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(lively piano music) – Okay. Okay, whoa, that’s a little close, oh. (boing) Ooo… (kissing) Hello, everybody. I’m Michelle. Welcome back to Millennial Moms. Today we are going to be talking about some crazy baby products. I have searched high. I have searched low. I have found some funny things that I wanted to share with you guys. If you guys are brand
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weird baby products. Shall we? We shall. Okay, first weird product, this is something that’s
actually really popular because it really works, but it’s the Nose Frida. This is a Swedish product and basically it helps get all the gunk out of your baby’s nose. And do you see that little sponge thing? That is crucial, because this has happened to me many of times. If you’re trying to get the boogers out of your babies nose and if you don’t have
that little sponge in, you’re gonna suck up some boogers. So you gotta be careful. The next product that I have for you guys is by the same brand the Fridababy brand and this is called the Windi or the Gaspasser. And I thought this was
funny ’cause it said that is safely freeing farts. (laughing) I thought that was hilarious because I know sometimes
babies have problems with that. But basically, you stick
it up your baby’s bum and it helps them pass gas. The next product is strange but it definitely makes sense to me, and it’s called the Potty Mitts. And if your paranoid
about germs like I am, this is a good product for you. If you’re gonna be out and about in public using the restrooms. All it is is putting mittens
on your child’s hands so that when they go potty, their hands will not get any of the germs. My son thought it was funny. (laughing) But, they’re pretty interesting, too. The next item is called a Wee Block and this is for anybody
that has a little boy because if you’ve ever
had a baby boy before you know that there is danger
when you change their diaper because they can wee-wee all over you. So this is basically something
that you put over them and it’s supposed to block any of the pee that will come out. Another helpful but weird baby product just like the rest of them that I’m sharing with you guys today. Are you guys ready for the grand finale? This is the Babymop. I saw this on television a while back and I thought it was hilarious. So I thought I would share
it with all of you guys. Basically, all you do, it’s a little suit that you put on your child. Here I am, using Molly as a prop. She was such a good sport. But as your child scoots around on their bum, as they crawl around on the floor. As you can see Molly here, she was like really weirded out. She’s like, what is this
Santa Claus suit on me? But it wipes everything, it washes everything and I thought it was hilarious. Also, once again I could see it working but it could also be a really
funny gag gift as well. She was so weirded out she
just laid down and gave up. She’s like, Mommy, I am done. So that is it. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you guys found that entertaining. If you haven’t seen Jordan’s
video from yesterday, that would be linked
right here for you guys. And also check out my channel, it’s linked down below as well and we will see you guys next week. Bye!

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