Tutorial diaper tricycle / Windeldreirad – DIY baby shower gifts

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16 Facts about Months 1 through 3 | Baby Development

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PRODUCT REVIEW | 4MOMS MAMAROO Baby Swing | Rocking swing

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Good morning. Welcome back to my channel, The Caotus Life and this video is gonna be a product review on the 4MOMS Mamaroo,is it called Mamaroo? The 4MOMS Mamaroo, um, rocker-thingy.Um, please subscribe to my channel, click on the icon on the bottom right of your screen,subsribe to my Instagram CAOTUS, C-A-O-T-U-S. Uh leave a […]

Thalasso Bain Bébé d’Albane par Sonia Krief

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Today I am with Albane and Cecile. Albane is 15 days old and I am going to give her a very original bath, the Thalasso Baby Bath With this bathing approach, nothing is anticipated or planned head ; neither time, nor water The baby decides and calls the shots. They are the little conductors You […]

Newborn Care: How To Bathe a Newborn Baby

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I remember bath time as a special time with my little one. Like anything new, it took some time to work out a routine and for my baby to get used to it. Don’t worry if it’s a bit awkward for you at first, or if you baby doesn’t seem to care for it. You […]