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horror flight par excellence the worst flight imaginable we have to wait here for 2 hours now and then we sat in the aircraft I lost a whole day ! Noo today we are flying an airline which we have not flown with in 2 years and one we in fact did not ever wanted to fly with again we will most likely not catch our connecting flight to New York and the worst thing was the hotel was around 2 hours away from the airport suitcases also did not make it meaning we only had hand luggage even for that TAP Portugal is too stupid we were distributed across the cabin but then this Airline received a whole new aircraft as a launch customer we can’t say no to that, right ? I wanted to adjust my seat, nothing worked the entire seat was out of function no entertainment system, no seat could be adjusted that is actually quite the horror instead of asking me if I wanted to have another one, she just picked it up and did not return I could not enjoy the flight at all We are in Sao Paulo flying to Lisbon onboard TAP Portugal business class and their brand new A330-900/ A330neo a 9 hour flight, I am very excited, directly after the intro ! before we are making our way to the boarding area we are headed to the Star Alliance lounge in which we have been in quite often we have shown you in multiple videos, most recently with LATAM or with British Airways using our priority pass which made entry possible even though it is reserved for Star Alliance flights but with the priority pass entry is possible the pass comes free of charge in combination with the American Express platin and credit card we have made a video about that, maybe there is still an offer online have a look at our website or just press the “i” in this lounge there is a bar area behind me and a buffet over there which is sufficient to have some food and then it is time to head over to boarding there it is, the A330-900 or A330neo of TAP Portugal she is brand new, just about 2 weeks old as of February 1st 2019 was delivered on the 10th of January and has the registration TS-TUD brand new aircraft, let us see if it looks as brand new on the inside I am a bit nervous because there is always the possibility of us being on some list on a black list, we might get recognized or maybe the people a ____?__ are so, this is the A330neo of TAP Portugal has a businnes class up front with 34 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration at the window seats, well every seat is a bit offset next to the window I am sitting very close to the window and Dominik just like with a lot of other business class products closer to the aisle and therefore has the table next to the window compared to mine next to the aisle anyone who is familiar with TAP Portugal is certainly not yet familiar with this particular business class there are three different business class possibilities or products at TAP Portugal this right here is the very new one which has only been fitted into the A330neo the A330-300 also has a new business class, not this exact one but in a 1-2-1 configuration as well we have actually flown that one before, just have a look at our video but we were not very enthusiastic about that one for us that was more of a horror flight, let us hope that this will not be one Just having sat down, nothing is being served but instead everything is already here here is the menu card quite a bulky book, I will have a look later the amenity kit looks quite nice the headphones a package consisting of a blanket and a large pillow this is it for now, I believe there are some more things coming like the welcome drink we are pretty good in time we still have roughly around half an hour until departure to Lisbon flight time is, as I said, 9 hours and 30 minutes and I am very curious, we are flying through the night so there will be some sleeping time but how is the service? has it improved? how is the seat, is it actually as great as it looks? because the seat seems quite modern, well thought out because there are many functions here many possible components that can be operated on the table looks good and on the right I also have large storage possibility which can even be closed what I also find to be pretty cool is the armrest which I can raise and lower beneath there is a compartment to stow for example a mobile phone, which I could also put in here that is pretty cool here on the right is the operation of the seat I can shift it into every possible position of course into a lie-flat bed or a lounge position so I can just relaxingly watch TV or into the upright position in which I am in right now because we have not taken off yet so I can’t just lie down right now Did I not tell you guys, to me this seat is very innovative the table alone can be taken out really easily and is very stable, look at this and also the monitor which i can adjust accordingly but unfortunately it cannot be moved up or downwards that is, unfortunately, not possible we will see if I can actually view the monitor later on when lying down boarding has been completed for five minutes now and we still have 15 minutes until takeoff boarding was organised really well by TAP here in Sao Paulo doors are being closed 15 minutes before scheduled departure, perfect ! it is almost time, I am very curious of how those engines will sound like and how the aircraft in general is going to sound like because it is much more quiet than its predecessor, the normal A330-300 quite quickly after departure, well fasten seatbelt signs are still on they might keep them on longer here, I was being asked which food I would like to eat Unfortunately the disadvantage of sitting in the back, is that there is a possibility of certain dishes not being available anymore there were three choices of selection which was meat, fish and chicken in the end only chicken was available which would have been my choice anyway Dominik wanted something else, unfortunately, he is out of luck in the compartment to my right the amenity kit is hidden, I had already shown you looks pretty cool, I believe it has something to do with Portugal on those pictures what kind of things are in here the best thing in here are these socks quite similar to “happy socks” right ? I will put them on right away and of course some more, a sleeping mask, various creams, a toothbrush and toothpaste a pen and earplugs what is this ? this is a scented cloth, it already smells quite pleasantly through here very cool, I might use this later as well because it is a longer flight with around 9 hours and 30 minutes so I can do a few things here, can sleep a bit but up until now I am satisfied, the seat is very comfortable I just have to push this button once and it will go all the way down to its final position and here I have different possibilities of adjusting the seat now I will go to the lounge position can also stop in between and now I am sitting relatively comfortable as I had already said, TAP Portugal or TAP Air Portugal which is the official name everyone says TAP Portugal like me but as I said their official name is TAP Air Portugal is the launch customer of the brand new A330-900 or A330neo is 15% more efficient than other comparable aircraft such as the A330-300 it has much less fuel consumption and is significantly more quiet, you can really tell here in the cabin but the air humidity has not been increased as much as in the A350 for example which has around 20% more air humidity in its cabin this is not the case in here but much calmer surrondings, LED lighting, LED ambiance are present here and as I said, the seat really is a highlight here at TAP Portugal which has been developed by “Recaro” To my right is the small controller which I do not really need because of the proximity of the touch sensitive monitor I just push the touch screen in front of me and manouver through the entire entertainment system there is a great selection of movies, series and games but not a whole lot of movies in german hahaha Up until now I have the feeling that TAP has worked a bit on their service eventhough 2 years ago I grumbled about their mentality and their way of working it seems to be very different here well we have just been in the air for about 45 minutes TAP Portugal does have WiFi here in their A330-300(900) however this costs a bit of money unless you would just like to text because messaging, meaning Facebook messenger, Whatsapp or Instagram messanger all of that is for free, you just need to register and then have the possibility to use those services for the duration of the flight I believe iMessenges as well by the way I booked this flight with money, not by using miles and it was quite cheap if you choose the direct flight from Sao Paulo to Lisbon it currently costs you around 800€ one way or 1,200€ round trip, same goes for Europe from Lisbon to Sao Paulo round trip all that with a brand new business class like this one is a pretty good deal and as the next destination that will be served with the A330neo they chose San Francisco so, mid 2019 this aircraft will fly to San Francisco on round trips while the service beginns and it still bright is I will have a look at how the seat is, if it is lie-flat, and really comfortable.. let us have a look I can operate it here on the right hand side, one push of the button is enough to get it down into its final position this is the final postion, I am lying relatively comfortably my feet are a bit constricted but the lenght of the surface area is definetly 2 meters long I will show you the exact measurements right here width is alright, I can pull down the armrest right here and therefore have a bit more space, the left one not because it is firmly mounted but I think I can sleep pretty well in here I will have around 6 hours to sleep after service is finished pushing it once and it is going up again this table is really well thought through I can move it as I wish, can pull it towards me, push it away and if I just want to keep it this way, I can also move the seat to the front Our cabin crew is so kind, she was already a bit concerned of me moving around the cabin with the camera of course I always tell them that faces will be blurred and I am never intrusive and she said that just a few days ago she had two brazilian bloggers who followed her with every step which she did not really appreciate anymore which I can totally understand we are a bit more humane than that, I hope here is the starter nuts, different nuts like walnuts, almonds and a small ball of walnut cheese at TAP Air Portugal there is no champagne in business class solely a sparkling wine, which one exactly can be seen in the menu, I could not memorize that one but still I think it has been very nice here so far by the way, the last row 9 has a disadvantage or rather two on both the right and the left hand side one window is missing there is only one, all other rows have two which makes things a bit darker here I have to bend over in order to look outside and the seats are very close to the economy galley (which in part also serve business class) but I think over there is more for economy which can be very loud especially in the morning when one may still want to rest service in economy usually commences earlier than in business class which may causes one to wake up earlier which is a disadvantage I would therefore recommend you to sit closer to the front of the cabin This is the actual starter (there are multiple ones here at TAP) A sweet potato soup with ginger and a bit of onion sounds very delicious and the other starter consists of chicken breast with dried fruits, marinated this looks really tasty, lets see if it actually tastes as good ! the potato soup tastes really well ! everything perfect as of yet the combination of chicken breast with a sauce on top and the marinated dried fruits have I never eaten before but it tastes excellent, really tasty and this right here is the the only meal that was left thats alright chicken with mashed potatoes and a whole lot of vegetables and tomatoes around it looks really delicious and not too unhealthy, lets put it that way so, food is finished and it was surprisingly good the dessert as well every course has been good and the lady who just went upfront (cant really show her because she wants to be blurred) but that is okay she is very dedicated and very friendly not only her but also the rest of the crew I am not used to that by a Portuguese or in fact a South American airline but, perfect today Maybe it is because of the fact that this is a brand new aircraft and everyone is curious about it We recently had the same thing with Iberia in their A350 where the crew was in such a good mood and very corteous and it was a totally different experience than in, for example, the A330-300 back to Madrid well alright I bet they will probably turn the lights off soon there is around 7 hours to 6 hours and 30 minutes left to go to Lisbon and I expect that there will be nothing going on here until breakfast We will see There are three lavatories here in business class one in the front, which seems to always be occupied and two in the back in the galley left and right there are not a whole lot of amenities here, some small flower which is actually real and over here a bag of refreshing tissues that is pretty much it, so no toothbrush, mouthwash cups? yes there are some TAP Portugal cups because of this aircraft being brand new, water can be used to brush your teeth without any concern this is the entertainment system of TAP Portugal very comprehensive, there are a lot of movies to choose from series, music and even games but the selection of movies with German audio is unfortunately quite scarce which I can understand due to the fact that we are quite far from Germany even though we are flying to Europe but nevertheless there is not a large selectin in that case still, there are some things I can choose between different categories such as comedy, science fiction, there is a lot of Harry Potter which is quite funny also horror movies and James Bond We have now left the South American continent and are now above the Atlantic heading towards Europe Still 6 hours and 21 minutes until landing and it is still light, what a coincidence ! good morning guys I think I have only slept for 2 hours and this is exctly how I feel they are already serving breakfast only 1 hour and 20 minutes until landing in Lisbon I do not feel fit but I actually slept quite well the bed is very comfortable and the blanket warming, so it is good but 9 hours are, once again, too short in order to enjoy the service, sleep and to film the flight report for you but whatever Unfortunately you guys missed the nice LED wakeup lighting or rather I was not quick enough it changes from dark to purple, to green to once again violet in the middle and then back to normal orange like it is right now pretty cool actually, it is supposed to simulate the sunrise not only in business class but also in economy so passengers can slowly wake up For breakfast at TAP they will not serve you the obligatory scrambled eggs or an omelett no, there is some sort of sausage and cheese plate with what looks like orange mush and fruit Something different but I think it is totally fine, I am just not that hungry Breakfast is now over, we are approaching Lisbon We will later continue on with TAP and then Lufthansa At first to Frankfurt and then Hanover That flight I booked with miles which we do quite often because we know some tricks If you would like to know how all of that works paying for flights by using miles and therefore generating bonus and reward flights have a look at our website “” click “i” where we have a “travel hacks” category where we explain how you can attain reward points rapidly there are certain tricks involving credit cards, magazine subscriptions, payback points I cant even reproduce all of them right now, but there are a lot of possibilities of how to earn those points to maybe book a business class ticket for less than 1000€ to the United States round trip for example 12 hours to San Francisco or Los Angeles and back with Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian everything is possible as I said, have a look at our website for further information my conclusion as well especially interesting was the stage of the flight after the first service had finished and the cabin light had been dimmed and, in principal, passengers were encouraged to sleep that was the time were things did not work out that well on our 4 flights 2 years ago apparently this has now changed at TAP Portugal because here everything worked out wonderfully, better than at some other airlines yes, miracles still happen it has not changed as much as at Philippine Airlines for example where it basically changed over night but, we were satisfied the A330neo an interesting aircraft, considerably more quiet than its predecessor but not as quiet as the A350 I can feel it in my eyes, my nose, the air is much more dry, in that regard I do prefer the A350 so much of me for now, lets continue the video landed in Lisbon, it has been a great experience onboard the brand new A330neo, was pretty cool the crew was also totally kind, did not expect this, our flight attendant was always there, really liked that service was great and the seat was also good well, Dominik´s was probably better and closer to the aisle where you did not fell as constricted I felt very constricted yes but to comment on this, next to the aisle, you saw it, there is an adjustable armrest if you moved it down and wanted to sleep it did push down on the funny bone, that is what it its called I think In the end I just put the armrest up so my arm stays inside and that was also fine But yea the seat was really comfortable as well as the pillow of which I really needed two unfortunately they did not have more and the flight attendant was very honest when we asked about amenity kits but they passed them on to the flight attendants in economy class because they were collecting as well oh well, whatever good, so this is it from our flight report with TAP, you did much better this time and made amends we are good with you again, hopefully you are with us as well if you want to see our negative experience, have a look at our channel because that can happen as well, you never really know what to expect but this time we had a really nice experience for now, thank you for watching hopefully we see you in our next videos, Bye !


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Eine Verbesserung zum letzte Tap Flug war allerdings auch nicht schwer😄
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Trotzdem natürlich ein gutes Video wie immer!


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David Müller

Apr 4, 2019, 1:10 pm Reply

Ich bin zwar noch nie Langstrecke mit TAP geflogen, aber schon öfters Mittelstrecke und da war ich ehrlich gesagt sehr zufrieden.


Apr 4, 2019, 3:58 pm Reply

na Super, dieses mal war alles gut gegangen. Vielleicht hat eure Beschwerde wenigstens etwas gebracht.


Apr 4, 2019, 6:09 am Reply

Könnt ihr mal AirEuropa ausprobieren??


Apr 4, 2019, 6:14 am Reply

Ich finde SaoPaulo Ghuarulos Einer der schönsten Flughäfen 😀


Apr 4, 2019, 7:53 pm Reply

Du konntest dich wohl noch nicht ganz entscheiden ob 900 oder neo 😂

Dorisled Martinez Mabarak

May 5, 2019, 5:17 pm Reply

@tapairportugal @TAP_Portugal @TAP_PortugalSomeone from your company has stolen a pair of earrings and a gold ring in my checked-in luggage from your airline from Amsterdam to Madrid with a stopover in Porto, flights TP6979 and TP1006 on 04/23/19. I have filed a complaint on the electronic page with no. 2019/147144 and they do not answer me and much less give a solution. Never imagine that I would be the object of a ROBBERY in your company, I am extremely dissatisfied with this fact and with the omission of TAP Portugal to my situation, it is inadmissible that this happens to a client and I will continue doing everything I can to express my complaint against TAP Portugal !! Even if they erase the messages as they are doing. I have already filed a complaint with the police with No. 8893/19.


May 5, 2019, 7:09 pm Reply

Hallo Stefan, Gibt es im A330Neo von Tap deutsches Unterhaltungsprogramm bzw. Filme in Deutsch?.
Gruß Stefan

Family Guy Serien Kanal

May 5, 2019, 7:18 pm Reply

Was meinzet ihr eigentlich mit BlackList


May 5, 2019, 12:44 am Reply

wieso solltet ihr die Persona non grata sein?

Tramspotting Halle

May 5, 2019, 1:16 pm Reply

Krass, wie TAP sich verbessert hat

Let us jsut gaming

Jun 6, 2019, 1:02 pm Reply

14.15 es ist ein A330-900


Jun 6, 2019, 7:18 pm Reply

flieg mal bitte mit der do328 in Deutschland


Jun 6, 2019, 6:21 pm Reply

Wie könnt ihr es euch leisten so viele Flüge in der Business class zu fliegen?

Dominic Sonnbichler

Jun 6, 2019, 12:16 am Reply

Ihr macht echt mega coole wie sagt man das am besten Reviews? von Flugzeugclasses!! Oder besser/einfacher gesagt: Ihr macht echt sau coole Videos!! 😉 Schau eure/deine Videos erst ein paar Wochen lang und muss zugeben habe erst ein paar Videos von dir/euch gesehen aber die waren echt alle sau cool!! Weiß auch nicht warum ich deinen/euren Kanal nicht schon früher entdeckt habe aber ja kann man nichts machen wenigstens habe ich ihn überhaupt entdeckt! Falls es dich/euch interessiert: Ich fliege auch in 15 Tagen für 2 Wochen von Frankfurt nach San Francisco und dann wieder die gleiche Strecke zurück mit Lufthansa in der Premium Economy Class!! Weil ich muss (leider) zugeben ich bin ein bisschen dicker und 12 h in der Economy Class (eingequetscht 😉 ) zu sitzen wollte ich jetzt auch nicht und die Business Class war mir zu teuer darum die Premium Economy Class. Aber ich habe mir vorgenommen das ich min. noch 1 mal im Leben in der Business Class fliegen will!! 😉 Mach(t) weiter so coole Videos!! 😉

Miya Gebilaguin

Jun 6, 2019, 10:29 am Reply

Tap air is not worst airlines….BOO

Andreas Krieck

Jul 7, 2019, 8:59 am Reply

Das Hemd von Dominik ist schick. Wo gibtsn das?


Jul 7, 2019, 7:46 pm Reply

Die Qualität überzeugt mich gar nicht….sieht gequätscht aus …die Sitze sehen auch nicht so bequem aus …..einfach billiges Material das sieht man sofort…..das einzige was mir gefallen hat war der Anschnallgürtel …. einmal Flop immer Flop …….Business ist Business und bei vielen Sachen lässt man es so aussehen als wäre Komfortabel….. meine Meinung…..


Jul 7, 2019, 7:55 pm Reply

Furchtbar dieses Flugzeug ist einfach Billig für eine Business Class nichts zu sehen…..und jetz noch sechs Stunden fliegen müssen und so unbequem….und man spürt auch nicht diese sonst Harmonie von deinen Videos Komisch👎👎👎…..aber dein Kanal ist der Hammer👍👍👍👍

Benedikt Straßer

Jul 7, 2019, 7:21 am Reply

Ja ich kann euch verstehen ich fliege alle zwei Jahre mit tap es ist nicht so krass aber man muss auch sagen sie haben oft sehr nettes Personal cooles video

Apex Beatz

Aug 8, 2019, 9:32 pm Reply

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The title is English
But why aren't you?

Martin Rey

Sep 9, 2019, 7:39 am Reply

Hello to the first person I saw that had a bad experience with TAP

LOST Max0.

Sep 9, 2019, 9:32 am Reply

Sehr gutes Video!⬆️
Aber eine Frage hätte ich noch.
Wie könnt ihr euch immer solche flüge erwerben bzw. First class,buisness class?


Oct 10, 2019, 11:38 am Reply

Ich finde die Getränkeautomaten in der Lounge stehen voll cool. Ich würde mir immer einen Rucksack voll mit Getränken häufen 😂

Leonardo moreira

Oct 10, 2019, 10:27 am Reply

Tap Portugal isn’t a South American airline, where did you get that🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Tap Portugal is a Portuguese airline not Brazilian.

And also you are the first person that doesn’t like Tap Portugal. I have been on that flight before and everything was amazing, both food, space and design. No other A330Neo is this pretty and organized.

Slobodan Boric

Nov 11, 2019, 12:17 pm Reply

Schlechste flug der welt


Dec 12, 2019, 12:57 pm Reply

Ich bin kürzlich auch mal TAP's A330neo in Business LIS – SFO 12,5 Stunden geflogen. Ich hatte einen Fenstersitz aber ich saß nah am Gang. Mein Fazit ist: Service war in Ordnung aber mehr auch nicht. Den Sitz find ich nicht so toll, Privatsphäre fast nicht vorhanden und mit 1,88m bin zu groß für den Sitz in der Liegeposition. Der Fußraum ist viel zu eng bei Schuhgröße 46 und der Raum für die Beine ist ebenfalls zu eng, der Tisch unterm Monitor trägt dazu auch bei. Das Catering war auch nur Durchschnitt. Das heisst für einen Tagflug passt es, ein Nachtflug hingegen sollte nicht zu lang sein.


Dec 12, 2019, 12:25 pm Reply

Neue Air Pods rein und man hørt Triebwerke definitiv bei keinem Flieger:-)

Fliege heute auch in der Klasse und Flugzeug/Airline. Bin gespannt.

Bzgl. Sitze schaue ich immer vorab bei seatguru

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