The Men’s Bathroom – Switching Bodies {The Kloons} S2 E1

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Jellyfish Sting Pee Paramedic (ft. Gus Johnson) – Mini-Mocks

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The only thing scarier than getting stung by a jellyfish is having nobody to pee on you. Well, that’s where I come in. My name is Vince Amico and I’m a jellyfish sting, piss paramedic. Most people just call me Piss Boy, though. At first, some beach goers were a little uncomfortable with my method […]

Can I Get Pregnant From Sitting on My Boyfriend’s Lap? – Your Worst Fears Confirmed

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(gentle music) (keyboard keys clacking) – Can you get pregnant from sitting on your boyfriend’s lap? 100%. And here’s how. You’re sitting on your boyfriend’s lap, face to face. He’s wearing jeans, button fly. The manufacturer of the jeans made an error, put too much space in between the buttons. This leaves a gap wide […]

When Nature Calls – Full Movie

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[music playing] NARRATOR: Some say he was born in the back of a pickup truck. Some say it was a highway rest stop. And some say he was belched, full-form, from the chrome exhaust of a dead-headed semi. But wherever he came from, he was destined to become hell on wheels. [engine revving] It’s the […]

CalebCity Argues That Shower Peeing Is Not OK – Agree to Disagree

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You haven’t lived well enough. You haven’t lived hard enough. You haven’t tried everything your body can do. You haven’t pushed your body to the limit. I beg to differ. I think I’ve lived a great life not shitting in showers. Peeing in the shower. Okay, or not okay? Not okay. Okay. Not okay. Okay. […]

What Happens In The Girl’s Bathroom

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– Aw man, there’s only one toilet in here. It’s okay, y’all can come in with me. – Cool. I have to fix my makeup anyway. – Jesus, thank you. I have to pee. (“Starz” by Warner/Chappel Music Production) Hey, Calista can I use your mascara? – Yeah. Freddie, do you have any lipstick? – […]

The Plumber

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Oh… it’s so hot. Oh no! My faucet won’t work. What am I going to do? I wonder who that could be? Oh hey, big boy! Did Somebody call for a plumber? Oh, you bet I did. My pipes are all clogged. It’s okay. I brought my industrial-strength snake. Huh! I bet you know how […]

I Swear I Didn’t Wreck the Bathroom | Hardly Working

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– Just gotta wash my hands. (farting) (gargling and snorting) (growling) – You okay in there? (continued farting and grunting) – [Goblin] Oh, gotta do more of the dirty business. (farting) Yeah! (evil laughter) – Uh, you eat something weird or uh? (suspenseful music) (evil laughter) – What the fuck! – Just ruined this bathroom! […]

The Man Who Lives in His Shower – Mini-Mocks

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It may be a little unconventional, but it makes me happy. I’m Nick Hudson and I haven’t left this shower for two years. One day a couple of years ago, my wife said, “I wish I could stay in here forever,” and that’s when it clicked. I said, “I’m gonna stay in here forever.” A […]

Boarding Order – Key & Peele

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– Good morning ladies and gentlemen, we are about to begin boarding South Northern Airlines, flight 34 to Grand Rapids. – Okay, excuse me, boarding group one. I’m gonna board in group one, excuse me, I’m in boarding group one. – And we would like to begin pre-boarding with our first class passengers. First class […]

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