Rihanna’s Psycho Shower Scene | Bates Motel

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Hey, it’s Sam Loomis. Leave me a message, I’ll get right back to you. [Phone beeps] You better get right back to me. Sam? What is this shit? Call me! Right now! [Shower turning on] Mrs. Bates:I’m with you Norman, don’t forget that. This is why you need me. Screw this shit.

고양이 노을이의 아기 보기 Noel the Cat’s Babysitting [SURI&NOEL]

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Noel! Look after the baby~ Babysit? Noel the cat’s babysitting All I have to do is look like this, right? Play with me~ Then, try catching me What’s this? This sound? Fun~ What was I doing? Oh! That’s right! I was playing with the cat~ Noel~ Let’s play~ Shall we play over here? Heave ho! […]

Jackass 3D (9/10) Movie CLIP – Poo Cocktail Supreme (2010) HD

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I’m steve-o and this is the poo cocktail suit cream all right good luck you ready you know we’re up poo cocktail supreme tasty love oh my god it’s gonna be I really wanna see oh my god oh Jesus that leg right now