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It’s big. Can I help you? It’s big? Whoa,
whoa, whoa. Ahh. Hi everyone! So this is my baby shower haul video. A few days ago we
had a virtual baby shower where my family, Will’s family threw us a baby shower over
the internet. And it was awesome. And I’m gonna show you what we got for our two little
boys. So first off we got a baby bather. Totally wanted this. I’ve heard great reviews about
it. I had the blue tub with Harrison and Wyn. You know those tubs that you put babies in
and it was very uncomfortable. Me? Yeah with you. Yeah. And this one I heard is more comfortable
for your newborns. So, looking forward to using this. And I got a second one. It’s
the same kinda thing but it’s like more of a, I don’t know, a reclined one, I guess.
The other one’s a little more sitting up. Very excited about this one too. We got two
of these Bumbos. I never had these for either of my kids. I heard great things about them.
And I feel like we’re gonna need these. So I’m very grateful we got these. These
actually came in a gift bag that was from Amazon that our relatives purchased and it
was in this velvet bag. And the bag ended up being such a hit with my kids. We’re
still playing with it today. So we had like a double gift with this. The velvet bag and
these seats. Next we got a musical play gym. It’s like a kick mat for your babies. We
needed another one. We already have one but I’m pretty sure we’re gonna need two because
there’s two. Very excited about this. Next we got a box of newborn diapers which is always
awesome because realistically we probably will have four kids still in diapers or pull-ups
when these twins get here. Cuz we’re still working on our little guy. He’s only two
and a half on potty training so he’ll probably be in at least pull-ups. And then we got some.
We got some baby towels which we always need. We got some cute little hats which we always
need when they’re born because most likely I’ll have a bald baby. Usually happens with
me. And then these are my favorite. These cute little onesies that say he did it on
it which I’m so excited about putting our little boys in it. It’s gonna be adorable.
Right Harrison? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. And we did get a new crib
which it’s put away because it’s still in the box. And then we got two new car seats
which we totally needed. We are so grateful and we’re thankful for everybody who got
us something. We super, super, super appreciate it. I wanted to thank you guys for watching.
Please like and subscribe. We want you guys to have a wonderful day and
a wonderful life. Bye.

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