[Weather] On-and-off showers and snow flurries down south

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good morning hope you had a nice
Christmas day well it’s a rainy start for Chengdu and other southern provinces
on and off showers are forecast to prevail through this afternoon for a
closer look Jeju could see up to 20 millimeters of
rainfall southern regions 5 to 10 and millimeters and as for snow mountainous
regions of Jeju and the easternmost island of Dokdo and Mundo will see some
heavy snowfall and also central regions could see some snow flurries during the
day it was a mild but dusty Christmas day yesterday and this morning is also
bearable but chilly air is going to move in this afternoon and it’s shaping up to
be a frosty morning on Friday but it will be brisk as the dust starts to
clear other than changer most regions will recover would find us today
meanwhile conjunction Chinese beginning the day at minus 1 degrees Celsius Jeju
is balmy at 11 degrees Celsius this morning Hebden highs will be 2 to 8
degrees lower than yesterday so dress warmly on your way out that’s Korea for
you and here’s the International weather for viewers around the world



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분홍색과 녹색의 여왕! 지현의 미소가 우리를 따뜻하게 해줄 것입니다.

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