Solo Female Van Life: TOP 10 PLACES TO SHOWER! 🛀 | Hobo Ahle

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So living in vehicles- super fun, really exciting, great lifestyle! But one of the biggest obstacles to overcome or that you’re gonna encounter when you first start is: where to shower? So I’m just gonna go over like the top ten places to shower or I guess really like places / ways to shower because […]

How We Shower Living in a Van | Van Life in Norway

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oh don’t even think about it I’m so sorry I did not mean to do that at all thank you to surf shark for sponsoring today’s video so good morning everyone and welcome back to our videos if you’re new to the channel I’m Bee and with my partner Theo we’re traveling around the world […]

HOW WE SHOWER WHILE LIVING IN A VAN | Hello Mexico // a van life series

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hello amigos welcome to a beautiful day right by the beach I’ve got a big sunburn Bec’s got a big sunburn we’re both newbies to the weather to the Sun to the we eat to the beach but that’s not gonna stop it from having a fantastic day I got my buddy up she’s doing […]