Testing the Shower Orange Craze

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– Are shower oranges the key to happiness? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat electronic music) (flames crackling) – Good mythical morning. – Today, let’s move at the speed
of conversation, shall we? – Let’s. Uh, and let me just warn you, today may change your life. I mean that is always
true about this show, but the information that
we are providing today– – Yes.
– Has changed some people’s lives. – Uh huh. – And it may change yours. Okay.
– And ours? Question mark.
– Spreading like wildfire in an orange grove, the trend of the life
changing shower orange is upon us.
– Shower orange, yes. – We are in the Age of The Shower Orange. – I didn’t know it until I was told. – Yeah, it is exactly what it sounds like, it is eating a cold
orange in a hot shower. And this may sound inane to you, it may sound like something
you don’t wanna try, but it is changing people’s lives and it may or may not
have changed our lives. More on that in a second. Okay, John Krewson from Men’s Health, he’s an authority on men’s health. – Well, no, he just writes for a magazine, called Men’s Health. – But he is an authority. He said, “You must eat a
cold orange in the shower “with your bare hands every day. “And I swear, no hyperbole,
it is the,” quote, “most,” I’ve been quoting him the whole time, but I decided to add
quote again for emphasis. – Yeah. – “It is the most completely healthy mind, “body, soul activity
a person can indulge.” – That sounds a little
like hyperbole to me. – (laughing) I mean– – “The most complete mind–” – That’s a strong statement!
– Body, soul activity a person can indulge? – Okay, well, alright, so
how did this get started? It wasn’t Krewson; it was Reddit. – Of course.
– Of course, this happened on Reddit. Now, this goes back almost a year. There was a story that
it got posted on Reddit in which he was at an Italian camp. I don’t know if, I think
maybe he was an Italian, but he was at a camp, like
a summer camp in Italy. – In Italy, let’s just say. – And, uh, his camp counselor said, “Would you like to know
the most liberating, “carnal, and best feel-good
thing you can ever experience?” – Whoa, hold on. That’s not an appropriate question–
– Yeah, if your camp counselor–
– For a camp counselor. – Asks you that question, run. (chuckling)
Okay? – Like–
– You say, “No, “no, no, no, no, no, no,
no,” and you run away. (laughing) – Take the tent with you if you have to. – Cover yourself with the tent. But, in this case, all
he was talking about was eating an orange in the shower. According to this Italian counselor, he said, “The secret, the
orange shower secret,” or, “the shower orange secret–” – They work in any order. – Yes.
– Secret orange shower, shower orange secret. – “Is letting lose your innal– “inner,” (chuckles) “primal animal–” I’m so excited just thinking about it. – “Innal-blo-balaro.” – “Not worrying if you’re
gonna get sticky or anything. “Just rip it in half and
tearing into it with your teeth “like a savage cannibal who
hasn’t eaten in a week.” Now–
– Uh, eh, but, see, When I hear this part of it– – Yeah. – I’m trying to give it
the benefit of the doubt, or maybe more, trying
to get excited about it. – Right. – And when I heard this, I was like, “Oh, yeah, ’cause you can get–” – Like an animal.
– You get it all over you, but you’re immediately–
– And then it’s washed. – Cleansed! And I’m like, “I could be into this!” – Right.
– Like, anything that where I’m immediately
cleansed after being dirty, ’cause like, I’m into that. – That’s why we like bidets so much. – I don’t, I, yeah! I don’t like to have sustained dirtiness, but this–
– Who does, really? – But there’s something euphoric
about gettin’ dirty, right? – And it’s not just that;
according to Krewson, again, Men’s Health expert, it has to do with aromatherapy. He says, “The humidity
in your shower transmits “the complex aromatics in
your orange more effectively “to the nerves in your nose.” So, there is some science behind it. But this has created a very
passionate, passionate subreddit on Reddit, here are some of the quotes. “Fruit of my heart, you’re
magnificence shall be spread “across the globe by the true believers.” – Is that a– – That’s a movement that is being started. – That’s, that’s, well,
that’s too many words to be a haiku, but– – “Everything–”
– It did sounds like one. – “Everything is brand new again.” People just post a picture of
the shower orange aftermath with things like that. – Now, there’s rules of
the pictures you can post, that there all– – Post.
– Safe for work. – Yeah, it’s not–
– There’s no nudity. – There’s not, there’s feet. There’s lots of feet and just like–
– [Link] Feet and orange– – [Rhett] Shredded oranges. – [Link] Yeah, “Everything
is brand new again, “Feet with oranges.”
– Very compelling. “Black is the new orange.” That was what someone said. (softly laughing)
– What is b– – Now–
(laughing) – That one doesn’t work. – Uh, I think I understand
what they mean though. – If your orange is black,
don’t eat it anywhere, much or less a shower. – Now, okay, it’s not
just a passionate thread, it is a sacred thread
because one person tried to get in on this business
with a watermelon. (laughing) And they posted a picture of a watermelon that had been completely carved out right next to their feet. And this actually has more responses than anything in the thread. Responses including, “Only oranges.” “That’s just wrong!” “Reported.” (laughing) “You disgust me, get
an orange or get out.” (laughing)
– Wow. – And, “Filthy ge-de-degenerate!” (laughing)
– Wow. – “So angry, cannot get it out.” – Yeah, so, um, these
people are very passionate, and let me just make one observation. This is what our society has become. I mean, our ancestors were
just happy to find a fruit. They were just happy to find a fruit. And then wash its remnants off later. And now, we have the ability–
– Now you think about that. – To seek out experiences
like chilling oranges in ‘frigerator and
getting into a hot shower that has been made hot,
the water has been made hot with gas, or electricity,
and then putting it together and creating a movement around it. Count yourself privileged! – Now, I’ve, I’ve, uh– (laughing) I’ve drank coffee in the shower. – That’s weird. (laughing) – Uh, and I’ve, I’ve had just
cold water in the shower. So, I was on the precipice of this and I didn’t even know it. – Right, and we have decided, of course, if there’s something that is
this significant to people, it’s moving people in this way, we have to try it ourselves. We have done that and we
documented ourself in the shower. Again, this is safe for work– – And–
– Depending on where you work, there’s some man nipple in there though. – And, but, this is our work shower. It’s right over here. – Yeah.
– Uh, that we, uh, Morgan set up GoPros. – Yeah. – Which is dangerous ’cause
they got a wide field of view. (laughing)
– Yeah, they do. Now, let me just say while it may look like we were in the shower
together, we’re not. We were just edited back and forth between the two different experiences, okay? We were never there, you’re
gonna hear Link talk, then me talk very
closely, but we never were in the shower together. (laughing) Let’s watch our experience. – Okay. Okay. I’m glad there’s cameras here because, um, I’m not comfortable taking a shower without being filmed, so this is nice. – I normally don’t film my showers. – Make it hot first. (water running) – Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh! I didn’t prepare myself for that. – There we go.
(water running) There we go, now, I keep myself an orange here. – I feel like I should just act natural. – Seems a little odd,
hmm, smells good though. – I’m gonna reach for the orange. – Don’t have to worry
about where it’s going. – So far, this is pretty normal other than the fact that I’m being pelted with water in the chest. (water running) – Ooh! That’s cold. (water running) (snickers) (water running) (loudly swallows) It’s warmer. – It tastes the same. Tastes normal. – Make sure it’s clean, I guess, I could clean it before I eat it. (water running) – Oh, oh! Right in the eyes, right in the eyes. Probably shouldn’t have done that. (water running) – Hm. – [Rhett] Okay.
(water running) – Whoo! – Well, it tasted exactly like an orange. – I feel very awake. I felt like I ate an orange in the shower. – It was nice not having
to worry about the juices. – Think I still have some in my teeth. – It feels like something
that might be a monthly thing. It wasn’t transformative. Gotta be honest. – Alright, I did it. So you said it wasn’t a
transformative experience for you. – No, it was nice, I
think I was, like I said, I will eat oranges, maybe other things. I thought about maybe shower
spaghetti and stuff like, stuff that gets messy. – Don’t post it on Reddit. – Because I like to shower and
I like to eat, so I get that. But in terms of combining those two things and it being sometimes that
is going to be a daily routine and a life changing experience, I’m sorry, shower orange aficionados, that’s not me, I can’t get on board. – Well–
– Don’t hate me. – I was very hopeful and so
I was a little disappointed that, yeah, I felt the same way, that it, okay, it tasted like an orange. It smelled good, but meh. But I thought, “Okay, maybe
it’s because I’m being filmed.” Maybe I’m a little uncomfortable. Part of this whole experience
is just tapping into your primal nature.
– Right. – And letting loose
and not being concerned about being naked in the woods and being covered in juices. – The woods, where’re the woods going? – Well, that’s the primal tapping-into type of thing.
– Got it. Eating an orange in the rain. – Yes.
– Covered in fur. – Right. – So, I have shower oranged three more times in my own shower. – Whoa! – With no cameras rolling.
– Okay. – But the first time, I mean, my shower is totally see-through, and Christy walks in and I hadn’t told her I was doing this, and, (laughing)
like, I was shower oranging and I look over and she’s
like standing there. – She’s like, “My husband has gone nuts.”
– She’s like looking at me. I’m like, “I’m, I’ll ta–, I’ll tell– “I’ll explain later, but I’m
in the middle of something.” – Yeah, I’m testing something from the internet!
(laughing) “Oh, okay, “no more questions.
– So then, that one, that one didn’t work out that well. But then I tried it two more times and I really gave it my all. But, I wanted to be there with you, and, I don’t know, it
was really good, but, it was described like
a spiritual experience. And I feel like it’s–
– Like it was transcendent. – I feel like it’s a spiritual
experience that I just, I haven’t had, I just, I’m not getting it, I just feel like an outsider. – Maybe we’re being punked, you know? Maybe– – By the entire Reddit community? – Yeah, I don’t know, maybe– – We’ll, if that’s true, then
I am sincerely flattered. – Well, just a subreddit community. Or maybe this really
has changed your life. Try it yourself. – Yeah, don’t–
– Or if you have tried it, let us know in the comments
what you thought about it. What are we missing, should we try again? Should we try something
and do it differently? – Yeah. – Let us know, we want
our lives to change. – Thanks for commenting,
liking, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m an orange.
(light jazz music) – And I’m Brendon from Ohio. – [Together] And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Shower oranges didn’t change our lives. But a lot of things have and we wrote about a lot of those things in Rhett and Link’s Book of Mythicality which you can pre-order right
now at BookofMythicality.com. (wheel clicking) – Think something’s loose on our wheel. Click through the Good Mythical More– – Got a screw loose.
– We’ll have a contest to see who can peel the perfect orange. Orange. – Comment takeover, this is when we send all of your
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being your mythical best.


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