.○•Shhhampooing You•○. ASMR, Soft Spoken, Hair Analysis and Wash

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Hello, my name is Maria. Welcome to our experimental studio. I’m very happy to see you today! So, today we’re going to be testing something. And it’s going to be two different shampoos. I’m hoping you’re going to enjoy it. So as you know there are a lot of different types of hair care items […]

Clear Skin for Active People (AcneFree Advanced Deep Cleansing Duo Review)

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#1 Always Wash your makeup off before working out!! No ones’s at the gym to see how hot you look!… Ok maybe some people are=)

TAP WARI Japanese Animation #4

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So how to do it is, starting with Tap 1? You will have to keep on practicing in front of the mirror Nice job -Nice to meet you -Hello again -Ramen? -Octopus Octopus! Eating it well? 4 key drawings here It’s moving at the same speed first, but gets slow later so leaving one out […]

Kinky Curly Wash and Go Natural Hair routine [5-step tutorial]

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so in today’s video We’re going through a very quick washing bowl in this product if you guys are interested, please keep on watching I start off with Freshening co washed hair my hair is still wet as you can see so now I’m going to use this […]


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– [Announcer] plumberparts.co.uk. Honest reviews and advice. Hold tight, and welcome to today’s plumberparts.co.uk video. I suppose you’re here to disrupt this peaceful time I’ve having in my deck chair. So I can show you how to cut a hole in the wall and instal, very successfully, the waste for your washing machine or dishwasher. […]

Baby Massage For Constipation wind and gas

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Hi my names Lucy and I’m a Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor and we would like to show you some massage and yoga moves that you can use at home. So, we’re going to do a little bit of work on the tummy, we’ll take some lovely oil, and make sure that it’s really […]

TAP WARI Japanese Animation #2

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-The details do not -Get in the way at all, right? It sure doesn’t bother me Let’s add these together Overlapping this way or… Look what we got here -Thank you for coming -Thank you I heard this will be a Tap Wari challenge. What is this? I brought some material to easily explain it […]

Mavic Air | TapFly Tutorial (Tap to Fly)

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Hey guys so today we’re looking at the Mavic air today, I’m going specifically over the Tap fly feature. I can’t believe nobody’s really talking about this yet I think it’s because tap fly’s been out for a year But with the latest Mavic air that came out just a couple weeks ago There are […]

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR KITCHEN TAP – Monobloc Mixer – Plumbing Tips

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– Plumberparts.co.uk, honest reviews and advice. Hold tight and welcome to today’s Plumberparts.co.uk video. My name’s James. Today, we’re gonna have a look at or kind of revisit a video on how to change a kitchen tap. The one we’ve got in the background here has basically fallen to pieces. The guy who lives (mumbles) […]

How To Change a Kitchen Tap – Plumbing Tips

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– Plumberparts.co.uk. Honest reviews and advice. Sponsored by heatandplumb.com. Hello and welcome to today’s Plumberparts.co.uk video. Today we’re gonna take it to the next level. We’re gonna change a kitchen tap. Here’s a kitchen tap in question. It’s got a small drippy drip leak. Also the customer’s having trouble turning this on and off. And […]