EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS Bathtub (HOLY SHIT!)

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Sorry for blackscreen, Video starts at 0:25.

You Won’t Use Your Phone Again in a Bathroom After Watching This

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How much does your mobile phone mean to you Not that much You just use it to make private more calls send messages for both fun and business take pictures and share them on social Networks and through messengers it navigates you it answers all your questions You also have some important apps installed So […]

CleanGuru – Don’t Throw Your Cleaning ‘Baby’ Out… With the Bath Water!

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Hi Dan again from CleanGuru. Today’s message: don’t throw out your cleaning baby with the bathwater. You’ve probably heard the expression, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, and we know that means when you have certain problems you’re working on, a dirty baby, once you’ve gotten that taken care of, just throw the […]