Will It Shoe?

By Grover Koelpin 97 comments

Today we answer the sole
question on everyone’s mind. – Will it shoe?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooooooooood Mythical Morning!
– We have what has become a tradition on this show of finding out
if something “will.” – Right.
– And today we’re gonna find out – if a shoe will. If something will shoe.
– Yeah, I mean… we’ve done a lot of foods, so why not branch out? Just for
any of you who were wondering… – ‘Cause shoes are not food.
– A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human
foot while doing various activities. – Mm! Thanks for that definition.
– So, yeah, we’re getting creative here. A number of shoes have been engineered
and, honestly, I’m excited about this. I think we’re not only breaking new
ground, but we are gonna discover some answers to questions that no
one knew they were asking, including you. Well, the question is
always going to be… (in unison) Will it Shoe? Okay, here we are in the
shoe testing laboratory. We’ve removed our desk and we rolled out
a carpet. There’s gonna be some rigorous – testing happening with the shoes.
– We have steps! Look at– we have steps! All right, let’s go straight for the first
one. We thought, why not take an item that you always step on and get really
upset and make an entire shoe out of it? That’s right, the ubiquitous building
toy for children of all ages… (in unison) Legos! (in unison) Legos… Will it Shoe? Check this out, ladies and gentlemen. We
have crafted a shoe– two shoes out of– – Completely out of Legos.
– Purple Legos, because I like… – (Rhett) Because you like purple!
– (Link) purple shoes. All right, so far so good.
Lemme put these on. (Rhett) Now, Link, the way that these
things work, just so you don’t– These are not glued together.
These are just– – No cheating here.
– These are just Lego’d together. However, there is
semi-removable tongue piece. – (Link) Imma get my…
– (Rhett) Look at that. – … my foot right in there.
– Link’s wearing the Mythical Sock, – available at RhettandLink.com/store.
– (Link) Imma go ahead and put this one on too. Oh my goodness. Imma
make my way to the runway very gingerly. (Rhett, laughing) I’ll start by saying,
some of the best-looking shoes I’ve ever seen you wear, Link! A little larger than
the typical shoe that you wear. A little slippery, and I don’t mean traction-wise,
I mean they look like slippers. (Link) Look at this. All right, here I
come. I’m gonna come across the – runway here.
– Just walk at a ginger– like a 90-year-old man speed to start. That
should be the– okay, yep. (laughs) (Rhett) Okay, all right, both the
soles have come off. – (Link) Whoop!
– (Rhett) All right. – What happened?
– You went about 85-year-old man. – You didn’t go 90. That was your problem.
– (Link) Look at that. (Rhett) Are your feet completely
exposed now on the bottom? (Link) Yeah, I’m feeling a little
draft on the bottom here. (laughs) Hey, but listen. Now it’s like
a Halloween costume. Nobody knows. – (Link) Hey, hey.
– (Rhett) Hey, look at those Lego shoes – that guy’s got on.
– (Link) Woohoo! Ah… (Link) I don’t wanna destroy ’em too much,
because I– you gotta walk gingerly. – (Link) They look great.
– And the best thing about these is they leave a trail. I mean, look at that. You
went from there to there and you know – how I know that?
– ‘Cause they’re there, there, and there. – (Rhett) There’s a trail. Yeah.
– Will it shoe? (in unison) Yes! The best invention of humankind
next to the corn dog is meatloaf. – And there’s shoes called “loafers,” so…
– Yeah. Meatloaf. (in unison) Meatloaf. Will it Shoe? Okay, here they are, the Meatloafers. Now,
I’m taking off the Mythical Socks, not because they’re uncomfortable but because
I wanna be able to slide my feet into the Meatloafers. Link, could you
anoint my feet with oil? – (crew laughs)
– Um… no? I mean, I’ll douse it, but – you’re gonna have to rub it.
– (Rhett) Oh! That’s nice. (Link) Rub your own feet. So you’re gonna make some meatloafers,
here, Rhett. There is a foot-sized cavity – inside of that meat.
– (Rhett) Oh. – (Link) Oh, goodness.
– (Rhett) Hm. – (Link) Now, how does it feel so far?
– Meaty. – Does this feel like it’s gonna happen?
– No. – Why not?
– (Rhett) Well, it feels like it’s really – firmed up when it was in the oven.
– (Link) Go ahead and stand up there. – (Rhett groans)
– (Link) Oh, goodness. There you go. – (Rhett) Okay.
– (Link) Now, just take a nice little step – forward onto the…
– (Rhett) Okay… – (crew laughs)
– (Link) Okay, and now the other foot… – (Rhett) Whoah, hey!
– (Link) A little balancing act, there. – Look at that.
– (Link) Oh, wow! – Look at that shoe, Link!
– (Link) Turn around. Give us a little– – a little sashay on the carpet.
– (Rhett) Hm. Boy, it stays– – A little cha-cha-cha. Oh!
– Oh, there it goes. It stays right on your foot
if you balance it right. (Link) Ladies and gentlemen,
the Meatloafer! (Rhett) I bet you I can
go right up the stairs. (Link) Mm. Now let me taste a little bit.
See if you can keep it on your foot. I am willing to taste it
off your foot. All right. – (Rhett) Okay…
– No, no, no, stand there. Stand there – and feed–
– Hold on. I’ll feed it to you. – (Rhett) It’s completely edible.
– Mm. It’s kinda… – (Rhett) How’s that, Link?
– Chewy and meaty. It’s kinda like eating – a shoe, though.
– (Rhett) Really? – Yeah.
– Did you think you were gonna do that – when you woke up this morning?
– No, but I didn’t look at my calendar. (Rhett) Okay, well… and then you
just put ’em right back– whup! (Rhett) Right where they were. – (Link) Okay.
– (Rhett) How is that? – Hm. That’s crispy on the outside.
– It’s edible. – It’s not bad. I’ll save this for myself.
– So the Meatloafer… will it shoe? (in unison) No. Okay, let’s continue our efforts to create
an edible shoe. Since that was such a – fail, why not try…
– (in unison) cheese? (in unison) Cheese… Will it Shoe? (Link) Here we have Cheese Wedge Wedges.
This isn’t the first time I’ve been in heels in an awkward situation. Aw yeah! Cha-cha-cha. Whoa! (laughs) It is kinda
slippery… (lowers voice) and kinda naughty. – (Rhett) Wow!
– (Link laughs) Kinda naughty… that wasn’t
what I was thinking. – (Link) Look at this, y’all!
– (Rhett) You know, you could almost fool somebody into thinking that
you had on a cool pair of heels. (Link) Yeah, I’m pushing it more to the
heel ’cause it’s really painful otherwise. (Rhett) Now, but these are definitely the
kind of thing that you’re gonna have to take to the club, you know? So you
need to walk up the stairs to the club, all right? Yeah. And then you get on top
of one of those pillars in the middle of the club and you need to do a little jig. (laughs) Wow, that’s very compelling. (Link) Look at this, I’m
doing a jig now, baby! Okay, and then every once in a while
you gotta jump from the top step, or the– – Eugh!
– Those things are holding up like crazy! (Link) No cushion in that. Look at that. (Rhett) They didn’t seem like they
absorbed much of the shock. (nasal voice) These are wedges.
Hey, you wanna bite? – (laughs) Oh gosh. No.
– (laughs) It’s got, like… (Rhett) It’s picked up some stuff
from the club. I’m not into that. I feel like a horse…
in Cheeseland. Will it shoe? (in unison) Yes. Now moving right along to the most
indispensable item for every middle school recess in America… the kickball. (in unison) Kickballs… Will it Shoe? Okay, as you can see, I’ve got some cake
toppers strapped to my feet, and underneath there’s not
a cake, there’s a kickball. (Link) Well there’s two kickballs.
All right, let’s see if we can… (Rhett) There’s a lotta spring in my step,
but I don’t feel very confident about – standing up. Can I just stay seated?
– All right, lemme– no! Hey, it’s shoes! Hey guys! (Link) You gotta walk on the balls,
man! Just use my shoulder and use that. (Rhett) This is like
when we get old, Link. (Link in an old man voice) All right, c’mon. (old man voice) I gotta walk on these new
ball shoes. Hey, I got these new ball shoes at the Footlocker. (wheezes) (Link, normally) As if you
weren’t tall enough. Wow. – It’s the year 2075…
– (laughs) – and I’ve got ball shoes.
– (both laugh) (Link) Do you need me
to stand in front of you? I need to make it to the restroom.
Where’s the restroom at? (old man groans) Go that way and hang a left on the carpet. (Rhett groans more) Oh man. Ohhh.
My ankles aren’t what they used to be. – (Link giggles)
– I gotta take Lurlene to the ball. Hey Lurlene. I got balls on my feeeeet. Ohhh! (all laugh) (Link) All right, stand back up! – (all laugh)
– (Link) Stand back up! (Rhett) Oh, oh, ah! Hold on, I’m–
(laughs) I really lost the back one. (Link) All right, here.
Put it back on there. – (Rhett) The structural integrity…
– (Link) Don’t give up, man! – (Rhett) Okay, hold on. Watch this.
– (Link) Put the feet in front of you. (Rhett) I gotta get in this position. Oh! – (crew laughs)
– Okay. I lost a ball, Lurlene. (Link) Here. C’mon, man. Don’t give up.
This is a great idea. We’re gonna be patenting these. So,
like, squat like this. – (Rhett grunts)
– (Link) There you go. And then… – Oh, this is good!
– (Link) And then I can do this. – Ohhh!
– (crew laughs) They don’t have any more integrity.
They’re good for standing. They’re not real good for walking. But listen,
I’ll just stand in the corner. – (Link and crew laugh)
– (Link) Lean against the wall? Yeah, look at that guy with ball shoes!
Then I wait ’til everybody leaves, and – then I take ’em off and walk out.
– (all laugh) (Link) So, will it shoe? (in unison) No. Okay. Those might have been
a little too mushy. A little too much… – Not enough stability.
– Okay. But let’s go with another mushy one… gummy bears. (in unison) Gummy bears… Will it Shoe? – This is a dream of mine.
– He’s splitting a little bit. – (Link) Oh, oh!
– (Rhett) Just get your foot in there – and I’ll…
– Hold it together. Hold it together, bear! Go sideways. Go profile, go profile.
No one will ever know. – (Link) All right.
– (Rhett) Look at that, Link! Slid right in there. – All right, lemme try this one.
– (Rhett) The thing that you’re– (Link) Ooh! Look at that.
Slide right into that bear. – I don’t–
– There’s nothing I can say right now – that’s appropriate.
– I don’t think that that bear’s – gonna hold up.
– (Link) This bear is having a bad day. – (Link) All right, let’s see what…
– Let’s see if you can walk around. Ooh, let’s take a little
walk in the woods, bear! – (both laugh)
– (Link) Here we go, left foot… – (Rhett) Link, I know where this is going.
– (Link) right foot. – (Rhett) Hey, you left some behind here.
– (Link) Where did the bear go?! – (Rhett) Oh, look, it’s a gummy bear.
– (Link) Now, hold on, no. You still have – to eat it off my foot, though.
– Oh gosh, really? (Link) Put a little… whup!
Whup! Here you go. – That’s gonna be demoralizing.
– (Link) In either one of us… You know what? There’s some over here. Here. Just lick that off the toe, here,
look. Here you go. There’s plenty – to eat, Rhett!
– Oh. – (laughs)
– Mm. There’s a lot of– Oh! (laughs) I missed the seat.
All right, here we go. – There’s a lot of gelatin in there.
– (Link) Mm… mm. – (Rhett) Mm.
– (Link) Mm. Will it shoe? (in unison) No. Why read one of the most popular book
series of all time when you can just wear it on your feet? Harry Potter. (in unison) Harry Potter… Will it Shoe? All right, Rhett, slither in here. Get it? I’m Slytherin! (cheesy laugh) – Whoa!
– Hey! – You cannot be contained in the wide shot!
– Hey! Ask me about my shoes! – Tell me about those shoes.
– They’re all seven books of the Harry Potter series on each foot! Fourteen
books total. Ha, ha, ha. Where’d I get ’em? – Made ’em.
– (Link) How heavy is that? – I’d say about 20 pounds each. (laughs)
– (Link laughs) That is great. – (Rhett) I’m working out my quads.
– Are your feet getting more literate? (Rhett) Ask me a quote from a
Harry Potter book! Page… and book! – Give me the Sorcerer’s Stone, page 253.
– I can’t do that. Come up here and let me analyze it. (Rhett) Hey, is this the
Harry Potter convention? – (Link) Yeah, right up these two stairs.
– (Rhett) Oh, these two stairs? – (Rhett) Whoa!
– (all laugh) I’m gonna use the wheelchair
entrance next time. (Link) Harry Potter, will it shoe? (in unison) No. Okay, for this next one, we wanted to
harness the power of walking to make a – shoe that creates something.
– Huh. And the best thing we came up with was
making butter using a shoe butter churn. (in unison) Butter Churn… Will it Shoe? – All right, Link, churn your way in.
– (Link) Here we go… – Hey, what’s that on your feet, man?
– (Link) Oh, some Butter Churn Shoes, dude. I’m gonna get some butter made while I
walk around. And yes, they are as – comfortable as they look… not very.
– Okay, well, you can’t make butter – without cream.
– (Link) Right. You add the cream into the churns, and then I just walk around
and… theoretically it makes butter. (Link) I’m just gonna pour this
down the back of my leg there. – (Rhett) How is that?
– (Link) Oooh, daddy. – (Rhett) Comin’ in left shoe. How’s that?
– (Link) Ooh, that’s nice. We’ve been told if you use room-
temperature cream, you make butter faster, and these are butter-churn shoes.
We wanna make real butter. – (Link) All right.
– (Rhett) Churn a little bit! (sloshes) I can churn in place,
kinda like running in place. (Rhett) Whoa, whoa, whoa! We got a lot–
whoa, whoa, whoa! – (Link) Whoa! What happened?
– (Rhett) Whoa, whoa, whoa. We can call these shoes
“The Dairy Accident.” (Rhett) I think you were just doing it a
little too aggressive. You need to– (Link) Somebody ran
over a cow with a car. (Rhett) You need to go ginger.
You need to go ginger. – (Link) Here we go.
– (Rhett) See if you can…. – (Link) This is not gonna work.
– (Rhett) Oh… (laughs) – (Link grunts)
– (Rhett) You need some help? (Rhett) You want me to put
some weight on this churn? – (Link) Oh, wow.
– (Rhett) Okay– – (Link) Oh!
– (Rhett laughs) What do I need to– – (Link) Ohhh, my ankle!
– (Rhett laughs) – (Link) All right, I’m back.
– You got a little cream on the ground. – (Link) No, that’s butter right there.
– I don’t think so. I don’t think you spent enough time yet. So why don’t you
stay in place and just move your toes around? There you go, yeah. Just like
you’re– oh, oh! You got a little spill– – (Rhett) I’ll press down.
– (Link) That doesn’t– that’s just for show. There you go, he’s making butter,
everybody! See how simple this is? (crew laughs) ♪ harp strums ♪ (Link) Okay, I’m tired.
I can’t churn anymore. (Rhett) It looks like it’s firming
up in there. Let’s check it. – (Link) Take the back off there.
– (Rhett) Okay, slipped it off. (Link) And pull that. Ohh! Wow! (Rhett) Link, look at that! That’s butter. (Link) Taste it. This is the
test of a shoe right here. – (Rhett) I got some bread.
– (Link laughs) The bread looks great, by the way. – Foot butter straight from the foot!
– (Rhett) That is some good foot butter! (in unison) Will it shoe? (in unison) Yes! – That’s the best butter I’ve ever tasted!
– Woo! Look at that. Now get me out of – these, because they hurt a little bit.
– Seriously. Thanks for liking and
commenting on this video. You know what time it is– butter time! (in unison) We’re the Yube (?), we’re in
Boston, and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! (cheers) Remember the camo Mythical Show is still
available at RhettandLink.com/store and we’re excited to announce a sneak peek
of the 5-year anniversary Mythical Shoe! This puppy is gonna be available only in
the month of April. More information about that next week. Look at
that thing. It’s shiny and sleek. Click through to Good Mythical More,
where we subject the crew to walking – What?
– on balls. – See if they can do it better than Rhett.
– Bing bing bing bing bing! – ♪ (bell ringing, happy music) ♪
– Whaaaat? WinFaaaaaaaace! Who is it? (Link) Pull it off, Rhett! It’s Nick_mcvea! From Twitter!
He’s from Twitter! Nick! You get this crazy…
what do we call this? – That’s a beaver fish.
– Beaver fish from our second installment of Weirdest Things on eBay. We actually
bought this after that episode and now – it’s coming to you…
– Your very own beaver trout, Nick McVea! along with some Rhett & Link merch!
Congratulations! WinFace! [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]


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Sep 9, 2019, 5:35 pm Reply

This is definitely someone's fetish :/


Sep 9, 2019, 12:49 am Reply

you went about 85 year old man, not 90

words can not explain how hard I laughed to that.

Aussie Productions

Sep 9, 2019, 6:15 pm Reply

wait why didn't the Harry Potter shoes shoe?


Sep 9, 2019, 3:09 am Reply

good mythical morning: will it shoe?
me: no, no it wont


Sep 9, 2019, 5:00 am Reply

Will it hat

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