Tips for properly installing your child’s car seat

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[music]>>[Video title] Protecting your most precious
cargo. (three dolls in winter clothing sit in the
back seat of a van)>>[text on screen] For demonstration purposes only. A child should always be secured in a car
seat when in the car.>>[Subtitle] Tips for installing a rear-facing car seat. (a family van sits parked by the woods)>>[text on screen] In partnership with Safety 1st Canada.>>(a toddler-sized doll sits in the back
seat of a van) [text on screen] Let’s say this doll is
your baby. [text on screen] Rear-facing car seats are
the safest, so keep your child in one for as long as possible. [text on screen] Before installing, always
check both your car seat’s manual and your vehicle’s manual (a car seat manual and vehicle manual are featured) [text on screen] If there are discrepancies
between manuals, consult a certified car seat safety technician. [text on screen] Use the vehicle’s seat
belt or the Universal Anchor System (UAS) to keep your car seat in place. (a woman secures the bucket of a rear-facing car seat in the back seat of a van. She ensures the bucket is securely fastened after clipping it in, tightening the straps and leveling it. [text on screen] Your goal is to make sure
the car seat is level. (On the side of the car seat is a leveller
which is balanced based on a child’s weight and height) [text on screen] Use the level indicator on
the seat. (an arrow points to the leveller on the side
of the rear-facing car seat) (An empty rear-facing car seat is shown) [text on screen] Some car seats may need pool noodles or rolled up towels to help with leveling. [text on screen] These items are approved
installation methods. (a woman’s hand places a pool noodle under
the bucket of the rear-facing car seat causing it to recline at a 45 degree angle) (a rear-facing car seat is anchored tightly) [text on screen] Now, ensure your car seat
is secure by using a wiggle test. (a woman’s hands try to shake the car seat from left to right. It is firmly in place) [text on screen] A properly secured car seat should not move more than 1-inch at the seat belt path. (a full shot of a rear-facing car seat, properly
installed and ready for use) [text on screen] All car seats should be installed
away from front seat airbags. [text on screen] Make sure your car seat has the National Safety Mark to ensure it complies with Canadian regulations (Close up of a Canada Transport sticker with
barcode) [text on screen] Remember, a properly installed
car seat will help keep your child safer in the event of a collision.>>[text on screen] For more car seat safety
advice, check out the GOOD HANDS Blog. Brought to you by Allstate Canada.

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