DIY Camper Van with Indoor Shower & 100% Solar (no propane) – Van Life Tour

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>>MAT: Hey everyone! In this video, we’re gonna give you a tour of this awesome DIY camper van with some pretty unique features, including an indoor hot water shower. It was built by a young couple in just two months and a half. They’ve since moved into the van and traveling all the way down […]

Functional Stealth Camper Conversation, with homemade shower, rain water collection. Ford E350 van.

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(light jazzy music) – Hey again, everybody. Tyler here with my Ford E350. You may remember me from Forrest’s last video where we did a big tour of my van. And we wanted to do just a quick update addressing a lot of the questions that were brought up in that video and introduce you […]

Solo Female Van Life: How I Shower In My Van ­čŤÇ | Hobo Ahle

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So guess what, today is a shower day! Just kidding, every day is a shower day, for me anyways. But today is a little bit different in the sunset we’re gonna talk about how I shower. So the premise of this kind of being like how I shower specifically inside my van. And that’s not […]


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Hi my name is Aitor and I’m Laia. We are The VanEffect. We are a couple from Spain. We live in Catalunya. This is our van. I’m an illustrator and I studied graphic design. I make websites and I’m working as a waiter. 2015 we bought the van second hand with barely nothing in it. […]

DIY solar shower build

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hi guys in this video will show you how I built my solar shower and show you how it works materials are used were two one metre lengths of 100mm PVC a Tee piece with a cap on it two end caps, a tire valve tap and a water tank tap adapter I started out […]

Swiss Engineer Designs Ultra Functional Van w/ Indoor Shower to Travel the Americas

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This is Desiree and Andres. We live in our van since eight months now. In the past we traveled with the Toyota Land Cruiser and we want to go on a bigger trip. I’m too old to stay two years in a Land Cruiser. We think we like to travel slow and we like to […]

4×4 Sprinter Van Conversion Tour With Shower | Dynamo Ultima

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We are Dynamo Ultima, welcome to our van tour, my name is Lexi, this is Zero and Cody is the one recording this video right now together we make Dynamo Ultima, which I already said we have lived in a van for a little over two years and We realized after our first van that […]

How We Shower Living in a Van | Van Life in Norway

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oh don’t even think about it I’m so sorry I did not mean to do that at all thank you to surf shark for sponsoring today’s video so good morning everyone and welcome back to our videos if you’re new to the channel I’m Bee and with my partner Theo we’re traveling around the world […]

12v Pressurized Water System Demand Prius Stealth Camper Shower Pump Van Car Sink Vanlife 12 Volt

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well that was a great meal it’s time to do the dishes wait a minute we’re sitting in a Prius how can we do the dishes in a Prius we’d have to have a 12-volt pressurized on-demand water system well friends after three prototypes a month of working and tons of failure behold and the […]

Easy Shower Solution For Van Life | Road Shower

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vlogging like so hard good morning we’re on the border of Colorado and Utah and we found another awesome BLM area that’s pretty sweet like we basically have this whole place ourselves so we are going to use the privacy to like shower and stuff pretty nice out here it’s like 90 degrees I think […]