Who Knows More About Babies! Getting ready for our Baby Sister!!!

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>>Hey, guys, this is Karina.>>It’s Ronald from
>>Sis Vs Bro. And we are doing who knows
babies better challenge! So this is part two of our last video ’cause in the last video we had a tie, which was shopping for
our baby sister challenge. In that video, you guys
also commenting down below that, where is the baby sister? Can we see it, can we
have a picture of it? And we’re like, no, you can’t. Because, well, it’s not born yet. But you can in a couple
of months (laughs).>>So, stay tuned, ah!>>So, today, we are gonna be testing who know babies better.
>>Yes.>>And we gotta give the award to somebody. We can’t chop it in half,
we gotta break the tie. All right, so let’s just
start the challenge, and see who will be the best to play.>>[Dad] So, guys, let’s find out who knows more about babies. And your first question is, what color is the baby’s first poop? (crickets chirp) You have four possible choices here. Yellow, brown, green, pink or blue, depending on the gender. (lighthearted music)>>Okay (chuckles). That’s not something I was expecting. (lighthearted music)>>[Dad] Are you guys ready? Maybe.>>[Karina] Okay, I’m ready.>>Three, two, one, drop.>>A.
>>Wait, wait did you say? Yellow?
>>Yeah.>>Wait, what’s the correct answer?>>[Dad] So, Karina has
yellow, Ronald has B, brown. And the right answer is C.>>Wait, what was C?
>>Green.>>[Dad] Green.>>Green, what?
>>What?>>I was like sure it was brown. Like, this is a trick question. No, not a trick question, this is easy.>>I thought it was a trick question. Green, why is it green?
>>Ew.>>[Dad] So, no points for anyone. ♪ Da na ♪>>Aw.
>>All righty.>>[Dad] Okay, guys, second question. When do babies start potty training? A, at two months old, B, at six months old, C, at two years old, D, at five years old.>>Wait, say it again.>>[Dad] A, two months, B, six months, C, two years, D, five years. (lighthearted music) Come on, what’s it gonna be?>>[Karina] I think I know. (lighthearted music)>>[Dad] Okay, Karina’s ready.>>Yeah, ready, okay.>>[Dad] And the reveal.>>Three, two, one, drop it. B and C.>>[Dad] Okay, so Karina has at six months. And Ronald has at two years. And the right answer is C.>>Yay!
>>What?>>They still have a diaper
until two years (laughs). Oh, yes, party in the house.>>[Dad] Okay, one point for
Ronald, none for Karina.>>One point thingamajig.>>[Dad] Okay, guys, your next question. When baby cries, it usually is because A, it wants to sleep, B, it wants to eat, C, it wants to make slime,
D, it wants to make poop. (lighthearted music)>>I don’t know.
>>(laughs) I think I know. (lighthearted music)>>It’s like all of the above. It’s all above, except making slime.>>(laughs) It’s usually though. I think it’s usually.>>Okay, here, I got it.>>[Ronald] Okay.>>[Karina] Okay, are you ready?>>[Both] Three, two, one.>>B and A.>>[Dad] Okay, so Karina
has it wants to sleep.>>I waited for it wants to eat. I thought A was like wants to eat. I’m sorry.
>>Okay.>>Can I change my answer?>>[Dad] Okay.>>Oh, now we’re both gonna get a point.>>[Dad] Okay, so the right
answer is wants to eat.>>Yay!
>>Yay!>>[Dad] Next question. How often newborns eat during the first week of their life? A, every two hours, B, every five hours, C, once a day because they
usually sleep all day, D, first week, only they drink water. (lighthearted music)>>First week the only drink water?>>No, they drink breast
milk the first week.>>No.
>>For a long time. (lighthearted music) Okay, I think I got it.>>And then. (lighthearted music)>>[Karina] Ronald, what do you got?>>I don’t know, can you say it again?>>[Dad] A, every two
hours, B, every five hours, C, once a day because they
usually sleep all day, D, first week, only they drink water.>>Okay, I got my answer. (lighthearted music)>>Okay.>>[Dad] Okay, you guys ready, reveal. (lighthearted music) Okay, so Karina has A, every two hours. And Ronald has B, every five hours.>>’Cause that’s how much
you’re supposed to eat.>>[Dad] And the right answer is A.>>Yes.
>>What? No!
>>’Cause I’m smart, and I did my research,
I watch Colleen vlogs. (both giggle)>>[Dad] So, the baby eats every two hours.>>That’s just not fair!>>It is fair. If you did your research, you’d know.>>[Dad] So, Karina has two points. And Ronald has two
points, it’s a tie so far.>>Yay!
>>Oh, my goodness.>>[Dad] Let’s move on, next question. How much does a baby usually
weigh when it’s born? A, half a kilogram, B, one kilogram, C, three kilograms, D, five kilograms. (lighthearted music)>>[Ronald] I think I know. I think I know this one.
>>Okay.>>[Dad] Are you guys ready?>>[Ronald] Yep, three, two, one.>>Oh, we both got B.>>[Dad] Okay, we have two Bs. And both of you think it’s one kilogram. And the right answer is C.>>What?
>>It’s C?>>Two or one and a half, or it’s five?>>[Dad] C is three kilograms.>>Oh.
>>Oh.>>Wow, oh, my goodness.>>[Dad] So, both of you have two points. It’s still a tie.>>Oh, my goodness, I thought
I’m gonna break this tie. Like, hi yah!>>[Dad] Okay, question number six. What are the most common
first words babies say? A, hi or bye, B, mama or dada, C, slime, D, peepee. (lighthearted music)>>Three, two, one.
>>Two, one. B.
>>B.>>We both put B.>>[Dad] Okay, both of you
have B for mama or dada. And the right answer is B.>>Yay!
>>Yay! We still have a tie though.>>Oh, my goodness. I think it’s gonna be a
sibling award tie (laughs).>>Oh, no.>>The second part, we’re gonna
have to make a third one.>>[Dad] The next question is, how often does a newborn baby poop? A, three to four times a
day, B, every two days, C, once a week because they eat a little, D, around 10 times a day. (lighthearted music)>>10 times? (lighthearted music)>>Okay, three, two, one.
>>Three, two, one.>>[Dad] So, Karina has
D, around 10 times a day. And Ronald has B, once every two days. And the right answer A.
>>What?>>[Dad] Three to four times a day.>>I thought they poop a lot.>>You have to change their
diaper that many times?>>[Dad] Yes.>>What?>>I wanted to do it more times.>>That’s savage, savage babies.>>[Dad] All right, guys,
we still have a tie. It’s two to two.>>No, three to three. Three to three.>>[Dad] At how many months old babies start eating solid food?>>Soil?>>[Dad] Solid food.>>Okay.>>[Dad] A, at one month, B, six months, C, 12 months, D, two years. (lighthearted music)>>I think I knew right away. And if I’m correct, I’ll be happy. (lighthearted music)>>I don’t know. Okay, all right.>>Three, two, one. You did C, we both did C.>>[Dad] Okay, both of
you have C for 12 months. And the right answer is B. Six months.
>>Why, six? Wow, those are little babies.>>Ronald, I think we eat
more than a baby eats.>>I don’t care.
(Karina laughs)>>[Dad] Okay, guys, we still have a tie. It’s three to three.
>>Oh, my goodness.>>[Dad] Let’s break a tie, next question. What’s the first solid food
babies should eat first? A, soft fruit, B, yogurt, C, chocolate, D, Nutella sandwich. (laughs)
>>Are you okay?>>Okay, this is easy peasy, all right.>>[Dad] Okay, guys, what is it?>>Never mind.>>Okay, three, two, one.>>[Dad] So, Karina has B for yogurt. And Ronald has A for soft fruit. And the right answer is A.>>Yeah!
>>What?>>You know.>>But yogurt, you don’t have to chew it. And babies don’t have teeth.>>Well, too bad.>>[Dad] Usually baby start with banana or avocado or other.
>>’Cause it’s healthy.>>But yogurt can be healthy, as well.>>[Dad] Okay, so Ronald is in the lead.>>Oh, yeah, four to three, let’s go.>>[Dad] How do you feel
about that, Karina?>>Amazing (laughs).>>[Dad] Next question is, when do the newborn babies have their first bath? A, first day of their life, B, after one week they were born, C, after two weeks, D, after a month because they never sweat.>>They don’t ever sweat?>>Oh, this is easy peasy,
so easy and peasy (laughs). All right, three, two, one.
>>Two, one.>>[Dad] A, and the right answer is A.>>[Ronald] Yay!>>That was easy, easy peasy.>>[Dad] So, Ronald has five
points, Karina has four points.>>Ha, ha!>>[Dad] Ronald is still in the lead.>>Dabbing on them haters.>>[Dad] And Karina is so jeal-eseo.>>(laughs) I’m not so jeal-eseo. ♪ Jeal-Eseo ♪>>[Dad] Okay, guys, next question for you. How many teeth babies
have when they are born? A, zero, B, one or two, C, three to four so
they can chew a little, D, all babies teeth.>>What kind of question is this? Anyone who has a brain and
eyes will know the answer.>>Three, two, one.>>A.
>>A.>>[Dad] Okay, so both
of you have A for zero. And the right answer is A. ♪ Oh, la, la, somebody call the doctor ♪>>Okay (laughs). ♪ Doctor ♪>>[Dad] Ronald is still in
the lead with six points.>>Karina has five points.>>[Dad] Being fabulous. So, guys, next question is, when babies first start making slime?>>What?>>[Dad] A, at one month
old, B, at one year old, C, two years old, D, four years old.>>Okay. Now, four year olds, it’s
not really a baby anymore.>>Yeah, it’s a toddler.>>Three, two, one.>>[Dad] Okay, both of you have D. And the right answer would be D.>>[Ronald] Yay!>>[Dad] So, the right answer
would be D, at four years old. Ronald has a point.
>>Well, I have seven points.>>[Dad] And Karina has six
points, trailing by one.>>So (laughs).>>[Dad] And we are coming to
the last question right now.>>So, it’s a tie, or I get
the best sibling award.>>No (laughs).>>[Dad] Karina, are you ready for this?>>Yeah.
>>Maybe.>>[Dad] Are you gonna
bring home the bacon?>>Okay, sure.
(Ronald laughs)>>[Dad] Okay, guys, so your
last question for today is when do babies start walking? A, at two months old,
B, at six months old, C, at one year old, D, at three years old.>>I know the answer to this.
>>Oh, easy peasy. (lighthearted music) We have baby knowledge (laughs).>>Okay, three, two, one.>>[Dad] Karina has C, at one year old. And Ronald has A, for two months old. And the right answer is C.>>What?
(Karina laughs)>>Ronald, do you know how tiny
a baby is a one month old? Like, this big.>>I mixed up my years in months, no! (Karina laughs)
No!>>[Dad] Looks like it’s a tie again. What are we gonna do?>>We’re gonna have to make another video. So, guys, it’s another tie. So, we’re gonna have to make a part three to break up the tie because we keep on making ties. So, right now, the best sibling
award goes to both of us.>>We shall remain that way.>>Until we get another video.>>And I win.
>>No, I’m gonna win. All right, guys, we hope
you like this video.>>[Both] If you did,
smash that like button. And we’ll see you on
the next time, goodbye! (energetic music)

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