Golden Showers – ( Is it OK to pee in the shower? ) {The Kloons}

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Are you peeing in the shower? I’m about to. No. The toilet is right there. Yeah but I’m all wet. I don’t care What you don’t pee in the shower? No absolutely not! Well you should. I’m not peeing with you in here. Why not? Because it’s disgusting. That’s just an idea given to you […]

How to Install a Shower Pan Using the KBRS Tileable Shower Base (Tile-Basin®)

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welcome to the KBRS Tile-Basin® installation video in this video you will learn how to properly install a KBRS tile basin this video is not designed to be a tiling instructional video the tools and supplies you’ll need for the video are as follows: a three-quarter inch u-notched trowel (which is supplied) quality polymer modified […]

Central Pennsylvania weather: Wet snowflakes possible this afternoon/evening

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How to Clean Bathrooms : How to Clean Bathrooms: Filling Bathtubs With Disinfectant

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O.k. So let’s say you’re done. You’ve, you’ve rubbed all this down really well with a soft scrub. And so now, what we need to do. Is we need to rinse this. And the reason why, is because. I don’t know, if you’ve ever sat in a bath tub. And you kind of, feel like […]

Clean Shower Doors – No More Hard Water Spots

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[ Coastal Clarity ] To help maintain the elegance of your new shower door, Coastal Industries developed Coastal Clarity, an innovative and once-only, factory-applied glass coating.  Coastal Clarity is environmentally friendly and keeps  your shower enclosure looking like new. Coastal Clarity acts as a shield to seal the porosity of the glass surface, relegating contaminants to […]

Electrical & Plumbing Repairs : How to Unclog a Bathtub

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Hi I’m James with JNC home repair. Today I’m going to show you how to unclog a bathtub. Ok the first thing you want to do if you have a clogged up bathtub is this particular tub here has a pop up stopper so what you want to do is you are going to need […]

Jimmy Celebrates Bathtub Party Day

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-Welcome back, everybody. Hey, by the way guys, today is something called “bathtub party day.” Apparently, it’s a day where people are encouraged to skip showers and take a long bath instead. I’ve been thinking about this bathtub-party thing, and it actually inspired me to write a song. [ Claps rhythmically ] [ Drum beats […]

How to Build a Shower (KBRS ShowerSlope™)

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Some drains may be less than 3/8″

30 Days of Cold Showers: Not What I Was Expecting

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We are what we repeatedly do Aristotle said therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit The story of why I decided to do this is actually kind of funny And yes, we are in my bathroom right now that somehow felt appropriate for this video. I don’t know. Here we are I’ve seen […]

Smart-Shower: Design a basic shower and add a range

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