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Ek Ladki Ko Dekha (Eng Sub) [Full Video Song] (HQ) With Lyrics – 1942: A Love Story

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when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like… when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like… like a blooming rose; like a poet’s dream; like a glowing ray of light; like a deer in the forest; like a moonlit night; like a soft word; like a candle burning in the temple. […]

Does Taylor Swift Wash Her Legs in the Shower?

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We’re back with Taylor Swift, who was just telling me about washing her legs in the shower. I couldn’t hear you. Did you say you do wash them, or you don’t? I do. Because when you shave your legs, the shaving cream is like soap. Right? Yeah. It is. That is. I think that’s the […]

Day In The Life With Super Realistic Silicone Baby – Shopping At Walmart – nlovewithreborns2011

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Oh this is the first time anyone seen baby Chris’s hair well, on youtube If you’re on Instagram or Facebook we saw her hair Its so pretty Okay, hey what is up? It’s Tuesday? so um I’m running some errands Well, I’m going to Walmart Not for baby stuff I need to get things for […]

We Searched For The Best Public Bathroom In NYC

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– Trying to find a public bathroom in New York City, – Can be an absolute, – Absolute. – Shit show. – Shit show. – Get it. – Never in my life have I seen a clean public bathroom in New York City. – And it’s really really frustrating, if you really have to go, […]

Come play with me, Slime Dolls Bathtub

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this bath is really boring Hey Mom can we put something else in hear. Well I don’t know what do you think sweetheart? I got some bath salt. What else you can come up with? I remember I have slime. Slime!!! what’s that? This’s slime,it’s water and giggly. I have different kind of slime.Is that […]

My Embarrassing Period Story – NO PADS!

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My friends and I are in a warehouse with a whole bunch of other people because we’re preparing for a singing concert and I’m on my period and I had to live off of one pad for that day because that was my last pad and we were staying in a hotel. It was like […]

Steve & Robin Bathroom Scene | Stranger Things 3 | Netflix

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The ceiling stopped spinning for me. Is it still spinning for you? Holy shit. No. You think we puked it all up? Maybe. Ask me something. [IN RUSSIAN ACCENT] Interrogate me. Okay. Interrogate you. Sure. Um, when was the last time you, uh, peed your pants? Today. What? When the Russian doctor took out the […]

(cc) 리수의 일상 기록 Leesu Vlog #08

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-Caution- The vlog could be boring so watch it at your own risk Visited a pool villa in Ulsan with my friends Even till now, I think 2 days 1 night trip is too short It was my first time being to Ulsan. It was a shame that we didn’t get to walk around It […]


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Hi sist- You already fuc*ked up you idiot You have to do it with me dumbass N O P E That’s what I just asked you though *laugh* and you said it was okay, Hi bro- sist- ers- ers One more time Hi bro- sist- ers- ers Hi brothe- Hi- oh F*ck what the f*ck […]