Easy Galaxy-Inspired Bath Crafts #CelestialBB | Royalty Soaps

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(items clatter) (exhales) (sings indistinctly) – Hey friends, it’s Katie, welcome back to Royalty Soaps. Today is a very impromptu video, meaning I decided I was gonna do it a sum total of 20 minutes ago. So this cool company called Bramble Berry occasionally sends me boxes of goodies. The most recent collection Bramble Berry […]

Lemon Verbena Soap Making *super satisfying pour* | Royalty Soaps

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– Hello, everyone. My name is Katie Carson. I am one of the soap makers here at Royalty Soaps. Welcome to our channel and if you’re new around here, welcome for the very first time. This video is being uploaded on Monday, June 3rd which means it is the June release day. So very quickly, […]

Foaming Shower Oil

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Hello my name’s Richard and I’m from the Soap Kitchen. Today we’re going to show you how to make a luxurious foaming shower oil. It uses skin friendly natural oils, with durasoft as it’s emulsifier and lumorol which is a water free surfactant. So to make this recipe you will need, 2x 200ml bottles, with […]