How to use your Upsee

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Upsee Assessment & Prescription

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assessment and prescription before purchasing the up see you must be able to answer yes to three key questions this helps us and you make sure the up see is suitable for your child is your child already in a standing or walking program your child’s participation in a physical therapy standing or walking program […]

Charlotte’s Playpak Story

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the play pack has just brought so much fun to Charlotte and to our family I absolutely loved the play park I think firstly is because it looks so great it’s really easy to get around I can take it with me everywhere we go it’s lightweight and it’s set up in a minute and […]

Upsee Video 2 – Step 3 Double Sandal

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step 3 double sandal the adults should place their feet into the large sandal first if your feet are smaller than the sandal place your toes to the front if your feet are larger than the sandal in for a middle position secure your feet tightly using the three velcro straps extension straps are provided […]