How To Wash Your Hair Correctly and Stop Hair Fall

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Welcome back guys and if you are new here my name is Vy! After uploading my 20 hair hacks video I have gotten a plethora of comments from you guys asking me to make a hair care routine video. So your wish is my command. Here are ten tips on how to wash your hair […]

EZ Wash Wand

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I built a hair washing robot

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Hey shitty robot nation! It’s your queen calling… I currently in my brother’s bathroom because this is my happy place Yayyyyyyy okay not really my happy place it’s because it’s the perfect bathroom to film the hair washing robot but I just built *Squeaky Squeaky Squeaky* And Yay for electronics in wet rooms! who knows […]

What Happens If You Stop Washing Your Hair For A Year

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There’s a movement that is upending shower routines across the country. – There’s a new trend in the beauty world. It’s called the No Poo Method. – The secret could be not shampooing. Skip the shampoo. Your hair’s better off without it. At least that’s the slogan for the No Poo Movement that’s got people […]

How To: Shave With A Safety Razor

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hey guys Joe Cerillo here welcome back to our channel Joe’s new obsession where we go over all different types of men’s hair care beard care and shaving needs we’ll go over all different types of product reviews how Tunes what are the tools that we use and what we recommend to help you out […]

Things You’re Doing Wrong In The Shower!

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Hey, guys! It’s Samantha! From washing too often to forgetting your feet, here are all of the things you’re doing wrong in the shower! 14. Too Hot Although we all enjoy a nice hot shower in the morning, it might not be doing your skin much good. The skin is composed of three layers, the […]

You’re Showering Wrong

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Spring Essentials & Fresh Tips | ANN LE

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What’s In Your Water? (The Shower) – IMPA Award Winner

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If raindrops for rubber ducks, it would make taking a quick shower anything but quick. It would [also] be a whole lot easier to see what’s in your water. Did you know that thousands of drugs from ibuprofen? To [prozac] and personal care products such as lotion and shampoo are finding their way into our […]