WHO’S YOUR DADDY IN VR?!?! (Baby Hands)

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Hey guys dan here welcome back to some more virtual reality where today, we’re gonna become a baby look at my chubby hands i love jasmine Magnificent, but yeah today. We’re playing a game called baby hands now I haven’t played this before but my first impression of the game from the screenshots and the trailer and stuff I think it’s kind of like who’s your daddy where the baby is just left a free roam which is us But there’s no dad so we can’t get in trouble It’s the perfect plan so we can move our head with the thumb pads We can pick these instructions up as well, so you can you can pretty much press Every button which is kind of cool. This is us. We’re looking beautiful right now We can crawl and stand as well which is awesome and you know what forget the instructions. I’m just gonna see what’s happening Let me touch the Oh no way Hey, this is weird. Oh, my goodness. This is really weird so I can stand up if I want to to have a look around But this is like crawling edition. That’s crazy. I like crawl around like this to be able to access things No way, I supposed to turn around like this as well, which is cool. Oh, it’s one of these games Yeah I was always good at these as kids. What do we need we need loads more things? Actually, can I get out of here? There’s a screwdriver? Yes! Haha babies free pugs. Let’s let’s go ok It looks like we can’t actually move unless we’re on our hands and knees which makes sense No way, yes, you want some mr? Kapow This is amazing. This is really cool. It’s like who’s your daddy, but with a virtual reality and without dad I mean, I guess they could be a dad at some point, but oh wait I need this borrowed our backs like just spotted that there is a there’s a target up there ah Yes, oh my goodness check this out. I need to get there before the other ceiling. Oh jeez this is actually difficult Really difficult, it’s like I’m playing Zelda in VR. It’s mad. Oh. I popped it and it’s gone right Let’s go crawl in this is so weird and makes me feel free sick. Oh look. There’s this This is what we need right we need one of these. Let’s go. Let’s take this back Let’s just plow through all of our blocks like it’s none of our business I could rebuild it anyway, and let’s see where we can put this in the top Yeah, oh what do we got here Get out here man, right where else can we go we actually do things that we should have like in who’s your daddy? I think we can there’s a games console a a light gun. Oh my goodness. Yes Okay, she’s shoe things. What does this say? It’s a very big VHS Can I pop it in uhoh uhoh Oh I put something on what is it? Oh? It’s a Mickey Mouse flick. Hey That’s cool. It’s cool. Being a baby. I like it. where on earth should we go? that looks like there’s so many things There’s something in that plant pot as well. Let’s grab one of those. There’s also no a gameboy? Yes, I can take pictures and stuff as well. No way that’s awesome Is this like classic gameboy color with the Game Boy camera? That’s cool. I like that a lot We also have a little cow hey buddy. How’s it going? I don’t know if you can use any of these items to different things But I guess you’re about to find out right to the bathroom. Let’s go. Wait a second. This is um This is the slipper room because haha yes dad slippers. Where she put them. I think I’ve got the perfect idea then don’t Ugh It’s hard work being a baby. No gonna lie to you guys, right? I know exactly where I’m putting these right over here stand up, and then we can open this Or not how do I get in the toilet? Oh? I’m on it. Yes. There’s like a magazine with an astronaut on it this toilet paper is huge oh oh Okay, we can flush it, but how on earth do we make it so that it can it could open nothing’s happening I look in oh That’s weird. That’s very weird. I like it down I Like it down. Wait a second. We can see in the bin up here. There’s like a sweet. Can you see it? I can’t grab it. I want to see what’s in the bin I need to grab that sweet if I can can I get it I don’t want this that can get out of here this can get out of here all of these things can just disappear Whatever that is yes Yes, I’ve got it What does it say it’s got nuclear radiation. Is that a poop symbol? oh I know it’s an angry face. That’s fine um Let’s see what this does shall we let’s go nom nom nom nom What? yes haha Have no idea what it did Maybe I got some kind of like crazy water abilities now. Let’s see I’m on the bath I’m in the bath. Can I drink this? This is like who’s your daddy? Oh? Yeah? Ah and hiccuping bubbles? Ha ha Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I can’t actually move over here though. I can make bubbles I can’t do anything else probably for the best to be honest right I’m out of here. Ooh hello a Ring can I put it on? Yeah, I check me out. I’m a beautiful little baby. Who’s now married which is a little bit weird oh? There’s other else blocks. Let’s collect these blocks and see what happens when we unlock the thing thank you Don’t know what happened there those a little bit weird. Ugh Ugh This is so tricky. uhhh where does this go? tada! wait oh There’s a key in there. What is the key do? it’s definitely a key in here. Can I just grab it? I guess that’s cheating. There’s a pacifier as well. Ha ha oh, that’s so weird mmm. Mmm. This is actually very strange I’m not gonna lie. This is very very weird is it gonna is gonna be Is it gonna hurt me? aaah! Get out of here punk How many of these have a found? four. I need six So I need a moon and a triangle. I think yeah, I need a moon and a triangle Let’s see if we can find them. Oh my goodness guys. There’s a cat. There’s actually a cat Hey, sir. aah! What’s wrong with you? Hello! oh my good why are you doing that? No! Why are you attacking me stop that join me to take your food? Huh? I’ll take it no this cat isn’t very nice. I’m getting away from this thing. Hey This is exactly like who’s your daddy. It’s so strange Imagine if you had two players and you can make it so they can each have let the dad could just come along Oh my goodness Monkey No monkey! what do they do to you? Huh? How can I save? You monkey come back to me come in monkey come here. Yes. Oh I’m so happy. You’re okay I’ve saved you from the abyss that is the washing machine, wait a second Wait a second can I get in here? Guess I could put my head in Yeah, I’m in the washing machine probably not a good idea and what else is it there. No. I don’t mean to do this I’ll go backwards. I’ll go backwards Feel like there’s loads of secrets to this game because I think there’s loads of puzzles in the staff There’s like a microscope up there as well, and what is this. I know who you are and you’re not nice. Oh What’s this oh? No way? That’s cool, so actually mousse You can use the are way Oh my goodness. Yes. It’s a mini game where you’re controlling it using the circles and stuff Yeah, I did it haha Do I get anything in return or do I just get a nice little sound. I it’s going somewhere else I’m so I don’t know what to do yes I’m mastering this watch out guys baby driver coming through I think I’ve broken it right that was fun. Let’s go up Onto the biggest sandwich you’ve ever seen Nom nom. Oh, that was beautiful. Give me a glass of Wow nothing really you know what you can have that you know cat This loads of like cake and there’s more of these sweets up here as well. What happens if we just eat everything mom nom Gimmie nom nom maybe that’s the last one give me it, okay it doesn’t want me to eat that one how do we get over there? There’s so much to explore cool a telescope. I mean a microscope there’s all this bacteria in there How weird is that? I don’t have a book don’t need a book. I can’t read. I’m a child I’m studying the business for two puzzle pieces right now. Oh, wait a second I can climb the drawers How do I get up there though wait wait wait wait wait now This is like who’s your daddy? We’ve got chemicals and stuff don’t mind if I do let’s grab this. Oh, Jesus. Haha yeah Oh no That’s weird and what’s this one? It’s so creepy I’m gonna leave those here, I don’t need those What is this? This is baby stuff is it baby powder is that what it is shut up? Oh? No, I don’t know what that is. I think it’s baby foods right the other side of the house now We just need to find two more blocks. I didn’t actually realize all up check it out the toilets open. Hey sir. How are you? Hey look at those legs, beautiful. This is where you go right? Oh? You as well There just disappear. I’m sorry. I didn’t rise you to leave it’s also a submarine. There’s a piece of pizza as well I’m literally eaten everything anything in here we can check out no no no No oh Okay, we might hit the jackpot over here guys. I’ve got myself a crayon I Can’t draw anything that I’d be so cool. There’s also a giant reptile Wait a second that actually looks like Reptar. Hey buddy. How’s it going? I need to put oh, and he’s put the superhero in here there. We go oh Wow, oh my goodness Those crazy, you got killed buddy are you dead? I think he’s dead do it again. Yeah win this time I Know he dies every time. There’s so much to do hmm wait does this work, huh? Go do it Yes This is an air freshener. Oh, it’s a nightlight. That’s cute That’s the best way to describe this game is cute. Oh, maybe I could draw on this Yeah, there you go D-a- n T-D-M smiley face and a big kiss Perfect. Oh we have a pet as well. I just wanna find these blocks I want to see what the key does as a water gun okay? Water the frog hold on a second this looks like it was made for you Yes oh, he stops, right ah That’s actually it starts old time to get up buddy. Oh, I shouldn’t have done That should I do you want an elephant as well there you go That’s not good isn’t it where on earth are these other two pieces of the puzzle. This is my only chance What’s in here sir? Piranha plant from from Mario. Oh, I know what this is this is one of those experiments isn’t it check this out? ha ha ha That’s cool. Wait a second Dunk it! I love that makes magical sounds every time you do something cool. Makes me feel a little bit better about myself Oh look if we get a key like the one that’s in the UM in the puzzle we can unlock this I think this is our sister’s room so we can unlock a diary that’ll be amazing. What’s up here? Oh, I just want say it’s gonna access the computer real quick. Can I do that? Uhh This is this is the oldest computer? I’ve ever seen it’s on floppy disk. Oh my goodness it Keeps crashing. Why? hello? I can also go up here. Oh There’s a UFO oh Look it actually floats No go away The UFO is actually just flying around I mean this is This is quite a little bit weirder than that that scared the life out of me I can’t find any more of these blocks are they all gonna be in the in the living room Maybe they are any in here I kind of need some things anything here. You look like blocks Why can’t you help me out here, but wait a second we can go up here BAM anything here? ooh Keys Like car keys no way No way, where’s the car show me where the car is don’t know where it
would be I just need the other keys right now. Cuz I think look it unlocks that drawer I Want to know what’s in that drawer? Oh? Hello. Hey, dude you’re a horse Why did you leave a horse head in the bed? That’s really creepy. I want this phone That was my supposed to do yes got it alright. Let’s dial 999 Hello Yeah, I need a green key You don’t know where to get one from you are useless also. No one likes Jenga. Stop it Well there is um there a dice, there’s no like where are the other bits Oh, we have made a massive mess in here my goodness. Oh wait. There’s one up there I can see it go up here and then How am I supposed to get it all up here? Yeah, there it is This also should be goldfish in there, right What can I grab this? I’m just gonna knock it off there. It is come to me little triangle. Is that what over here? It is here. Yeah. It’s the moon right let’s go I think I actually need to hold one of the times, throw Perfect. and I will take this one,come on. This is so much effort this making me working me worth it You know let’s put this in there, and then we can grab this one as well and put this one here Gone yes, I got the key let’s go and see what mum’s side is Joey what this is This is hard work. I’m not gonna lie here. We go guys. We’re about to find out what’s in mums draw? Let’s back it up a little bit. I wanna see what’s inside what is it? It’s Sunglasses I’ll take those. Thank you and Catnip is that is that something for the cat. He’s sunglasses really annoying right. Let’s go and see how the nasty cat I don’t like him, but we have no choice. Hello, sir. How are you? I have a present for you. You have this Do you oh I think it I think it works Ok let’s eat this instead oh There’s another key, where did we see something for a white key? How do I get these off? They’re annoying you? Can you can have them there you go? Whoa where did the white key go? where did it go? The diary quick. I’ve got my sister’s diary to read this better be the right key cuz it’s wearing me out I might not be the right one oh No It’s not the right one. Where did this go. I don’t know what else is locked the front door doesn’t have a lock on it So where does this go oh? Right there. I can see it right behind Reptar Reptar. You could have to move out of the way, buddy Okay, he’s too powerful. This is a toy chest, Kapow Let’s go. What’s inside There is a cowboy hats sweets, and a oh my goodness Yes, this is perfect. So now we can knock things off of high spaces looking also shoot Reptar in the back But who’s too purple, so there’s no point what can we shoot down like trophies and stuff? Yes, it actually works right give me that Haha My guess I want the turtle come out – come out turtle come out! I’m not sure this is how you’re supposed to do it, but I think it works Yes oh jeez that dropped him. Oh. I am the king of being a child I don’t know what else to do now. I’ve got a trophy I’ve got a soft gun. What do I do next? So my parents come home then I can Attack them, so let’s put these things down real quick. I can’t I can’t put this down. Okay. That’s fine I just want to try something with this. I don’t think there’s anything in here that I can compete with uh, okay this should work It is nothing really you know how dangerous this is huh not literally does nothing No accurate at all look how many things are there’s even a robot here Hey, buddy, look at you. Would you um like to see what I’ve got yeah. He’s indestructible He’s actually indestructible this guy a plane. What can I do with this you know? Whoa? Okay, that was a little bit more pop than I thought it was gonna be and like you throw these as well This is cool. Oh my goodness. There’s so much stuff in here. These are my clothes. Yeah, Oh Baby pants okay, I’m out of here. It’s giving me weird wait a second look. You know that pizza I ate you can give it to the turtle and it will tie it into a ninja turtle That’s cool, right elephant guys. You know what I think we’re pretty much done here for today We’ve done a lot of exploring or wait my shooters down There’s lots of things we haven’t tried yet like the the car sets the mutant piranha plant over there. This is so much We haven’t tried I’m sure there’s a lot of new things in here, and I think they updated quite a lot as well also whoa, okay? There’s a rocket down there I also haven’t done any research on this game at all, so I don’t know if there’s any secrets or anything oh Where did this come from? oh Yeah, haha I’m a spaceman. Yeah. There’s tons of things to do here, and oh no I’ll shoot you. I will shoot you well. There’s a key here as well. This is the diary one how do I stop you from attacking me see what I mean there’s loads of stuff if I can’t grab it because The puranas in the way, maybe if I look super sophisticated We give me an ow no guys. That’s baby hands check them out. This game is actually way more fun, though I thought it was gonna be and if you guys want to see some more of this or have any tips and tricks because I Want to read my sister’s diary definitely then please let me know by leaving a big fat thumbs up That’d be greatly appreciated Also, have a thumbs up if you enjoyed yourself as much as I did that would be great look how sophisticated I am beautiful So yeah leave a like if you enjoyed subscribe if you are brand new today to join team TDM for with daily content apart from that guys. Thank you so much watching me become a baby today I’ll see you guys next time. good Bye 🙂 Captions by:TheEeveeLovers Don’t forget to subcribe to Dan and TheEeveeLovers Also, don’t forget to check out the content on the screen

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