Caring for African Violets : Feeding & Watering Tips for African Violets

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Be very careful in watering your African violet. Do not put any water on the leaves. It creates crown rot, fungal problems and it just discolors your leaves. You can water it by a wick. My favorite way to water my African violets is this: Take a large pan, put your African violets on the […]

How to Make a Hot Water Shower While Camping

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How to Make a Hot Water Shower while Camping. One of the greatest pleasures of returning home from a camping trip is taking a hot shower. So, why wait? Build a shower to take on your camping trip. You will need Compressed-air sprayer Rubber tubing Rubber bands or duct tape Plastic bags Sunny location Rope […]

Caring for African Violets : Avoiding African Violet Problems

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African Violets have the reputation of being an easy care house plant. Here are some problems that you can easily avoid in the care of this wonderful little house plant. Do not over water. Do not let your plant sit in water. When you do water, make sure your water is room temperature. You use […]

DIY Hot shower – Immersion heater

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Hi, today I’m going to show you my DIY hot water shower it uses a 2.5 gallon water container with some flexible hose for the actual shower head and inside is a 400 peso immersion heater. Now this is just going to be a quick overview video and if people like it, I can do […]


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today you’re going to learn how to install the legend Series shower door within one inline panel by, Coastal Industries start by un-boxing your unit make sure you have all the right parts a list of parts is included in your instruction determine and mark the curb centerline with adjustment holes facing toward interior of […]

DIY solar shower build

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hi guys in this video will show you how I built my solar shower and show you how it works materials are used were two one metre lengths of 100mm PVC a Tee piece with a cap on it two end caps, a tire valve tap and a water tank tap adapter I started out […]

Tiny Cabin Off Grid Hot Shower

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All right, get off the table buddy. I have another hot water on demand heater, it’s a Coleman it came out probably four or five years ago. I used it for about two or three years, it had a problem and I haven’t got around to fixing it yet. I thought this (ecotemp) was cheap […]

Why Does The Shower Get Hot When The Toilet Is Flushed?

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Berwick Bath & Shower Faucet by American Standard

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Combine great looks, ease of use and smart water conservation with the Berwick Flowise Bath Shower Trim Kit from American Standard. The kit contains the stylish Berwick Pressure Balance control valve and a Flowise Modern Three-Function water saving showerhead. The Flowise showerhead utilizes our exclusive turbine technology to deliver an invigorating shower experience while using […]

Luxurious Outdoor Shower – Part 4 [Door & Plumbing]

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Hello Foxes! This is the 4th and the last part of the Luxurious Outdoor Shower …and in this video I’m demonstrating: How to install the Door… and the Plumbing! With a try square align the timbers in the corners Also you can take a tape measure and check the length from the left side to […]