VHB Tape Film Liner Removal on Shower Door Drip Rail

By Grover Koelpin No comments

This is the best way to get the adhesive liner
started on the VHB Adhesive. This liner, if you just pick at it, chances are, your not
going to get anywhere. What I do is, I take a blade, and I just hook it right underneath
the red liner, and there I got it started. So once I get it started, I just leave it,
and I leave it hanging, so that when I go to hang it onto the door, its already started.
Now, the next thing I’m going to have to do, get ready to place it on the door, I’m
going to take a couple of pieces of masking tape, and position it right on the edge, so
that it’ll stay in position. Because, I’m telling you, if you touch this adhesive against
glass or against plastic, its not going to come off very easily. But you can’t really
get it started while its in that position, so I’m going to place it like this, and
here’s a piece of glass, and I’m just going to test mount it, basically like this,
and with that already pulled off, it’ll help me get that started. That‘ll be in
the next step, but I just wanted to show you how we’re going to get this started.

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