The Great Bathtub Debate

By Grover Koelpin No comments

Hi! I’m Paul Bauscher, I’m here at the
beautiful Ferguson showroom for the great tub debate. Do you need one or can
you ditch it? Well, there’s no perfect right answer to this but I like to start
with a simple question: do you even want it? If you’re not going to use it then why
spend money on it? I’m not suggesting that there aren’t other considerations
to think about, which we’ll talk about, just not a fan of spending money on a
tub just because you think someone might want it in your house in the future.
One consideration is to think about whether or not you have a tub in another
bathroom. If you do then usually ditching the master tub is just fine. Also
consider where your home falls in the marketplace. Is it at home you’d likely
be selling to a family with children? They’re gonna need a tub in the house. Or
are you likely to sell it to an empty-nester a single person? Some
bathroom layouts may require you to keep a tub just because it may feel odd in
the space to not have one. The point is: there are many things to consider but I
for one hate to see anyone spend money on an item just because someone else may
want it in their house in the future. Thanks again to Ferguson for letting us
visit their beautiful showroom and if you any other questions about this
remodeling topic or anything else visit our website send us an email or give us
a call and thanks for watching!

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