Switching Clothes with my Brother!!!! part 2

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Hey guys, Its Karina its Ronald from sis vs bro and today we’re gonna be switching our clothes for 1 week Wish me good luck. I don’t think I’m gonna survive guys these pants are too small for me. I gotta find new ones Okay, so now it’s my turn ronald don’t worry i have […]

How to Install a Single Handle Bathroom Faucet…Hansgrohe’s Talis Select

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Here’s the deal: faucet and drain can be tricky. And in today’s video we’re going to show you how to replace or how to install a bathroom faucet, specifically a single-handled faucet by Hansgrohe which is called the Talis Select. Now, we really like this faucet for a few different reasons, but let me tell […]

How to Install a Shark Bite Shut Off Valve in a Bathroom (Step-by-Step) — by Home Repair Tutor

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I’m talking low because it’s the early morning hours. I’ve got a special video for you today. I’m going to show you how to install a shutoff valve. This is my very first rental home ever. I’m going to give you a little tour today. We’re going to give you a tutorial on the shutoff […]

Whats In My HUGE Shower?

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Hey guys it’s Ro welcome to my channel. If you are new be sure to subscribe and hit the bells, you get notifications when I make new videos. Today I am in my bathroom because, you all requested that I make a “What’s in my shower,” video. I made a house tour video where I […]

Time Lapse, Shower Stall installation Hydro Ban Board Laticrete Time lapse

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ok so this video is actually a time lapse of the installation this system here laticrete hydroban board just doing a time lapse or what I refer to as a time lapse and later on thee is actually gonna be a how to video of how to install this system with the drain and the […]

Russian VOCABULARY in USE | Lesson 1 | In the bathroom

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Hello everyone! Daria here. And welcome to Russian vocabulary in Use. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, to answer all the questions out loud, and to check out the description box of this video for the full Russian transcript. Now here we go! Well, before we start, one more thing… prepare yourself to see […]

The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.206 : My Little Hero [ENG/IND/2017.11.19]

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Raise your hand if you know what day it is. – I do. / – I do. – Seoeon. / – It’s Sunday. Sunday? Sit down. – Over here. / – What day is it today? What day is it, Sarang? – Our fourth anniversary. / – Fourth anniversary? Yes, it’s our program’s fourth anniversary. […]

Trying 30 GENIUS HOT GLUE HACKS by 5-Minute Crafts (Part 1)

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(upbeat music) – I can’t believe I’m (bleep) doing this. Here we go! Let’s hope I don’t die from this! Okay, ready? (gasps) You can’t even see the fire! Ooh, it burned my microphone. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Oh (bleep)! Well that was (bleep) stupid, kids, […]

Wedi Shower Systems: 5 Reasons to Use Them (PRO Tips)

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Wedi shower systems are a phenomenal way to waterproof a shower before you tile it. So in this video, Steve is going to share with you five reasons why he really likes Wedi shower systems as a contractor and has been using them for the last ten to eleven years. So this is a Wedi […]

How to Build a Walk-In Shower (Part 2 – Installing KBRS ShowerSlope)

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Hey, guys! Today I’m super excited because we’re going to continue with our video series on how to build a walk-in shower using the KBRS ShowerSlope. Remember, this is a very affordable system. In our prior video, which you can watch right here, we show you how to choose the ShowerSlope for your particular project. […]