Ways to have free kids games in bathtub? – Lego building block challenge for kids

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Hi Hi what are we doing today? what? lego.. for big boys? this is for babies but… I like it hi guys, today we are opening this lego it’s perfect don’t fall ok don’t do it again (ping).. again don’t fall .. ok? don’t look at my robot because it will fall… ok? because if you keep doing that, it will fall… ok? lucas, what are we doing today? the lego challenge where are the legos? we have to say hi to them say hi Mama Mia mama mia got off my shoes go in the bathtub with my socks the lego bath… right? in the lego bath now we got minion we got Gekko we got crab Miles and Hulk don’t look I’m going to tell you when… ok? hey, you are looking don’t look you’re looking don’t look you are looking don’t look are you ready? 3….2….1….GO i am going to build something i want to build one more airplane…ok? guys, look what i’m going to make with this guys, look what I’ve made? boing boing boing a lego.. see? I am on fire…i like this I’m going to do it on my own bye guys

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