tonyandrenee1: How to Wash Your Own Clothes?

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hey YouTube it’s Renee from tonyandrenee1 how many of you grew up watching your own clothes how many of
you have somebody to just wash them for you the truth is a lot of us even today
still have some questions about how I wash our clothes but no worries because
today we’re gonna give you five easy steps to washing your own clothes right
after this okay laundry a few things you need a washer and a dryer unless you
plan on watching my hands now if so make sure you block out your whole day cuz
that’s how long you’ll need ok the next thing you’ll need is dessert you can get
this in liquid or you can get it in power it’s totally up to you the third
thing on the list is bleach you don’t necessarily have to use this because it
is optional but if you do you want to be sure to use it to wash things like all
white shirts and other all white fabric okay
speaking of fabrics you really want to be sure that you get some fabric
softener if you want to reduce static clean and make your clothes a little bit
softer okay so the big question should I separate my whites from my colors you
know this is really a big topic that a lot of people disagree on some people
say yes always other people say look I’m in a rush just store them all in
together even though it takes you a little bit longer since you have
multiple batches I recommend separating your wife and
your colors the whole idea behind separating these is so you prevent color
transforms what you can think of it it’s basically like dumping a batch of ribs
and a batch of whites in together and coming out with a whole lot of pink
now I don’t know about you but an opting wardrobe
not what I mean so if you want to make life a little bit easier and have your
clothes come out better in the long run go ahead and separate your whites from
your color fabrics you also want to be sure to separate back to type effect so
for example you have to separate a pouch for your delicates and then separator
pad for your walls or your finger fabrics since some of your fabrics are
gonna be different in weight and texture you want to make sure that you don’t
just a lump them all together check this out okay so what about shirts with white
stripes no need to worry you get options option number one you
can always track clean your clothes option number two you can always pin
wash option number three now this is the one that I think most people including
me choose to do just throw man with the colors and if you’re really worried
about it you can add in something like a shout color catcher because that’s
really good at absorbing some of those guys just in case they start running
what’s up yo its Tony from Tony Renee one when separating it close be sure
that you don’t have a pin gum or some type of marker in your pocket that can
potentially explode inside the washing machine you don’t want to do that it’s
important to remember that some clothes and some fabrics require different
washing and drying methods so to stay safe
always check the tags on your clothes to know exactly what to do the next step in
the washing process is to decide how much water is needed to actually wash
your clothes you do this by looking at the instructions on the washing machine
and using good judgment to determine if you have a small medium or large load of
clothes choose the washing cycle and the temperature you need to get your clothes
clean generally you want to wash colors in cold water and whites and hot water the next step in washing a clothes is to
know just how much detergent to use to get your clothes clean the first thing
that you do is you read the back of the detergent bottle if you use the
detergent pods read the packaging okay tip number three and watching your
own code is to choose which batch of clothes you want to wash it first and
then load up your washing machine when you load your washing machine you really
want to be sure that you give your clothes enough room to tumble and move
around without wasting water you want to be sure that you don’t load
the washing machine else which are close more than 80% so for top loaders it’s
good to use that agitator which is that middle part in the machine as a guide
just to make sure that you’re not overloading the agitator is really
important because it helps to move your clothes around in the wash so really be
sure not to overload and feel past the top of that okay so now that you got
your clothes nice and washed you want to be careful about how you get them ready
for the dryer so that you don’t accidentally shrink or damage them also
it’s very important to check the lint trap before and after you dry your
clothes if you don’t it could be a fire hazard too much lint buildup it’s good
to have you launch it being close by so that you can separate your fresh to wash
clothes and get them ready for the dryer some of your clothes depending on the
fabric don’t need to be dressed not in the dryer anyway actually you can just
hang dry them these fabrics are usually those delicate ones that you really
don’t want to shrink so be sure that you pay attention to that because some of
these can include your work clothes too it can kind of be tricky to figure out
what needs to hang dry and what doesn’t so if you’re not sure don’t worry just
take a look at the tag inside it’ll let you know if it needs to be dried on
regular low heat or hang dry only when your clothes get done drying be sure to
take them right out and either fold them up or hang them up to prevent wrinkling
if you have any laundry tips or tricks just let us know by posting them in the
comment box below that’s it y’all you just got five easy steps to learn how to
wash your clothes on your home thanks for hanging with us
be sure to subscribe follow and share this video until next time remember to
thank create and change your own situation peace Hey


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