Shopping for Baby Brother Gifts!

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(upbeat music) – I love you baby. – [Jessica] (laughing) That’s really sweet. – I love you baby, you’re so cute. This is gonna be amazing. I’m going to paint him and it’s going to be super exciting. – [Jessica] You’re gonna paint him? What do you mean? – Like paint your tummy so I […]

I’m Keeping a Secret!

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(laughing) – [Jessica] You were in the car for the first time and you are riding it. – [Ballinger Family] It’s Vlogmas Vlogmas and it’s time to celebrate. (Christmas music) (children screaming) – [Christopher] Is that a yes? Is that a yes? Oh my goodness. – [Bailey] You’re tall enough for (screams) – [Ballinger Family] […]

Baby’s First Bath!!!

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Oh good morning everyone man this blog must feel like we’re just going back and forth back and forth or the old house or the new house or the old house with the new house and that’s what life is like for us right now it’s just going back and forth this rooms almost done […]