What does the Perseids meteor shower have to do with murder?

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Every day, Earth is bombarded by tiny meteors These small fragments of cosmic matter burn up in our atmosphere and have lit up the night sky for hundreds of thousands of years. When they occur in large numbers, we might see a meteor shower These events are so spectacular that throughout human history we have […]

The Amazing Truth Behind Meteor Showers

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[singing] When you wish upon a star… you’re actually wishing upon a meteor shower… Well, that just sucks all the magic right out of it, doesn’t it? But, hey, as long as you believe! Anyway, let’s cut to the chase of the scientific facts of what meteor showers really are, and how likely you are […]

What is a Meteor Shower?

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I’m Fraser Cain, the Publisher of Universe Today. When tiny grains of dust impact our atmosphere, they leave a trail of glowing material, like a streak of light across the sky. This is a meteor, or a shooting star. On any night, you can go outside, watch the sky, and be guaranteed to see one. […]

What’s a Meteor Shower? | Astronomy for Kids

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Squeaks and I built this awesome observatory recently, and we love using it to look at the night sky! If you’ve ever looked up on a dark, clear night, you probably noticed that there are a lot of things to see. You can see the Moon, the stars, and even some planets! And if you’re […]

Perseid meteor shower, explained

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It’s that time of year again! The annual Perseid meteor shower gets underway every August. If you look up at the night sky tonight, you’ll be able to catch one of Earth’s most famous cosmic light shows. The shower is the result of our planet getting a little too close to some comet dust. The […]