What Is Actually In Our Tap Water?

By Grover Koelpin 100 comments

Forget the internet, forget the Large Hadron
Collider. Hell, even forget the reusable Dragon spacecraft
from Elon Musk’s SpaceX – the tap is truly the greatest invention of civilization, isn’t
it? Alright, that’s perhaps a very weighty hyperbole
– but what a time to be alive! On command water! We kind of take it for granted though, don’t
we? For those of us that are fortunate enough
to live in a house with free-flowing tap water – the magical properties of being able to
saunter over to the kitchen, flip a handle and instantly have a glass of ice-cold water
is something that we should all be appreciative of – but, have you ever asked yourself the
question – what am I *actually* drinking? Hm. Well, let’s find out. Hello internet – and once again welcome back
to the most inquisitive channel on YouTube – Life’s Biggest Questions. As per usual, I’ll be your disembodied floating
voice Jack Finch – as today, we curiously ask the question – What Is Actually In Our
Tap Water? Roll the clip. For
the curious amongst you, that clip was from 2013’s The World’s End written and directed
by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright – because, well – if I’m being frank with you all,
it’s pretty difficult to find any kind of tap-water based cinematic content. I mean, it was either that – or this. Yeah. You can see what I’m dealing with, right? Anyway, that’s beside the point. Tap water. What’s in it? Well, what better way to find out than with
an incredibly brief history of everyone’s favourite subject. Sanitation! And who do we have to thank for that? Well, you might think – the Romans of course
– because what have the Romans ever done for us? Everything! But no, although partly correct – you’d
be slightly mistaken – because the history of sanitation can be traced all the way back
to the Indus Valley Civilization, an ancient society that successfully cultivated vast
areas of South Asia between 3300 BCE and 1300 BCE. After that, everyone pretty much got the message
that it was important to have clean – excrement free running water – and evidence of sanitation
based means have been found in Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Mesopotamia – Persia – yeah,
you get the picture. Pretty much everywhere. Humanity quickly discovered – for the most
part – that if there’s any kind of creepy nastiness floating around in your wooden drinking
bowl, you’re going to get really, really sick. And that isn’t good. Stay safe everybody. It wasn’t until 1775 that the whole tap
water phenomena kicked off though, with none other – than the flushing toilet – and a Scottish
watchmaker – a man named Alexander Cummings – had the incredible idea of creating the
S-Pipe, a curved facet of a pipe that could retain water permanently, preventing sewer
gases from entering the home – which would eventually lead to Thomas Crapper’s U-shaped
trap and his revolutionary toilet of 1880. It was based upon a previous notion though,
an idea that forms the second basis of why we can have poo-free water – and it was proliferated
by none other than Sir Francis Bacon way back in 1671 – who noticed that if he dug a hole
close to the seashore, the water would be purified by layers and layers of sand. Eventually – this gave rise to the first ever
municipal water purifying plant in the world – built in the small town of Paisley, Scotland
way back in 1804 – that used layers of gravel filters and concentric sand to treat readily
available water. After that, in 1827 – a man named Robert Thom
invented slow sand filters after condensing the method into a more readily available form
– and two years later, in 1829 – James Simpson took that idea and developed a system that
was pretty much used around the world. It struck a chord with us humans though, and
civilization quickly realised that as our towns became vast cities – interconnected
with infrastructure and municipal means – it was very important to the success of society
to make sure everybody had safe and clean water to drink. In the 19th century, after officials of the
City of London noticed that cholera deaths had decreased after the same water treatment
systems had been installed – they passed the Metropolitan Water Act of 1852 – ensuring
that all water supplied to the city would be filtered. And here we are now, pretty much anyway – as
the vast majority of modern society has gone to great lengths in filtering out the nastiness
of chewy water. But what were they exactly so scared of? Well, you may be expecting this particular
LBQ to scare you away with some sweeping statement that there’s strange juju in the water that’s
making us all want to buy more Apple products or turn into zombies at the flick of a governmental
switch – but no. It’s simple really. The main objective of Clean Tap Water is to
make sure that there’s no poo in it – but beside that, it’s a pretty simple set of
ingredients. Liquified chlorine. Fluorosilicic acid. Aluminium sulphate. Calcium hydroxide. And Sodium silicofluoride. A relatively safe set of chemicals that make
sure there’s nothing nasty swimming around in your tap water at the point of treatment. But after it leaves that treatment point – that’s
where things get a little complicated. Because the real answer to this question is
– it kind of depends where you live. Take London for example, where the vast majority
of the cities plumbing are still remnants of the Victorian era. It goes without saying, but rushing water
through the same kind of pipe has a habit of eventually leaving behind trace salts. These may include small amounts of arsenic,
radium, aluminium, copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, barium – as well as trace amounts
of hormones, nitrates and pesticides from soil. For the most part, such a small amount of
trace elements have no adverse effect, and the city of London – as well as the rest of
the UK – are going to great lengths in revamping their dated plumbing system. The burden of trust lies within the municipal
responsibility of society, and in some cases – that trust can be overwhelmingly neglected. Take the city of Flint, Michigan for example
– an extraordinary case of official oversight that began in April 2014 – and is still going
on to this day. The crisis began after the city decided to
change their water source from Lake Huron and the Detroit River – to the cheaper option,
the Flint River – and due to insufficient water treatment, contaminants leached into
the pipes – exposing over 100 thousand residents to high levels of lead, all for the sake of
saving a few dollars. Since 2014, the residents of Flint have had
to rely on bottled water to get by in their day to day lives – and the crisis has tragically
led to the deaths of 12 people from an outbreak of Legionnaires disease. In 2017, some city officials claimed that
the water quality of Flint had returned to acceptable levels. Not true – and a gross oversight, as the residents
of Flint are still going to great lengths in exposing the dangerous water supply of
the city. The truth of the matter is, we take our tap
water for granted – and the historical efforts of some of civilization’s greatest inventors
have strived to give every member of society access to safe, clean running water. Technology in water treatment can only take
us so far though, and our responsibility as members of society is to ensure that the crisis
of Flint, Michigan doesn’t become a common occurrence. The solution is there – it has been for thousands
of years. Civilization has advanced by providing safe
access to water through innovative means – but the main point of concern, is to make sure
that same technology is working for everyone – and not just those in power. It’s our responsibility to make sure that
things are a little bit less – somebody’s poisoned the water hole – and a little bit
more – too infinity, and beyond. Hey, look at that. A Toy Story reference. Well, there we have it folks – our roundabout
answer to What’s Actually In Our Tap Water. Quite a few things! But most of them are good. What are your thoughts on the matter? Speak your mind freely in the comment section
down below. Before we depart though, let’s take a quick
look at some of your more resounding remarks from over the past few days. — Yo Human Frisk says — Jack Finch: Somebody
or some society has more something than you can shake a stick at. — Nooo! Human Frisk – you’ve found my golden ratio,
how did you figure out my formula for the perfect LBQ video? I’m going to have to change the whole shaking
stick shtick up, aren’t I? Ah, another one bites the dust. Well – on that slightly depressing note, that’s
all we’ve got time for in today’s video – cheers for sticking around all the way until
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next time, you take it easy.



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