Ep 4 Bathroom Hacks

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Do you ever have those days where you’re trying to look inside of a mirror in your bathroom but you just don’t have one and so you buy one and the god damn clips don’t even fit on the door? Well, try printing out nearly identical clips, with slightly more depth, and, or buying them […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie and Joel’s Bathroom Encounter

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Joel: I’m not a big fan of traveling. And traveling with Burnie is even worse. Joel: I remember when we were sharing the hotel room. Joel: And I’m the first one to awake and so I’m like “I’m gonna go take a shower”. Joel: And I’m taking a shower, and I hear *tap* *tap* *tap* […]

How To Install a Bathroom Vanity Mirror & Light

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The next project in our bath remodel is perfect for the novice DIYer—installing a new vanity mirror and a new light to go above. Now let’s talk about mirrors first. There are several different kinds— like surface mount mirrors, surface mount medicine cabinets, and recessed medicine cabinets. It’s easiest to replace your old mirror with […]

(LEGENDADO) [BANGTAN BOMB] Jacket shooting in the bathroom – BTS (방탄소년단)

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[Taking photos for the cover of the album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA] JH: Namjoon looks good with white hair. But I think it looks better bright colored hair. SG: Jin just broke the scene. Staff: All right? JM: What do I usually do in front of the mirror? JH: Huh? When are you in […]

Hanging a Bathroom Medicine Cabinet – LHP

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Welcome to LittleHomeProjects, in this video I’m mounting a prebuilt medicine cabinet to replace this temporary vanity mirror. We found this medicine cabinet at our local box store, it was the prebuilt display model and we got a great deal on it, it was 75% off. I’m going to go ahead and mount it into […]