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– Hi guys, so I am so
excited to share that I had my bohemian themed baby
shower this past weekend and I wanna let you guys
in on the special details. One thing that I loved
about this baby shower is number one, it was unisex. My first baby shower that
I had with my son Cree, it was not so I just wanted
to do something different and invite the fellas, the
guys, and invite my husband. And we both collectively decided
to host it at il Pastaio. And one of the main reasons
why we chose this restaurant is because of the scenery. The theme is a bohemian
theme and they had these beautiful trees and when I saw trees, I was like (gasps) oh my
gosh I can put so much stuff in these trees so there were like dream catchers in there. We put lights in there with
some flowers hanging down. It was just so whimsical,
so dreamy and so romantic. We decided on a bohemian theme because we wanted to pay tribute to
our daughter’s name (giggles) (laughs) I’m such a nut. And the name is very
grounded and we feel like the bohemian theme would work perfect with what her name is gonna
be and you guys will know that soon when she’s here
and when she’s arrived. And even her nursery is gonna have those same kind of tones and colors that we used for the baby shower and do you guys wanna
see a nursery reveal? Let me know in the comments below. I worked along side with Mindy Weiss who is an event party planner. She is amazing. She has done my son’s
first birthday party. She also did my husband and I’s renewals. She’s really been a part of the family and I trust her with my visions. So to achieve this bohemian
look, we had these really cool, long rustic wooden tables
and up under the tables were these cool kind of
magical rugs that had like pink hues on them ’cause you
know we’re having a girl, so I did wanna add little
elements of pink in there. I didn’t want it to be
like pink everywhere like pink, pink, pink, pink, pink. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but just, I didn’t want that for us. So there were a lot of like neutral tones. Another way that we kinda gave tribute to the bohemian theme is
the entrance to the party. The florist did this incredible
teepee made of wood sticks and greenery like some
shrubs and it was just so incredibly beautiful. And not only that, there was
another area or a section in the restaurant where there were twigs that spelled out baby
girl and that was we did a lot of our photos. I just thought it was just so cool and such a great touch to the whole bohemian style
and theme to our baby shower. I love flowers, there
were flowers on the table. There were flowers in the trees. There were flowers hanging from the walls and there were also flowers on the cake. I just thought that that would
be a great beautiful touch. I wanted a really nice
organic, rustic feel to it. And I felt like these flowers
really added to that vibe. One flower in particular,
they’re called Protease and they’re just really wild and cool and interesting looking and I just thought it was so beautiful. And around those flowers, we had candles. I love natural light. I just feel like it adds some
sort of organic, rustic vibe. It was just huh, oh my
gosh, it was so beautiful. We added faux fur on to the benches and it was just really
cool, really pretty. A nice kind of accent to that. Another great detail on the
table were the vintage goblets. I like that they had a little
bit of a pink hue to them. What I also love were that
they weren’t all matchy matchy creating some sort of organic vibe. With the place settings,
we added crystals. Each guest got a crystal on
top of their place setting and they were all different hues. Some were light pink,
some had a little bit of a darker tone to it. And my goal was for
them to take them home. If you know me, I’m a huge yogi (laughs). My husband and myself, we’re
really kind of into that whole kind of wellness vibe. So adding the crystals, it’s
like adding another touch of who my husband and I and who we are. My son, my son, this is hilarious. When we first get to the
restaurant, that was the one thing that he went to right away. Like he ran to the crystals
’cause he doesn’t see them as crystals, he you know, he’s six, and he sees them as rocks. He started collecting all of them and putting them in his pocket (laughs). He was like mommy look,
look how many rocks I found. I was like no no no no,
Cree those aren’t yours. You gotta put them back on the table. The guest list. You can’t have a party
without your guests. My dad was there. My mom was there. My sister was there. My brothers. I had family, I had friends. I had some friends who are YouTubers. The people who came to our
party, my husband and myself, we consider them as our tribe. A lot of our friends who were there were also at our wedding,
like almost 10 years ago. Also who was there was our son Cree. We so wanted him to be involved in welcoming his little sister. I mean, our son is a G. He stayed out, he was
hanging with everybody. He was such a good boy. He had such a great time. I feel like a lot of baby showers including my first, it usually
happens in the day time or it’s usually like a brunch setting. But I wanted to something different. I wanted to have an evening baby shower. Kind of a little excuse
to dress up a little. (laughs) So you know, being nine months pregnant (laughs) oh my gosh, it’s hard to
find clothes that fit. What was so great about this dress is Monique from Chic Bump Club,
she actually made this dress specifically for me and
she came up with this line because she feels the same way that I do and probably a lot of
other pregnant women, you know, we like to go out too. We like to have a great time and dress up and go to, you know,
classy events but you know, there’s not a lot of options out there for us to wear. So she created these beautiful fancy gowns that pregnant women can wear. I told her the theme of it. I wanted it to be, you know, ethereal and just very whimsical and magical and I was so happy with the dress and not only that, I wanted my hair to have flowers in my hair. I just wanted to feel
and look like a princess. (giggles) We all know how much I
love a great cocktail and I haven’t been able to
drink during this pregnancy. But I wanted my guests to. I wanted them to enjoy
themselves and have a great time so we had cocktail hour
and after cocktail hour, everybody started to sit
down and it was time to eat. So I wanted to make
sure that the restaurant was a great restaurant
that had great options and great food. We had a three course meal. Of course, this is an Italian restaurant. So the dishes were fresh
and Italian recipes. After the first course was served, my husband got up and he
started to give this speech. – So I really thank you and
appreciate everyone for coming. – I didn’t think nothing of it. I was just like oh my
gosh, this is so sweet. Cory’s like talking to the crowd. I will say this though, I was
like, usually that’s my role. (laughs) usually, I’m the one that’s getting up and like saying thank
you guys for showing up blah blah blah blah. So when my husband decided to do that, I was like oh wow look at him go. This is awesome, this is great. And then he like decided to surprise me with a special guest. He kind of tried to distract me. He was like yeah, you
know Tia look that way and I’m like why is he
saying look that way but you know I was like okay
fine I’ll look this way. And then as I turned this way, to my left, I see Kenny Latimore. And I just gasped. I’m like (gasping) I’m like oh my gosh. And Kenny Latimore is a famous singer. He’s very famous for the song For You. For You was the song that
I walked down the aisle to and Kenny Latimore sang live with a band. You know this song and so
when I saw him come in, I was like, oh my gosh,
like what is going on. Why is he here? And then Kenny Latimore started
to give this speech about – I am here as a reminder of his love (crowd chattering) and the 10 years. – And I just lost it. I was like oh my gosh. I almost went into labor. (laughs) I was like how am I
gonna get through this. And guys, now you see why I’ve
been married to my husband for 10 years and why we’ve
been together for almost 19. He’s so thoughtful and so romantic. There was not a dry eye in the house. My mom was crying. My dad was crying. I will remember that
for the rest of my life. I love throwing parties
and what’s so funny is I’m a nurturer at heart. I want the guests to
just have a great time and so we had these really cute games that were kind of setup
throughout the party. One game in particular
was a game where guests had to guess our baby girl’s name and what we did was,
we had this really cool kind of string hanging from the trees and then the guests had to
write whatever they thought that the baby girl’s name was. There were like really cute names. I was like uh-oh, these names are good. I’m a huge fan of dream
catchers and another game involved a dream catcher
where you would create this kind of like artistic dream catcher with the guest’s fingerprints. I thought that was just so cute and just such an interactive way
to kind of get involved. We had a henna tattoo artist there. And so many people loved this. I’ve seen some of my
friends after the party and they still have their henna tattoo on which is so cool. It’s kind of like a little stamp too of you know, I was at Tia’s baby shower. It was another nice touch
to the bohemian style and just to be interactive. Of course this is a
baby shower to celebrate our baby girl but I wanted
to give back to our guests. On the table were these little boxes and when you opened up the box, they had these really cool bracelets. These bracelets are from
Little Words Project which I fell in love with because basically what
it is, it’s a bracelet with an inspirational word on it. And when you wear the
bracelet, you embrace the word. And once you feel like
you conquered that word, you pass that bracelet
along to someone else. I actually have a friend
who wants to have a baby. And she’s been having a hard time and since I now become
a momma to a baby girl and my son, I’m gonna
pass this along to her and hope that this word
becomes an inspiration for her and that she will one day become a momma. I’m an inspirational
person, I love to inspire and to uplift people and
I wanted that to be part of my baby shower as well. So, thank you Little Words Project for helping me out with that. I am so happy that you guys to experience this wonderful journey with me. I mean, this is like
the first time I’ve ever invited cameras into
intimate moments of my life and I wanted to share this with you guys. We have become family. I just wanted you to be part
of such a wonderful experience and I hope you enjoyed watching this and I can’t wait for you
guys to meet my baby girl. Let me know what you
guys think of the shower. Let me know what some of
your favorite moments were. And don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll see you next week, bye! (upbeat music fades)


Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix

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Monday, August 5th, 2019.
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