Taxi Cab Car Wash – Carl’s Car Wash

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– Welcome to Carl’s Carwash! (horn honking) (cash register dings) (upbeat music) – Thanks, Tony! – Seeya, Ivan! (sirens wailing) (mud splashing) Oh, man! I’d better head to
Carls Carwash, and fast! Time is money! (engine starting) (sponge squeaking) (horn honking) – That sounds like Tony’s taxi. – Heya, Carl. Can you, uh, clean me up? And quick. The meter’s running. – I know. Time’s a’ticking, Tony. Let me find your vehicle
as quick as I can. Is it a taxi a limo or a school bus? That’s it! A taxi. Let’s see how messy this taxi is. Hmm, is it a little messy? Medium messy, or super-duper messy? I’d say medium messy. Now, what kind of mess is it? (mud squelches) Is it sticky ice cream splatty mud, or rotten bananas? Ooh. Yup, it’s a splashy, splatty, muddy mess. That’ll be 10 tokens, Tony. – One … Two … Three … Four … Five … Six … Seven … Eight … Nine … ten. (engine starting) Here I go. (upbeat music) (whooshing) (water spraying) (suds spraying) (water falling) (air whooshing) (wipers squeaking) (engine starting) Thanks, Carl! You got me clean in no time! – Glad to see it. Now here’s a tip for you, Tony. Stay away from puddles. (laughing) – I will, Carl. I will. (upbeat music)

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