Luka Baby Builds Castle with Shapes 🏫 Baby Learning Cartoons For Kids

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Learning Shapes Together Together learn and create many interesting things with all the shapes, my friends!

Luka Baby Fixes Jogging Stroller 🛒🛒🛒 Baby Playing Cartoons For Kids

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Elsa’s Favorite Toy Luka and Elsa are playing with their baby stroller in the yard Oh no, Dad breaks Elsa’s baby stroller making Elsa very sad All the members of family try to make Elsa happy but they don’t know how Luka, what are you doing? Sharing toys and loving your loved ones is wonderful, […]

Luka Baby Learns Earthquake Safety 🌍 Baby Learning Cartoons For Kids

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Luka and Elsa Learns Earthquake Safety Luka and Elsa areplaying inside the house. Suddenly, the ground is shaking. Luka and Elsa are hiding under the table when the rescuer appears and helps them to get out Luka, Elsa and the rescue man come inside the house and rescue Max Always be careful and calmly handle […]

Luka Baby Meets Casper Ghost 💟 Friends Cartoons For Kids

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The Friendly Ghost Luka and Elsa sleeping soundly Suddenly a Friendly ghost named Casper appears Friendly ghost Casper cleverly finds many tricks to tease Luka and Elsa Luka and Elsa’s bed suddenly flies up, making Luka and Elsa very excited Luka and Elsa play hide and seek in the closet Friendly ghost Casper laughs then […]

Luka Baby Meets Dinosaur Tree 💟 Baby Learning Cartoons For Kids

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The Memorable Tree Dad is finishing a table, but he seems to be confused about choosing the right type of wood for the desk Dad takes out a ruler and goes into the forest trying to find a perfect wood for his table Dad comes next to a big tree and he smiles satisfied. Oh […]

Luka Baby Builds Colorful Sandcastle 💟 Baby Building Cartoons For Kids

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Luka and the Sand City Luka is playing sand in the park. Suddenly a ball flies in and ruins Luka’s sand castle Luka and Elsa! Let’s build a sand city together Luka draws a circle to mark his sand city Spiderman, Luka and Elsa create trees for the sand city Spiderman draws a bigger circle […]

Luka Baby Outdoor Games & Activities 💟 Baby Playing Cartoons For Kids

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Teamwork Activities At the school, Ms.Susan creates an outdoor activity for our friends Ms Susan blows the whistle for the first game: Giving eggs with a spoon The next game is run over obstacles The last game is the game of hessian jump. Luka determines to win the cup in this game Luka helps Spiderman […]

Luka Baby Avengers Family 💟 Superheroes Cartoons For Kids

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Superhero Costumes for Family Luka is enjoying superhero costumes. The ground suddenly shaking. Luka looks outside and sees Daddy in Thanos’ costume smashing everything Luka – The Captain America comes to rescue Luka jumps up to the car and looks at Daddy Mom, in Captain Marvel costume and Elsa, in the Thor costume approach to […]

LUKA BABY TAKES BATH FOR SHEEP 💟 Animal Rescue Cartoons For Kids

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The Lost Sheep Mom and Dad take Luka and Elsa to grandparents’ farm A pile of straw appears and runs around the yard. Luka and the grandfather try to catch the straw. The straw stops in front of Elsa. It’s a lovely sheep Grandpa prepares a swimming pool for Luka and Elsa. Luka and Elsa […]


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