#3 Making PTFE Anti-Backlash Nut Blocks and DIY ACME TR8x8x2 Tap #3 / C-Beam Lead Screw CNC

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In the previous video I finalised and assembled my Y and Gantry Plates. I am now going to make the PTFE anti-backlash nut blocks which will attach to them. As I am building a lead screw machine, I will need a block with the same thread as the lead screw to attach to all the […]

(ENG/SPA/IND) Winner Kim Jin Woo, a Fun Talker as Handsome as He Is | Life Bar | Mix Clip

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There are people who gain confidence after they drink Jinwoo, are you like that, too? This applies to me as well You seem more like the manly type (He really is) – Unlike his looks, he’s really manly – That’s right But now he’s an idol, so he has to meet the fans’ standards (That’s […]

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#YooQuizontheBlock] Yoo Jae Seok Interrupting Cho Sae Ho Like a Pro #Mix_Clip #Diggle

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(Big & Small chemistry) Do you know why Dakgalbi is famous in Chuncheon? – Yes – Why… I don’t want to tell you That’s weird This is too beautiful Lovely It cooks so fast No! It takes a while (Wait a bit more~) Thank you I’ll get you some broth Okay, thank you Shall we […]

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#YooQuizontheBlock] Cho Sae Ho Almost Has an Accident in His Pants #Mix_Clip #Diggle

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(Baby Honey nearly has a major accident) These stairs lead up to Namsan (Samsoon Stairs lead to Namsan) Since I’m working out these days I think I’ve gotten more fit – You look pretty exhausted – I feel great – I could run up the stairs – Really? I could run up to the top […]

Women Try Lemisol Feminine Wash For The First Time

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– What would your sales pitch be for this? You got a stinky vagina? I got just the thing for you. – I think mine’s would be like, (speaking foreign language) (string music) – Today, we’re talking it old school. We’re gonna throw it back to a product our mamas and our grandmamas used. – […]

Upscaling Comparison – Final Styricum Shower

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I’ve got to say, upscaling Final Styricum Shower was one of the most rewarding video projects for me because I did a lot of things that sound really stupid, but they worked well and I’m happy with the result. The original video 720p, 25 FPS… and it has resampling errors which cause ghostly images around […]

How To Detail A Large Truck – GMC Denali – Chemical Guys Car Wash

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Hey ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of Detail Garage. Today we have this big black GMC Denali and we need to make sure we get it clean. It’s a cool eighty degrees today so we wanna make this kind of fast. I’m going to start off with the wheels I’ll use a Concours […]

Schluter Shower Installation (Part 2 – Waterproofing Walls with KERDI) — by Home Repair Tutor

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Here’s the question: How do you waterproof the walls in a Schluter shower installation? Well, in today’s video—this is part 2 of 3—we’re going to show you how to waterproof the drywall in the shower area using Schluter-KERDI. Now remember, Schluter does recommend using drywall in this instance because we are, after all, going to […]

Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse: Marvin’s High Dive / Eddy’s Wrong Order – Ep.2

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♪ I’m Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse ♪ (Hooves clicking) ♪ He can dance, he can dance ♪ ♪ Just shine that spotlight on me ♪ ♪ Every show must have a star ♪ ♪ He can dance, he can dance ♪ ♪ He can dance he can dance ♪ ♪ ♪ When the lights go […]

DON’T CLICK (or tap) ON THIS VIDEO or else…

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*click* *Jake Hill & Josh A – Pewdiepie Outro #5 (Prod. ZWALL x Eric Gemme)*