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By Grover Koelpin 6 comments

I’m making this video because last week
I got a lot of really great questions via email from some fans, in particular, fans
who are installing large format tiles like the one behind me. Even larger than that,
actually. Like 31” x 72” slabs of marble. So the question is, “What kind of thinset
should you be using for large format tiles?” which is really anything that’s over 18”
on one side? The thinset that we like best—Steve and
I, my buddy who is the co-founder over on Bathroom Repair Tutor—we like Ardex X 77
for hanging large format tiles on a vertical surface. You can also use Ardex X 77 on the
floor. Now I will tell you this much. This is a polymer modified thinset, so it’s fiber
reinforced. The reason why we like this is you can actually hang tiles on the wall, and
they won’t slide down the wall and scrunch—I don’t even know if that’s a real word—your
tile mosaic that’s in between two large format tiles.
So basically if you follow the directions of the X 77—whoa, almost knocked it into
the tub—if you mix it up to the proper consistency, and you use the right size trowel—so we
use the ¼” x ¼” square notch trowel for these tiles—you should have no problem
with that tile sticking to the wall. And as a matter of fact, you can even use it for
tiles that are right directly overhead. So why am I bringing this up? The question
that I got was, “Can I use mastic in my tub surround for large format tiles?” And
the answer to that is no, and you probably should not. Because for large format tiles,
you need to be using a modified thinset like Ardex X 77. So we like this one. I also like
thinsets by Custom Building Products and Mapei. So Mapei, Ardex, Custom Building Products
make three really great types of thinsets for large format tiles, so you can check them
out. But X 77 is, by our opinion, the No. 1 thinset that you can be using for vertical
tile. Now what about using Ditra on the floor in
your bathroom? Well Ditra, as you know, is a great membrane for preventing your tile
and grout from cracking. And we’re going to have a video soon up on our website and
over here on YouTube about how to use Ditra. But the deal is you need to be using a modified
thinset between Ditra and a wood subfloor. And X 77, you can use it for that. You can
actually put the Ditra down over top of the X 77, and then you can put the X 77 on top
of the Ditra and let it dry overnight. So a modified thinset goes between the Ditra
and the wood subfloor. An unmodified thinset technically should be used on top of the Ditra.
But if you’re not tiling that same day, you can actually put the modified down on
top of the Ditra, let it dry, wait overnight or 24 hours, then you can tile over top of
that. So that’s what I wanted to talk to you about
today. I know it’s a really, really quick video. Maybe you don’t agree with me on
X 77, Custom Building Products, or Mapei. If you don’t, down in the comments here
on YouTube or over on Home Repair Tutor, wherever, but here on YouTube in particular, let me
know what thinset mortar you like best for hanging large format tile on a wall. And I’d
be more than happy to give you a thumbs up on that if it’s really a great thinset.
And that’s pretty much it. That’s the video for today. So if you enjoyed the video,
you got some great tips, down in the comments, tell me. Give me a thumbs up here. Subscribe
to our channel. And remember, we’re going to have a ton of bathroom remodeling videos
coming out for you this year because that’s kind of our passion. We love talking about
bathroom remodeling. So that’s it for today. Take care. I’ll
see you in the comments. Man! I just cut my finger on a piece of cardboard.
It’s like painful! I hate paper cuts, but card board cuts suck even more. Ugh!


George Figuey

Apr 4, 2019, 10:48 am Reply

Good ol buger and an old chewed gum should stick pretty wellūüĎćūüŹľ

Amato Bernardo

Jun 6, 2019, 1:44 am Reply

Laticrete Tri-lite and 4-XLT are great products.

John Smith

Jul 7, 2019, 1:28 am Reply

Hi what thin set is best for floor and wall in the shower room , all water proof with red guard floor and wall. I heard modified thin set won't dry over water proof with red guard system, is that true??

Chadwick Wicky

Aug 8, 2019, 6:59 pm Reply

Hi , I’m sold on x77 for shower and flooring! I do plan on tiling my backyard brick wall as well, Also plan on tiling concrete slab outside as wel. Do you recommend X77 for those as well? Thanks for the recommendation!

Morgan Hemingway

Aug 8, 2019, 4:53 pm Reply

Have a question for you and/ or Sal Deblasi. I am working on a shower tub tiling project for Wounded Warriors Project. I have used a kerdi membrane on the shower/tub surround. I am using a large heavy 8 by 36 in tile on the back shower wall. Here's the question… Can I use a regular thinset mortar on the tile as long as my first course has plenty of time to dry; say 24 hours?. What I have available for us to use is a versabond 2 set or a mapei ultraflex 2…?

james wells

Aug 8, 2019, 1:37 am Reply

Can this thin set be used for the tile floor in the shower?

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