How to replace a Bosch, Siemens or Neff washing machine door seal gasket

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hi and welcome to this video is on how to change a door seal you can use it on bosch, neff, siemens or appliances right we will just start and giving you the tools and everything else you need to do the job in the text around here while i take the lid off […]

Stop Washing Your Car with Water

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rev up your engines, now normally I try out of products and if they work how good I show my videos and explain how they work but today it’s a little different I tried out the products and lo and behold the company that makes them gave me a private tour of their laboratories where […]


By Grover Koelpin 44 comments Honest reviews and advice. Sponsored by Hello, and welcome to this video. Today, I’m gonna show you how to change a tap washer to stop this tap from leaking. It’s gonna be mental. Right, to achieve success, you’re gonna need a tap washer repair kit, a Phillips head or a crossheaded screwdriver, […]

Tap-Drill, Drill Bit Set

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We all know taps require odd size drills. My quarter inch tap takes a number seven drill bit, my five sixteenths tap takes an “F” size drill. A drill that’s even three thousandth to small can result in broken taps. A drill that is oversized will produce weak threads that are prone to failure And […]

How to Fix a Faucet : How to Tighten a Bathroom Sink Handle

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Hi! This John on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip I will show you how to tighten a bathroom sink handle. Bathroom sink handles are pretty similar to kitchen sink handles, and that they have a Allen set screw. This one is located right below the part you grab on to. When this […]

Shower Water Heater INSTALLATION with subtitles

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Hi, today we will learn how to install Water Heater.. this Water Heater can brought from shop we install and connect to existing water pipe this is how it works, Existing Water Pipe IN Water Heater Set and OUT to Shower set Let see more clear This is internal system This wire-ring from exiting source(Plug […]

How to Use Shower Drain Tools

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Hi, this is Mike from and today we’re going to talk to you about different drain tools and how they’re used. We have some that are used for cast iron drains, we have some that are used for fiberglass drains, and we have some that are used for both. So we’re going to get […]


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How to Repair a Tub & Shower Valve

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T4E – Residential Shower

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