we’re wearing pajamas in the bathtub

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What’s up Tangerineys! You read right,
we are leaving Guadalajara. No, this is not a drill. Laska, is it joke? She has no idea. [Laughter] But yes, we’re actually leaving this time. We are Going to a new city. This doesn’t mean goodbye forever, or any other cliches you can think of. But
really, we do love Guadalajara! There’s no bad reasons why we are leaving. We love
this apartment. We love the friends that we’ve made. But
it’s Tangerine Travels, so we got to keep on traveling. We’re packing up all of our
stuff right now. It’s sort of weird because we’re so used to doing
this throughout Mexico, we’ve packed up our bags so many times. But for some
reason, this feels different. Do you think this feels different? Yeah. Who do you think has a better idea where we’re going right now? Laska or our
subscribers? Or you guys. I see London, I see France [Laughter] Laska! Do you want to go for a car ride? Up to this point, she had no idea what was going on Because she was just laying in the sun
out there. Do you know where we’re going? [Laughter] Well I probably shouldn’t show what’s in this bag. [Laughter] Laska, I need to get this down, get out of here. So this is the point where Laska starts Freaking out because she thinks we’re
gonna leave her. Jordan’s trying to take the bags down
these stairs, and she’s like “No, take me down the stairs! Don’t go without me!” Can I get by? No! Can I get by, please? No! [Jordan and Maddie copying Laska’s “No”] What is this? So here we have my tiny Prius C. The smaller, compact version of the regular
Prius. And this is basically all of our stuff. As you saw, most of my small bag is
filled up with vitamins. Clothes, and then the same with Jordan. He has all of like
the medical supplies we need, band-aids. For things like this, where you cut your
hand while packing. We of course have our Berkey which is a water filtration system. And then Since we’ve been staying in Guadalajara
long term, we have a few extra things, Like we bought at Costco-sized dog food,
and then some kitchen stuff in there. And what Jordan just brought down, a big
thing of water. We always like driving with water in
case we ever get stranded somewhere. Yes, All of this can fit into this tiny Prius
C and we’re gonna show you how we do it. Alright, so I’m gonna be honest, this is
kind of a hot disaster this time. Usually, it fits in there like a glove after playing Tetris. But we have Jordan’s two bags back here. He has a laptop bag. we have a few towels and this is like a big jacket that I’ve never used one since being
here. This is Laska’s little spot with her, what we call “spot.” My two bags here
this is the bag. This is the bag that the drone goes in. And we have this giant dog food. Kind of
fit all the water bottles. Oh, hi! [Laughter] Don’t leave me! Laska Was freaking out! And she just ran and got right in her spot! Guys, I’m here, you can’t leave me now. [Laughter] Are you excited to go? Do
you know where we’re going? Nope? Didn’t think so. That’s pretty much
what this looks like. Tetris, perfect score. [Laughter] And this time I was doing but
Tetris thing! Except for the big bags, I can’t lift those. Even though this is
basically our whole life fitting in a car, it still feels like this is way too
much! And of course, like I said, since we were living in Guadalajara long-term we
acquired some extra stuff, and we’re also taking some things for some friends
there. A Baileys Irish cream from Costco. But this is it. How do you guys think we
do? Is this too much stuff? Leaving, leaving. (Maddie Singing) Where are we going? Where are we going? Laska, do you know where are we going? I’m gonna be perfectly honest, if There’s one thing I will not miss about Guadalajara, it’s driving in it. It’s scary, it’s complicated, no one follows
any rules if there are any. [Laughter] I never know what the heck is going on! There’s so
much good stuff we can say about the city, the list is way too long to even
start trying to put that a video! That was kind of our previous video. That was kind of, yeah that was kind of our last video. But in little aspects too, not
just like activities. But there’s little things that I really like about it. Hi. Good afternoon. Hello, good afternoon. Thanks That’s 35 pesos (per kilo price for strawberries) 35? And those per kilo. Yes. Rambutan, how much do the cost? 100 pesos per kilo. 100. We’re here! And we have to talk fast because the jukebox is about to go on again. It’s super loud. But, we’re in the center of
town. This is somewhat of like a cantina, There’s a lot of Mexicans here. When I
walked in, every single person stopped to look, because I am… [Maddie looks around] Well, now there’s three women but I was the only one when we first came in. [Laughter] 30 pesos a shot. See you later! Good afternoon! Good afternoon! Hello! Good afternoon! Horses! So the place we are in now, I distinctly remember, When we were first looking at the map. Looking at Mexico thinking “What cities do we
want to go to? Where should we travel? Where should we stay?” And we, of course, were making our list of like the top places. We Completely ruled this place out, 100%.
We were like “Well, we could stay in places For free and house sit, but like it
doesn’t seem right for us. It’s retired people, it’s gringos, we don’t want to
be around the exact atmosphere that we’re trying to leave in the US.” So we
completely took it off the table. But then we got here, originally. Well, it is
true that there are a lot of native English speakers here, it really does
have that authentic Mexican feel to it still, and that’s really cool! And you can
go to a lot of places and hang out with Gringos, but there’s also tons of things
you can do, and tons of places you can go where you’ll find nothing but Mexicans. And just to clarify here, we know there’s this huge huge argument out there like
“What is real Mexico? What is true Mexico?” We’re not saying that one city is
or isn’t true Mexico, real Mexico, but this is more like traditional. A town
where you would feel like “This is a place where Mexico started.” There’s lots
of roots here. Deep history. Whereas somewhere like Guadalajara is more
modern, it’s made a lot of advancements, and that still Mexico, but it’s just a
different vibe. I really don’t like when people are like “Oh yeah, that’s not real
Mexico!” Yeah, it is. It’s all Mexico. And to be honest, I still think it’s kind of a cliche that we’re here.
I’m not even gonna lie. Because there is such a huge expat community. But, we are
going to take this as an opportunity to branch out of the center where all
the gringos are, and explore the surrounding towns. We’re going to continue practicing and really speaking Spanish. And try to show you a different side of
this, especially since we may now be the youngest people living in this city. What city is it? [Laughter] Have you guessed it? Have you guessed it? Laska, can I? No. Why are we in the bathtub? Why are we wearing matching pajamas? Laska, sit your booty butt down! No. This is like Laska’s least favorite spot in the world. Bath. So after we posted Yesterday’s video, we had some people
commenting on our channel like “Ugh, you guys are leaving Guadalajara?
Well I’m not going to watch your videos anymore.” We understand if you were just
here because you wanted to see videos about the city you live in. Yeah, because
if like a foreigner was living in my city that I had grown up in, and spent all my time in, I’d be very curious What places they’re going to, what
they think of the experiences, what’s normal everyday activities for me is
totally unique to them. But, I think we’ve sort of neglected to mention for a while
what we’re even doing in Mexico. We are making memories in Mexico. We’re
traveling through Mexico. We want to see as much of it as possible. Open our minds to new things and different aspects of culture, and people, and food, and anything
else that might come our way that we don’t even know to think about yet.
Although we spent the majority of the time that we’ve been
Mexico so far in Guadalajara, this was not ever a Guadalajara vlog. It’s a travel
blog and it’s a travel vlog about Mexico. We hope you guys will continue watching
these videos to be entertained, so that you can open up your mind to new things
and different things in the world that you didn’t know existed. Or maybe shatter
preconceived notions that you had about different cities. And one thing we’ve
learned about Mexico is it’s very hard to put it into a box, so to speak. Like “Mexico is
this,” or” Mexicans are this.” Traveling through the country, we found that it’s
incredibly diverse. Whether it’s language, culture, geography. We hope you’ll come
along with us and explore more of the country. So why the heck are we in the bathtub? And what are we wearing right now? Laska, what you wearing? What is Laska wearing? She’s got matching shorts. She does not like
this, at all. So why are we wearing this? Well, we had the opportunity, we’re so
honored to be featured in Mural! It’s a local, very prestigious, newspaper in
Guadalajara. We’re gonna put the link to the article of the interview down below in
the description. Thank you to Mural for doing that piece on us, and sharing what
we’re doing here in Mexico. And also for these snazzy pajamas! They’re super comfortable! But, where the heck are we, you’re wondering? You might have figure it out by now. We are going to reveal where exactly we are, if you
haven’t followed the breadcrumbs. We’re going to put a public post on patreon
with the answer to what city we’re in. And don’t
worry, you don’t have to create an account, you don’t actually have to pledge anything.
This is going to be a free public post. Although, if you did want to join us on
Patreon, you can get access to more perks and fun stuff behind the scenes. Coming up for
you guys, we are of course going to do the ten dollar challenge! We love doing
this every time we go to a new city. And We’re interested to know if you guys
have any requests? Something you want to see? Information you want to know?
Shenanigans you would like us to partake in? We’re all about it! Let us know. If you liked this video, be
sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel to see more
videos that we’re putting out in Mexico! And! GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified when we put a new video, and we’ll see you there!


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Who rocked the pajamas best?

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San Miguel de Allende ?

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I do not recommend you to enter the bars, in those places there are many people drunk, if a woman enters there they can miss the repeto, they can have problems with drugged people.

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What's your favorite essential oil? Two things I could not live without…essential oils and Berkey!

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dont know if yall are still travelin but i do have a suggestion for the "bag packing" try the vacuum bags for clothes especially, really minimizes the footprint in your luggage…

Brad Coley

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how embarrassing for Laska, hahahahahahaha

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and the "onesie pj's puhleeeezzzz

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Laska.  Sheesh.  Nothing negative, really, except I make a connection to "paddlefoot", whom causes all kinds of issues for that cartoon group.  Another thing is that you are TERRIBLE dog trainers.  It's no problem, do your thing, "I" have no affect on your life and I wouldn't want to, but, EVERY dog needs to be trained, unless it lives in an environment where there is no need for control, LIKE IN MONTANA!  Hey, your life is your choice, enjoy your time in MX and I will be back to see what's going on with you.

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What the hell is the deal with the bathtub??????

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I know you're busy, you don't need to respond to me.  Enjoy your wonderful life.  I'm envious and I am happy for you.

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Mexico needed a 2 letter designation.  I figured MX was adequate.  HA!  Enjoy, you two, your lives will change and you will be thinking new thoughts soon (within 2 years).  Then, move on and enjoy.


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