How to Tap Dance : How to Do a Shuffle Step in Tap Dancing

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Okay now that you have learned to do a brush and a strike there’s a most basic move and tap dancing that comes in nearly every combination you’ll ever learn and it’s called a shuffle. What it is is a combination of a brush followed by a strike that looks like this. You’ll brush and […]

Intermediate Tap Dancing : Intermediate Tap Dancing: Flap Waltz Step

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Hi I’m Emily Larew, we’re continuing now with our intermediate tap. What I’m going to give you now is a flap waltz across the floor. So all you’re going to do is your steps are this. They are, flap, shuffle, ball change, flap, shuffle, ball change. So let’s kind of get it a little bit […]

How to Tap Dance : How to Do a Ball Change in Tap Dancing

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Okay so now that we’ve learned a basic shuffle and you practice hopefully doing them rotating from the right foot to the left foot we’re going to do add another little thing in there to go with the shuffle and it’s called a ball change and the ball of course as we talked about is […]

Tap Dancing Time Steps : Tap Dancing: Single Traveling Time Step

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Hi, I’m Emily Larew, and we are going to take a look at a single traveling time step, as we get into our intermediate time steps. So, let’s turn around. We’re going to start with our right foot, we’re going to go shuffle, step, right underneath yourself. Left foot goes, shuffle, ball change, ball change. […]

Tap Dancing Warmups : Tap Dancing Warmups: Ball Taps

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Hi, I’m Emily Larew and we are going to start our tap warm up today with ball taps. Now while we are doing these ball taps, you can do them at various speeds depending on how advanced your tapper is or how beginning they are. So, I’m going to turn around and we’re going to […]

Beginner Tap Dancing Steps : Three Tap Riff in Tap Dancing

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Hi, I’m Emily Larew and we are continuing on with adding to our tap basics. We’re going to teach you how to do a three tap riff with a ball change. So, what we are going to do is we’re going to turn around. Three tap just means exactly how it sounds. We are doing […]

Beginner Tap Dancing Steps : Paradiddles in Tap Dancing

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Hi. I’m Emily Larew and for all you fun loving tappers out there we are now going to learn a fun step called the paradiddle, okay. So let’s turn around. What you’re going to do is you’re going to dig your right heel into the floor right in front of you. You have a heel, […]

#10 Right Shower juggling tutorial – Prysznic praworęczny – 7 steps – Jak żonglować 3 piłkami

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Hey there, it’s Bartek. Today we’re gonna take a Shower together 😀 As always, I’m joking of course 😀 Yeah that was good. Way to go. OMG I hope that no one feels offended (especially men ) 😀 So let’s start with Shower juggling trick ! Shower is quite difficult, so in this video you’ll […]

Stokke® Steps the Bouncer and Highchair Combination – Available at

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Stokke Steps the Bouncer and High Chair Combination