Dreaming in the bathtub

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so nice you could join me this evening you’re looking lovely as always thanks Howard always nice to be prettier masturbatory fans come on Katy don’t make it sound so cheap I’m sorry fiddling with yourself in the bathtub is a real class act thank you shall we get started sure but can I ask […]


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what is going on guys today we are back and we have 100,000 orbeez this is only 20,000 of the 100,000 we got all the packs right here I also went ahead and duck taped all the jets so none of them get in there and I am gonna go ahead and start the water […]

ULTIMATE BARBIE CAMPER!! Adley gets her FIRST Power Wheels! (car building routine)

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– [Dad] What are you guys doing? – We’re picking out a Barbie cake for me ’cause I’m almost gonna have a birthday! – [Dad] Holy cow you are! How old are you gonna be? – I don’t know! (Jenny laughs) (gong banging music) (Jenny and Dad laughing) [Dad] How old are you right now? […]

Bathroom Cleaning Tips : How to Remove Bathtub Decals

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Hi, this is Ann Myrick, and today I’m going to show you, how to remove bathtub decals. Many time you will move into a place and they’ll have the decals, like ducks for the children, or older ladies or gentlemen. And a lot of times they’re very gritty and dirty, and you want to remove […]

LAST to LEAVE the RV Bathroom WINS!

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– Uh guys, I think I need to use the bathroom. – [Children] No! – Get me out. – My seat. Get me out of here. – [Children] Hi Soty family. – Hey guys, we’re so excited because we’re in our R.V! – Our mom wanted to surprise us with this and we’re so excited! […]

24 Hours With Our Baby Sister!

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Hey guys, it’s Karina. It’s Ronald, and we are from… Sis versus bro Bro! And today we’re going to be spending 24 hours with our baby sister! (simultaneously scream) I’m so excited because we love our baby sister so much, she’s the cutest little munchkin ever and you will squish her cheeks but she probably […]


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hey friends welcome back to my channel and another motivating video this video is full of some major cleaning motivation and I’m so glad you’re here checking this video out I hope you will become inspired and get ready to clean your house along with me [Music] thanks for coming back to my channel and […]


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What are you bringing? (You’re bringing your fucking lighting?!) I’m a beauty guru!!! I have to film a get ready with me!! ( james and twins dragging eachother) Are there more lights in this Why are they talking? What the fuck are we doing in vegas? HaVIng FUn what’s up guys it’s me, i’m with […]

How to repair leaking bathtub drain, DIY fix leaking bathtub drain. How to clear clogged tub drain

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vlog #1 *bathtub edition* | 2:30am

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We don’t have to get up to go to the bathroom now. Exactly, we can just pee right here. Oh my gosh, our nails – I literally thought that your hand was my hand for a second. So creepy. Did you think the same thing? Yeah. Oh my god, right? Wow. Wait, you don’t understand. […]