How to Dry a Baby after a Bath | Infant Care

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So your baby’s just come from their bath, and they are sometimes cold and wet, so you want to dry them as quickly but as comfortably as possible. You would keep as much surface as you can covered, and then make sure each of the areas is dry. So you would dry behind their ears, […]

Maxi-Cosi | Parents Quiz Ep. 2 | Kelsey and Tom answer questions about pregnancies and parenting

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I hope you’re more intelligent than your dad. In The Parents Quiz, young couples get four questions… about pregnancy, babies and parenting. Is the answer true or false? Hi, I’m Tom. -I’m Kelsey. And we are… The Parkers. And she is… -21 weeks pregnant. Round 1. They both need to answer correctly. True or false? […]

How to baby massage and baby bath in Indian style for newborn Ayuvedic no soap

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HOW TO BABY MASSAGE coconut oil massage BABY BATH USE Gram flour or chickpea flour or besan WITH pinch of turmeric ADD WATER


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– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going to be sharing with you baby products that I regret buying and that were a waste of money for me because we never really used them. I decided to make this video the other day because I was going through my 15 […]

How To Give First Bath To New Born Baby?|First Baby Wash|Unpack N Repack Baby|

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video is for common home ,so you can follow it easily

Baby’s First Bath!!!

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Oh good morning everyone man this blog must feel like we’re just going back and forth back and forth or the old house or the new house or the old house with the new house and that’s what life is like for us right now it’s just going back and forth this rooms almost done […]

PUJ Flyte

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After the Puj Tub was available on the market, I started to notice that people were taking their tubs with them on vacation or to Grandma’s house. I looked at the design and I thought, I can rework this and make it more travel-friendly, something that you could throw into your roll-on suitcase or even […]

EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS FOR NEWBORN BABY: My Must Have Baby Products | Ysis Lorenna

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today I’m going to be talking about my naught to three months essential products for Isabella I’ve done a video on my newborn essentials when James was a baby and some of the products are the same but I find that when I know better now and I know more so I used products that […]

Strange Baby Bath Time Float!

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(light music) – Jared’s in his office working, I am awake, the whole house is quiet and dark, that’s very rare. But I think Tommy just woke up. Calvin, he just went to the bathroom. Where’s your pants? Calvin, gotta be real quiet, shh! We don’t wanna wake Dwayne Jackson up. Oh, did you accidentally […]

Clark Laundry – ‘Baby Bath’

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Callum loves bath time. The laundry tub is the perfect height and size to wash my little fishy. A mixer with a pull out spray head makes it easy and safe to bathe him at the right water temperature. Hang on, where’s the ducky?