Why Does My Toddler Refuse to Use the Potty?

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Why does my toddler refuse to use the potty? Let’s be honest. It’s really inconvenient. Taking him to the bathroom is only inconvenient
if I end up having to stop and change diapers, too. From his perspective, he could pee and poop
while playing, the ultimate in multi-tasking. Now he has to stop playing to go sit on a
chair, while nothing happens. Hopefully, something happens. The bathroom is boring unless you liven it
up for him. I already have a duck toilet seat and bath
toys in the tub. I meant the time on the toilet, because he’s
probably in there every hour or two while you try to toilet train him. You need books. I have a large stack of parenting books already. I meant baby books. If you read to him while
he’s on the toilet, it is more Mommy time than time out on a cold porcelain throne. He isn’t that much into books. Give him toys that are best played with in
the bathroom. Or offer him M&Ms for every poop in the potty, because candy really motivates
kids. As long as he doesn’t eat the wrong small
brown things. You can really motivate a boy by putting Fruit
Loops in the toilet and offering him his favorite candy if he can hit the target. Why Fruit Loops? They are more like targets and easier to see
than Cheerios. If you can’t do it, have his father show him how the game is played. He might need a beer first. You could give the toddler four ounces, too,
to speed up the process. You think he’s refusing because it isn’t
fun. He doesn’t have a reason to bother. It makes him a big kid. So, too, did saying words or trying to tie
his shoes or getting dressed. This is a big deal to you, but you have to make it a big
deal to him.

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