Why Your Shower Curtain Is so Annoyingly Clingy

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[ INTRO ] The shower isn’t supposed to be a dangerous place. Put down some of those grippy things on the bottom of the tub and avoid being in a 1960’s horror movie, and you should be safe. But sometimes, despite these precautions, you find yourself under attack by the flimsiest of foes – the […]

A Tortoise Spa Day | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

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[music playing] My name is Sarah, and I’m here with my turtle, Thea, a red foot tortoise. Thea’s here today because she has a problem with her shell. Her shell is discolored around the edges. Thea is very active. She likes to go outside and be in the sun and run around. She’s high energy. […]

Wringing out Water on the ISS – for Science!

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The question is if you get a cloth dripping wet without gravity and your wring it out, what’s going to happen? What will happen to a wrung out cloth? So, and had to use equipment that was here on board the space station? We may have the coolest washcloths ever here on the space station, […]

Do You Really Need To Wash Your Jeans?

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What does the Perseids meteor shower have to do with murder?

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Every day, Earth is bombarded by tiny meteors These small fragments of cosmic matter burn up in our atmosphere and have lit up the night sky for hundreds of thousands of years. When they occur in large numbers, we might see a meteor shower These events are so spectacular that throughout human history we have […]

What Is Actually In Our Tap Water?

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Forget the internet, forget the Large Hadron Collider. Hell, even forget the reusable Dragon spacecraft from Elon Musk’s SpaceX – the tap is truly the greatest invention of civilization, isn’t it? Alright, that’s perhaps a very weighty hyperbole – but what a time to be alive! On command water! We kind of take it for […]

Why Do Clothes Shrink When You Wash Them?

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I think I need help with my laundry. Hello washed and left out to dry, Trace here rockin’ new duds on DNews. You might think science is something only done in labs, but every week-or-so chances are you suspend organic and synthetic fibers in a solution of water, enzymes, surfactants, and detergents to confine particulates […]

Vannstråle i supersakte film

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WATER OUT OF A TAP The water flows continuously… …in a transparent jet with no air bubbles in it As it hits the spoon… …it spreads out into an umbrella-like shape Losing speed towards the edge… …the water forms droplets as it falls

How Close Are We to Downloading the Human Brain?

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Someday our bodies are going to break down and we’ll die. Our brain will decay and disappear forever.But, what if it didn’t have to? Right now there are scientists around the world working on technology that could one day take your brain, and possibly your consciousness, and upload it onto a computer. This would be […]

Dangers of Using Electronics in Bathroom, the Case of the Teenage Girl

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Hi, there has been this very sad and tragic news of a 14 year old girl, electrocuted in the bathtub. According to KCBD news, Madison has been using her mobile phone in the bath while it was plugged in to be charged In an interview with her grandmother she said “Madison dropped the phone in […]