Is Eating An Orange In The Shower The Best Thing Ever?

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(water running) – This feels very intimate. I would think, of all the BuzzFeed videos I’ve done, I’ve never brought you guys inside my shower. (rock music) – I was sitting at the bar the other day, and this girl was telling me that she was very stressed out so she had an orange in […]

Testing the Shower Orange Craze

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– Are shower oranges the key to happiness? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat electronic music) (flames crackling) – Good mythical morning. – Today, let’s move at the speed of conversation, shall we? – Let’s. Uh, and let me just warn you, today may change your life. I mean that is always true about this […]

Learn Colors Baby Doll Bath Time M&Ms Chocolate Modelling Play

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Red Orange Yellow Green Blu Brown


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Go go uhh noo I am taping up the jets? There was some mold in there last time we’re taking the precaution ok one more try, without a camera careful with my balls oh oh god this is my first time in a bathtub with clothes on a long time what if you’re my guys […]