And the other end we’re putting
on the piece of melamine. And here you can see it just
holds it when it’s up in place. And here it is working. You just fold up the piece. It sticks to the wall. You take out what you need, and you can put it back in place. And the door stop can also double as a hook to hold the towel. But another bonus is you can
actually still use the tub when it’s open, which is kinda nice. We did add two feet to the bottom so it doesn’t slam against the tub, and I’ll bring it down for you. So there it is. It’s all done. I really like the look of it. I think it’s nice and clean. The white just blends in with
all the tile I already have. And let us know in the comments below, is this something you would do? Is this only an issue that I have? Let me know what you think, and if this is a project that you might tackle in your house. – And now one more thing. Hey, Steph, what’s in the box? (laughing) – Well, Mom, I got this box here, and I have opened it, so
I do know what’s in it. But we’re gonna go ahead
and open it on camera, and you’re gonna see what’s in the box. So this was sent to us by Home Depot as part of our smart home campaign. There is a box inside the box. So we’re gonna open this up. And anyone know what it is yet? We have, whew, two Hue systems. We’ve talked about the Hue
smart lighting system before. This is actually a starter kit, so I’m gonna go ahead and open it up so you guys can see what’s inside. So let’s see. Nice. So we have the Philips Hue hub right here. And then we have two,
oh, three, four bulbs. Wow. So here’s instructions. And we have the bulbs. So this is a bridge, and this would plug into my router just through this ethernet cable here, and then I would use this
to plug in the bridge. And once this is set
up through the Hue app, then I can set up these bulbs right here. And I will have some smart lighting. So we are going to take these and get them set up and we’ll make a little
how-to video for you guys. If you have any questions
about the Hue system that you want us to answer in that video, let us know in the comments below. – Yay. I love my Hue bulbs. – Mom is a big fan of Hue. – I’m such a nerd about it, actually. I really, really enjoy them. And can I just tell my
little story about the bulbs? (laughing) – You may. Thank you for asking permission, Mom. – Well, I know this is totally lazy, but I thought, you know what? I could put a bulb, one
of these Philips Hue bulbs in my overhead light fixture, and I could sit in my big chair or my bed and turn my light off and on. So I’ve done that. So it really is very
convenient to do that. So I do like my bulbs. – Thank you, Mom. This is her honest opinion. We were just at lunch yesterday, and she was like, “I just
love my smart technology.” And I was like, man, I need to
get you filming you say that. Like, it was just so genuine. She really loves it. – Yeah. – She really does.
– You could say. – So that’s our show for today. Please remember to like and share, and all of the things. We will put links below to
the stuff we talked about, and also, if you want
to get our newsletter, our weekly newsletter, we’ll
put a link to that below. – And thanks for joining us. Yeah, we’ll see you next week. – See you next time. – Bye.
– Bye.



Oct 10, 2018, 11:45 pm Reply

I like the new "Workshop Wednesday". I have a few Hue bulbs that I have set up through my Amazon Alexa system. Mom is right….it's so easy now to just be sitting in a chair or walk into a room and say "Alexa, bedroom light (living room/basement/etc), on!"

Lauren Marshall

Oct 10, 2018, 5:52 pm Reply

Love your videos!

Sylvia Zimmer

Oct 10, 2018, 5:08 pm Reply

Another great "show"!


Nov 11, 2018, 9:17 am Reply

I have a mobile home with the garden tub in the master bed room I don't use it, but when my daughter visits she likes to use it. How can I make a cover to store things on top and move up out of the way when she comes to visit?

Jeremy Hamaker

Nov 11, 2018, 3:02 am Reply

I'm closing on a house in just a few days. It has a weird shower insert into the wall of the third bathroom which I don't intend to use. I won't be adding a cover type thing like this, but you've inspired me to put in some sort of temporary shelving system in it. On another note, I just purchased a Hue starter kit and I'm looking forward to seeing what your experience will be.

John Walton

Mar 3, 2019, 7:49 am Reply

Getting some tomorrow. We don't use our tub and it's pretty big. My wife can use it to sit some of her stuff on and free up space on her sink.

Eva Carrillo

Jul 7, 2019, 6:36 pm Reply

I love the tub cover idea. I have a tub I hardly ever use and it does serve as great storage space. ­čĹŹ­čĆ╝

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