Bathroom Cleaning Tips : How to Clean Shower Door Tracks

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Hi, I’m Ann Myrick, and today I’m going to show you how to clean shower door tracks. I would say this is probably one of the dirtiest areas in your shower, just because you don’t tend to think about this little strip where dirt and hair can catch. And then with the Calcium deposits, it […]

Singer Hot Water Shower SWH 118E | Unbox and Installation with Subtitles

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Ayubowan! (May you live long) Welcome to Tech Tunez Youtube Channel Today we are talking about the installation of an Instant Shower Heater I will heat maximum 55 C Celcius and use 3500 Watts It outs 2 liters per minute Can Connect 15mm diameter ( 1/2 BSP) water pipe In Specially, the water flow sensor […]

Why Trugard vs Rubber Shower Pan or Liquid Paint-on Waterproofing Tile Showers

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hi I’m Matt Chrysler one of the cofounders of the Trugard vapor shield shower waterproofing system. So I just noticed some cracks here in this fiberglass. Now they aren’t going all the way through, but the finish is already starting to break down. But you guys, the reason that there’s a fiberglass tub in this […]

Bathroom tub faucet temperature adjustment – Home Repair Series

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Hi I’m Robert, thanks for tuning in to my YouTube video. I’m a very handy person, I’ve been fixing things as far back as I can remember. since I was 9 years old. I have fixed things like sheet rock walls, small appliances, computers, and the list goes on and on. I even have some […]

Richard Anuszkiewicz Designs A Spa-Like Master Bath | Building The Dream Nashville | House Beautiful

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– [Carisha] We’ve all imagined it. If you could build your dream house from the ground up, what would that look like? A space that inspires you, calms you, and ultimately helps you live your best life? We’ve asked today’s hottest designers to make this their mission. – We wanted to create an area of […]

Wet And Forget Shower Fuggetaboutit

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I can’t get this shower clean! Soap scum? Fuggetaboutit! Spray Wet and Forget Shower today, rinse clean tomorrow. No scrubbing at all. Wow! Wet & Forget Shower really works! But wait, will the soap scum come back? Nah. Wet and Forget Shower works to keep the soap scum away. Smells great too. Yeah it does. […]

Bates Motel/Psycho Shower Scene Comparison

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There isn’t really any words in this video just music playing. I Hope you Enjoy it. Also, if you like this check out my Patreon!! I also make video essays, most should have closed Captions.

What Happens If You Stop Washing Your Hair For A Year

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There’s a movement that is upending shower routines across the country. – There’s a new trend in the beauty world. It’s called the No Poo Method. – The secret could be not shampooing. Skip the shampoo. Your hair’s better off without it. At least that’s the slogan for the No Poo Movement that’s got people […]

Lush How It’s Made: Pink Custard Shower Jelly

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(upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Brendon and on today’s How It’s Made we’re gonna make Pink Custard Shower Jelly. And Aurelio is going to be compounding. Pink Custard Shower Jelly is a Mother’s Day special that’s great for giving moms a soothing bath experience. First we start off with big kettle of water […]

Wet And Forget Shower: Stop Scrubbing

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Introducing Wet and Forget Shower. Say goodbye to your daily shower cleaner and hello to this new innovative weekly shower spray easily clean and prevent the buildup of soap scum, grime, oils, mold and mildew stains by simply spraying down your shower once a week. Wet and Forget Shower helps you break free from daily […]