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3 2 1 go AHHHH its pealing me off 3 2 1, 3 2 1, 3 2 1 Yo boys Boys its tgf damn straight boys back at it again if you’ve seen our bathing in videos before you’ll know they at poppers like the stuff their gay guy uses to expand his asshole. Guys, this is a bit of a different video We’re doing we’re gonna …would you call it an experiment Mr Jamie? its an experiment mate. Yo were at the builders yard right now. I’m Chris i have Yorkshire puddings on a Sunday. My name is Darren I’ve had nine wives oh Why why, I felt like he was a barbell from the gym bro. Its so heavy. My batty crease feels like JLo bruv. yo guys so the experiment We’re gonna bury ourselves in plaster and a few Americans don’t know what plaster is because you probably call it resin or something yeah this stuff turns rock solid after allowing it to set for hours were gonna be setting ourselves in it and Letting our bodies turn to basically monuments, were gonna be a statue. Oh why are you so close. We have the bathtub and we’ve also got a mixing tool We’re gonna use this – this is my new house by the way. There’s a hole in the bath guys. we need to cover it before all the plaster leaks on the floor bro I can feel the frikin mike in my nostril. if we’re getting in personal i feel like we’re in a relationship oh sorry dude. So were gonna be filling the bath tub with this tarpaulin and we’re gonna be layering the outside like this. Madeline, come on we’re gonna lie in the bath tub with the tarpaulin and then we’re gonna get in there. Bruv your smelly get away from me Yo, my man. you alright luke, man is everything okay? mum i need help we need to be risky yeah. yo whys its risky bruh. just is. yeah alright a bit of information to inform you guys of what’s going on. I’ve got a massive bucket full of boiling hot water right there because Plaster sets quicker when it’s warmer Here lift lift with your back not your knees bruv, i will bang you out. were gonna be pouring one of these bad boys all in to there once we pour this absolutely Emancipated fucking pregnancy test in there you’re gonna get that blendy thing yeah . this is called the nutribullet your mom’s got a ball sack.haha you wanna knife? you wanna knife? shut the fuck up. This bag here 25 kg mixes to eleven point five liters of water this is gonna be some nice sauce you guys are scaring me. nope. Protective eye gear please… I stop that. why? its my go. ow. one second just need to put this cable tie on that. Oh Yo guys if you want to buy TGF Wristbands come to the tgf stores.com were on sale now. go grab them 16 grand for two or get three for six pound let Me know in the comments down below where did you get that barraclava from.This one Your t-shirts in my ear look oh Oh Shit oh One two hundred can I know…you have no circulation bruv Why is the circular in my wrists as good as the circulation is on views on bro i cant feel my arm. i cant feel my hand. my hands cold bra. next step we are getting in the bath tub and this stuffs getting poured on us. and the guys who are outside the tub are gonna mix it for us And then pour it on top of us. dude This is gonna be so hot i think its gonna be a nice temperature it’s gonna be like in a bubble bath with your best friend. You know, hehe. oh my god. why is there steam coming from it? Give me some more of a that Oh, it’s so heavy jesus. were gonna be here for a while guys, let me taste it it tastes like grit and salmon dressing. Rommel’s got a cut there, can you see it under there, let me put a plaster on it That’s so heavy, its like diarrhea bro, bro wev’e got more than enough guys you don’t understand.. how, like why is it relaxing? Why is this relaxing it’s like a spa treatment mud bath these are Rommel’s toes yeah look at this. let’s get some more plaster going man. Let’s do this third mixture, lets go. extra heat come on boys There’s no way I’m gonna be able to move after this The way your swiping that envelope on me, I feel like you’re using tinder, bro. who’s hand is that? that’s mine right. I’m so pissed of. it’s shit because there’s nothing we can do. Rommel, what do I look like? Let’s see Jamie? This is Henry reporting from the deck. Jay looks quite.. Yo, can we sponsor him? This is gonna set over the next few hours. It’s gonna solidify and me and Rommel are gonna become our own statues this video is a struggle like this video please, much appreciated You know it’s actually free and all it is is a button so if you don’t press it You obviously just childish, grow the fuck up It’s actually beginning to get thicker my knee is so buckled. Oh my god. I can’t lift my arms up. whats this puzzle in the middle of the bath tub then you ready? i think its finally starting to set. its so dry, its actually turning into the concrete you see on the streets and stuff, i feel like a pavement i am a pavement bruv. i am combustion right now. legit yeah. i am five oclock rush hour bruv Look at my fingers..swollen, they have like pruned and everything. fuck. Goodness gracious its the legs bro Stop stop stop. Whys my leg hair look like that. This is pain Oh 3 2 1, 3 2 1. 3 2 1. I feel like I’m getting a tattoo 3 2 1 oh one, you ready? oh my god 3 2 1. oh my god, oh my god thats.. 3 2 1 bro i feel sorry for you man, I swear to god. I’ve never been so serious ive got this bro trust me That’s it right that’s that’s that’s all my power you know and that’s how stuck I was huh Okay three no wait there wait there 3 2 1. Guys, Thanks for watching peace Oh Now you watch mobile tell you

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