Women Try Lemisol Feminine Wash For The First Time

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– What would your sales pitch be for this? You got a stinky vagina? I got just the thing for you. – I think mine’s would be like, (speaking foreign language) (string music) – Today, we’re talking it old school. We’re gonna throw it back to a product our mamas and our grandmamas used. – […]

Max The early years 64 First sex (Sub Eng, Spa)

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Max? So what’s up? How are you? Nothing, just here, being my father’s nurse. Fever, I guess he has the flu. See you after school? Listen, I’ve been thinking about what you said. No, it’s nothing, that … … if you really like guys, it’s a pity for the girls. Hey! just kidding! just kidding! […]

Secret Girls Bathroom Arcade

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– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars )Welcome to Good Mythical More. I spun the wheel, it just landed. Episode’s ended. Two man wave! Here it comes, Link. Here it comes. Whoo! There it goes. Oh. Here it comes, Link. Here it comes. Get ready! Get ready! Ha! Caught it. It’s mine now. […]


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Hi guys What’s up? We’re Interesting and Ficus We recently made a two-story house on wheels And you appreciated it so much that we couldn’t stop at two floors So today we gonna make the 3rd floor as we promised. And there we’ll have a bathroom Yes, and also an unusual roof. Well this construction […]

Why Meg likes driving the Ferrari 355 F1 GTS…

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hello YouTube this is Megan’s apathetic car reviews or as I like to call it parts and emotional labor for the uninitiated these episodes are a departure mostly for levity I think at this point where I as a person who is totally disinterested in car ownership and fancy cars provide my uninformed unresearched perspective […]

Does Taking Cold Showers Make You Smarter? | Inc.

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(water running) – (groans) (groans) (upbeat percussion music) – I’m Chris Beier. – And I’m Kevin Ryan. – And today, we are testing– – (together) –cold showers – This was Kevin’s idea. – Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking. – And why are we gonna do this today? – So, there’s this movement […]

Diy home made baking soda facial mask #ruksarhealthmixvideo

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Happy Birthday Rihanna, Steph Curry Goes on Vacay & More | DESUS & MERO | Season 2

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Mmm, mmm. You guys excited? [APPLAUSE] Yeah! All right now. Thanks for coming, even though it’s a holiday. You– word. Rihanna’s birthday. AUDIENCE: Yes! [APPLAUSE] OK. Love you, Rihanna. – Yo. DESUS NICE: Our Jamaican queen. THE KID MERO: Come on the show. DESUS NICE: Yes! [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHS] THE KID MERO: Yo, can […]

Whole family pulls off epic baby shower surprise | Humankind

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(Soft guitar music) – Me and her were planning my baby shower and I told her that I needed to do it July 13th. Now she got mad and she was like, “Oh, your brother’s not going to be here.” I was like, “Well I have to do it on the 13th. “Like I really […]

(1011) ZK x British – Tap It #Exclusive

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[Verse 1: Zk] Step on your block don’t panic They talk about Zk dashing I’m way too savage plus I’m asthmatic Two hands on the dots when I tap it Get the drop my respond games rapid Like who’s really applying the pressure 1011 that’s me and my members Bro just slapt it in face […]