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(toilet flushing) – Shut up!!! Oh, hey. You, uh, going to pee? – Yeah, you too? – Yeah. – Oh. – Go ahead. – No, go. (thinking) Urinal next to Anthony or stall? Man, I can never pee when somebody’s next to me. Stall it is. Wait. He knows I’m just going pee. If he […]

Jimmy Celebrates Bathtub Party Day

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-Welcome back, everybody. Hey, by the way guys, today is something called “bathtub party day.” Apparently, it’s a day where people are encouraged to skip showers and take a long bath instead. I’ve been thinking about this bathtub-party thing, and it actually inspired me to write a song. [ Claps rhythmically ] [ Drum beats […]

I Bleached My Virgin Brunette Hair Icy Blonde | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

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I’ve always had restrictions on my hair. I haven’t been able to do anything fun with it because Asian moms are a little bit stricter. I’m really nervous about dying my hair because I definitely don’t want it to ruin it. Also my mom is gonna kill me, but it’ll be great. My name is […]

Lost hiker near Devil’s Bathtub located, crews working on getting them out

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Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah (Live In London)

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Potty Training Video for Toddlers to Watch | Toilet Training Video | Potty Song

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Do the potty dance Do the potty dance Do do the potty dance you will know when its time Go to your potty put your pants down. Sit over and wait. Wait Wait Wait. Until you poo or pee, or both and then you’ve got to wipe it away, with toilet paper, and celebrate as […]

What Happens When You Urinate In The Shower

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I Treat My Monkey Like A Baby | CUTE AS FLUFF

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STEPHANIE FUSCO: Getting a pet monkey, you have to be passionate about it from the start. I love it because he makes my day. STEPHANIE FUSCO: This is Xander’s room and play area. His cat tree, this is his big cage. He likes to go in there and play. Xander is a white-faced Capuchin. I […]

Learn Colors with Baby Doll Bath | KidsRoX

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This Video for Kids


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– Hi guys, welcome to this plumberparts.co.uk video, today we’re looking at the exciting installation of a shower tray. So watch the video. Remember to subscribe, remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and also remember to hold tight. See you soon. – [Announcer] Plumerparts.co.uk, Home of Find Your Plumber. – Right then guys […]