ऐसे लगाएंगे अमलतास के बीज तो जल्दी उग जायेंगे /Golden Shower/Cassia Fistula/Mammal Bonsai

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If you have not yet subscribed to the Mammal Bonsai channel. Then subscribe to the channel by pressing the red button And press this bell icon so that when I upload a new video you get the message Hello Friends, i am Vijay saini & welcome to Mammal Bonsai . This is golden shower seed […]

Corpse Flower Blooms

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How to Plant Bulbs in the Spring or Fall

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The great thing about planting perennial bulbs is that they will bloom year after year. Here’s what you need to know. Spring is the best time to plant tender bulbs like gladiolus, dahlias, caladium, and elephant ears. In the fall plant hardy bulbs like tulips, irises, daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses. Before you plant – plan […]

Gardening w Wildflowers – How to plant and maintain a wildflower meadow – North American Wildflowers

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Today we’re going to talk about wildflowers. Here in New England when a forest is disturbed, either by lightning strike or man-made activity, openings in the forest occur and the first species that come into that situation are called “pioneer species”. It starts with herbaceous plants a lot like the perennial wildflowers that we’re looking […]

Care & Culture of Christmas Cactus

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Hi, my name is Byron Martin, here at Logee’s Greenhouses, and today we’re going to be talking about the Christmas Cactus, or the ‘Schlumbergera.’ This is one of the most famous house plants that is used for color at this time of year. And these are actually tropical epiphytes, meaning that they come out of […]

Q&A – How do I get female flowers on my zucchini plant?

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“The last several days my zucchini has been blooming, “but I’ve noticed only one or two female flowers. “This morning I counted and there were 20 flowers, “but none of them were female. “Is there a reason for this? “Is there anything I can do to encourage more female flower blossoms on my zucchini?” And […]

Planting Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha Hydrangea and a Japanese Maple 🌿Pt 1

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Hey guys, good morning and planting up a new area in my garden So this is the spot right here kind of this corner area So this area was our rose garden it still kind of is but there were roses all over right in here kind of like lining The edge and then they […]

Dividing Peonies

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-Peonies will bloom happily for decades without ever becoming overgrown or crowded, but sometimes it becomes necessary to dig up and divide clumps. Fall is the best time to transplant peonies. Wait until after a hard frost and then follow these simple steps. Start by cutting bad stems to the ground and tossing them in […]

Go Beyond—Summer

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[music] [Tomasz Anisko] A stage. If I was to describe Longwood with one word I would say it’s a stage. It is a stage on which the plants perform, it’s a stage on which we as gardeners perform, we as scientists perform, and we allow the plants to show their best qualities and attributes. [Tim […]